Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is the use of technology to enhance the level of engagement among the online retailers and their clients. Nowadays, there is an increased rate at which small and large organizations use the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create rapport with their prospective clients. Many are how AI has positively impacted the Digital Marketing.


Humans and their natural capabilities have served the organization for a very long time. They have reported exponential success regarding reliability and affordability. However, it seems like the world needs to adopt something much better than the human performance. The few companies that have simulated the use of AI have never been disappointed. With AI unprecedented results are achieved regarding efficiency and accuracy. It is even more interesting that such improvements come at a cost relatively lower that of human labour. Are humans eventually going to lose their precious jobs?

A shift in the Digital Marketing

The digital marketers are finally going to find their life so easy. They have spent so many years relying on tools that do not yield as many benefits as compared to what is promised by the AI. The manual effort is going to be replaced with digital marketing that just engages with clients and providing them with what they are looking for. The Artificial Intelligence makes data available and accessible to all interested clients. That way, the marketers will only sit back and what as the companies double and triple their sales.

Why AI is highly convenient

The fact that there is data everywhere is more of hectic than having exactly what one is looking for. But again, different clients have different interests, and that is why the data must be available for them, that is where the AI comes in. With Ai, a close engagement with the client is enhanced, the technology then filters out the data and provides clients with the exact information they are looking for so that they can make informed decisions.

Information technology has transformed the E-commerce and companies have begun to generate huge profits since everything is now automated. The problem is, however, lies with the humans who are looking to have employment. Are they going to lose their jobs to machines that are even more convenient and affordable than them? This question is critical as it determines whether or not the modern companies should dive deep into AI. After all, they are looking to make money and grow their markets.

Securus Technologies Inc Journey a Becoming a Regional Prisons Technology Giant

Securus Technology is a famous prison based Technology Company and is based in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in the year 1986 and has its regional offices based in Allen, Texas, Carrollton, Texas and also the famous Atlanta Georgia. The company has tremendously grown over the years due to the professionalism that has been exhibited by it experts. It is believed to have an approximate of over 1,000 staff and currently has over 2,600 facilities for correction.


It has invested heavily in developing the North American prisons and has benefitted big time. The company is also in the process of expanding more and reaching better markets. Currently, it is believed to have invested around $600 million for a period of three years. They have based their investment on patents, technology and also great and famous acquisitions.


Securus Technology Inc is also lucky to have a very able CEO who have committed his time, skills and dedication towards ensuring that they become regional giants. He has been able to invest in innovation and they have worked tirelessly for their actual progress. The CEO has been able to work with great and experienced technologists who happens to have made the company successful.


Securus Technologies has been famous for introducing cell phones in prisons and thus making the lives of inmates better. Also, they are known for linking the families of the person in prison and their loved ones whereby they introduced a video technology that enables families to communicate and also been able to see the status of their cells. This has also reduced movements to the cells and has always kept them very close. They always struggle for increased global recognition and it is also believed that their customer base has increased the big time over the last few years. They have consistently pushed for the best.


Incredible Facts about Rocketship Education

According to recent research in the Atlantic, San Jose was a launching pad for the American Dream. That article cites a landmark study that was done by Harvard University along with University of California and was released in 2014. The study found that various children born in the early 1980s in low-income families had an excellent opportunity as in education as those from the socially progressive communities such as Canada and Denmark. However, the low-income families in San Jose are in some tough situations today.

Over the past years, the housing rates have increased, and the regions poor and rich have segregated too. The middle-class job opportunities have also disappeared. Rocketship Education, a non-profit network of various public schools, has been working with other community organizations, educators, and parents towards the creation of an ecosystem of some high-quality public schools. That will out most of the San José’s low-income family children on their path to good colleges. Thanks to the efforts made by the 25 new highly performing chartered schools which are serving such communities.

About Rocketship education charters

Rocketship is a California based charter operator who opened the first elementary school in the year 2007. It gained its national attention with its initial excellent test scores which were characterized by well-blended learning approach. The chain became famous for its mixing of the traditional teaching along with modern teaching techniques such as online and computer-assisted learning approaches. Such procedures have kept all the administrative costs forever low. Nevertheless, the heavy reliance on technology as well as the ability to sustain excellent scores during its expansion has remained matters of controversy.

The D.C Public Charter School Board after that voted to allow the Rocketship to open up several schools in that District. The school in Ward 8 was the first one to be developed. It is situated in the street from Terrace and Woodland. The Rocketship regional manager, Jacque Patterson said that the charter hopes to operate the school like a neighborhood and jot just like any other District charter. The school will be designed to accept an application form any child based in D.C. this will enhance the education levels of all the families within the location and also boost the living standards of the neighborhood.

Achievements of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor practicing in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from college, he was certified by Florida Board Medical Examiners licensed him as a surgeon. He was born and raised in New Orleans, LA, and is married to Gianine McKenna. He is an alumnus of Tulane University from where he pursued medicine and surgery. McKenna likes spending hand his free time traveling and practicing JiuJitsu. Apart from that, he is the kind of individual that fancies being a voracious leader, having some quality time with his family and his dog, Ryder. Despite being a medical doctor, Mark is a smart entrepreneur which he gains from surrounding himself with more intelligent people.

After his graduation, Mark joined his father where he practiced medicine; this practice made him a brilliant doctor; many patients he has dealt with attest that. Indeed, he is a dedicated community servant. When working with his father, he launched McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate development company. Over the years, he acquired a universal mortgage lending and uptown title, Inc. this portfolio of firms then grew to over 50 employees and offered turnkey design-build, finance, and real estate closing services. On 29th August 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city of New Orleans hence most of the McKenna’s businesses were crushed. After the storm, he joined hands with the rest of the community in rebuilding the New Orleans through the development of low-moderate income housing.

Dr. Mark McKenna became the CEO of OVME, a medical aesthetic firm that reinvented elective healthcare. After serving as a national medical director of lifetime fitness Inc., he is currently a member of Entrepreneurs Organization and has previously served as a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival as well as the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

In November 2007, he relocated to Atlanta, GA where he launched ShapeMed, a medical weight loss, and non surgical aesthetic clinic. He is devoted to providing comprehensive medical weight loss solutions along with a variety of cutting-edge procedures and also dietary counseling. Definitely, Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the most prominent leaders in history; he has got it all. He is well seasoned in many areas ranging from medicine to real estate.

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Top 6 Popular EOS Lip Balm Flavors In 2017

EOS has continued to be a famous brand globally when it comes to lip balm and other beauty products. This is because the brand’s products are known to not only include a wide range of innovative flavors but also moisturizing and affordable. The top 6 most popular EOS lip balm flavors in 2017 include the following:


EOS summer fruit

The product contains an amazing blend of unique fruity flavors including peach, strawberry and blueberry. This trendy lip balm comes in an appealing red-cased packaging that is highly portable. EOS summer fruit presents a moisturizing effect that helps to treat dryness of lips.


EOS blueberry acai

This unique product contains special anti-oxidants and has been produced using natural ingredients. The lip balm has blueberry and acai fragrance giving it a unique refreshing effect. It is packed in a small beautiful blue colored case making it easy for one to walk with in a handbag.


EOS medicated tangerine

The medicated tangerine flavor presents several health benefits due to its innovative combination of minerals, vitamins, natural fruit flavor of tangerine or orange, and antioxidants. The product is preferred by many consumers because of its ability to treat lip dryness, and sore among other related problems. It comes in a highly portable yellow packaging.


EOS sweet mint

Presented in a blue spherical shaped packaging, this mint flavored product has been made from natural ingredients and contains beneficial moisturizing oils. Like other EOS products, sweet mint presents significant health benefits to consumers. Click and buy here at


EOS lemon drop SPF 15

A part from its natural lemon flavor, this product helps consumers to protect their lips from the harmful UV rays. This helps in eliminating possible lip pigmentation and darkening. The yellow-colored lip balm comes in a beautiful purple packaging.


EOS vanilla bean

Looking for a product that will keep your lips healthy, smooth and hydrated, vanilla bean is a perfect one for you. The lip balm comes in a uniquely designed white packaging that is easy to move around with in your pocket, read more information here.

These products are just but a few from the many EOS lip balms which are widely known to exceed consumer expectations.


Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: How FDR Saved Our Marriage

One of the most common factors that can lead to accumulation in debt is losing one’s job. If you lose your job you can result to the use of credit cards to pay off bills with the hope that you would soon get a job and be in a position to repay these debts. This was the case with Julie M. and her husband. In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, Julie says that her journey into debt began when her husband got laid off at work. Her husband was employed while Julie ran her own business. In the testimonial titled “It Helped Our Marriage” Julie confesses that her husband’s loss of job came at a financially inappropriate time for the couple. “We did not have enough reserve to take care of us when he was looking for work again”. To cover the additional expenses, the couple resulted in use of Julie’s business card which she only used for business loans previously. As a result her business also began to perform poorly recording about a quarter or a third lower returns than what was normal.

Unable to cater for personal expenses and their business expenses, the couple’s level of debt quickly rose. In the Freedom Debt Relief Review, Julie says that uncertainty created by the rising debt level quickly led to frustration. Not only was their financial situation deteriorating but the circumstances had begun to affect the relationship between Julie and her husband. “I knew we had to do something or things were just going to get worse and worse over time” says Julie in the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews. For Julie and her husband, seeking help from Freedom Debt Relief was the solution.
When Judy contacted the company, the first thing that attracted her to pursue the services of the company was the kindness of the FDR representative. In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, Julie say “I felt she cared”. This personalized service provision approach was essential in helping Julie and her husband recover from their debts. Julie started experiencing a great sense of relief and fulfillment when they settled their first account. The company did not only help Julie recover from their heavy burden of debts but it also help them recover the relationship between them. According the Julie, high quality services and professionalism are the two qualities that make her recommend the services of Freedom Debt Relief to any person stuck in the same financial situation that she had faced.

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The Aspire: Boraie Development’s Perfect Living Space

The real estate industry is slowing picking up in New Jersey. Forget about the old historic buildings that characterized this place, the city is now enlightened with new and modern state of the art building structures. All this success can be attributed to the efforts of one of the leading high-rise urban property development industries, Boraie Development. In today’s article am going to give a special mention to one building by name Aspire ad explain why it is the most sort after building in NJ right now.

According to an online publication Central Jersey Working Moms, Aspire is a 17 story high end luxury apartment conveniently located at the heart of New Brunswick. The strategic location of this building allows individuals easily commute by train from Manhattan to Philadelphia. This is not all, Aspire has a number of features that makes it appealing to the residents. Some of these features include; the 238 well spaces studio apartment, one-bedroom and larger two-bedroom layout units.

That aside, the Aspire is quite appealing to individuals with an eclectic taste. According to Boraie’s vice president in charge of development, Nancy, you can expect Aspire to accommodate your posh lifestyle. The building comes with fully-fitted service amenities. In addition to this you should expect top notch security when it comes to this building. Aspire comes with a 24 hour on guard doorman, an on-site management and maintenance team to guarantee the comfort of the occupants. The rooms are well designed allowing enough amount of natural lighting in.

The other house facilities worth mentioning include the kitchen equipment. If you are into cooking you can rest assured that Aspire has you covered. The building comes with gourmet kitchen, your cabinetry and countertops are customized to fit your style. Bathrooms too have not been left out, the developer was keen to incorporate designer shower cups and tubs, ceramic wall tiles and excellent flooring tiles that attract the eye. All the units comes with a good internet connection both wireless and cable and efficient heating and lighting systems. If you are interested in exercising you do not have to go far, Aspire has its in-built fitness center that is wide open for anybody no matter the time of day. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

About Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development LLC is a premier urban real estate development and management company with a keen eye on high end apartments. Founded and managed by Sam Boraie, this real estate is one that commands a huge following in most parts of America. Boraie Development LLC is mostly sorted after by investors because it provides an inclusive model for investors. Rest assured when working with Boraie Development all aspects of your real estate investment from development to sales will be taken care of by the experts.

EOS Lip Balms Bring Forth A Crystal Clear Future

With the new look of the EOS Crystal lip balm it’s hard not to fall in love with its looks! After many teasers of a change coming about with EOS, many were left in suspense as to what EOS might be up to. The great thing about the EOS crystal lip balm is that the formula is vegan and is wax-free, this makes sure that lips won’t have a sticky feel to it after application. With the two new flavors, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, it’s going to be hard to choose since they both seem amazing to try!

A must try product, order here at

It’s not hard to see why EOS is a popular choice over the original Chapstick. EOS stands for the Evolution of Smooth and it stands by its name by having a smooth quality to it. From the feeling of the packaging to the formula, EOS truly is a brand that emphasizes the evolution of a smooth feeling. This is because EOS makes sure to use natural products, view now.

EOS lip balms also come in fun colors, so that anyone can make a fashion statement while bringing it out of their purse. Another great factor about EOS is that it has fun flavors, there’s no shortage of the different types of flavors people can use compared to the limited flavors that other brands had. EOS had a mission to be a brand that was not only stylish but also a brand that delivers quality to its buyers, you can buy here at When people buy EOS, they know they’re getting quality with their product and that their products are organic. This reaches out to the conscious person, who wants to know where their product ingredients come from. EOS makes sure to stay true to its mission of being stylish yet natural!

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The Crumbling Reliability Of American Politics Since 2015 Until The Present

Back in 2015, the public became aware of the fact that a Russian company has been buying political ads on Facebook in order to influence the presidential elections. The company apparently had ties with Kremlin, and although there is a ban on foreign campaign-directed money, barely any actions were undertaken in order to track the money or to prevent any future happenings like that.

The only investigation that was set in motion was by the Special Counsel Roer Mueller. He will be working on determining whether Donald Trump and his team were helping the Russian company meddle in American political elections. From the investigation party, a spokesperson stated that Washington would have nothing to do with the case and they refuse to take part in the investigation which rises even more suspicions both in the investigation party and n the public.

One of the matters that arose from the case was the vulnerability of American elections. The public and experts believe that election campaign are unreliable and often they are even falsified with no repercussions to the corrupted political candidate. The American government is not prepared for foreign meddling, and corrupted billionaires with personal agendas have an easy time achieving their goals even when the whole country has turned their eyes on them.


In 2016 around the presidential elections, there were Russian-bought political as worth more than a hundred thousand dollars advocating for Donald Trump and other political candidates. That might be only the beginning of the fall of the already crumbling American political system.

Organizations have stood up in answer to these threats that are already coming to life. One of these groups is the political action committee End Citizens United which arose in 2015 to fight against the decision of the Supreme Court from 2010 called Citizens United. The political action group has been advocating against Big Money in politics as such capital resources promote corruption in politicians and sway the results of elections. That is a severe problem that the government needs to combat and resolve, but so far, there has been very little done by the said government which makes the public feel less than trusting and comfortable with the current political climate that has set in after the new presidential election of 2016.

End Citizens United has a strong leader and members. The PAC is being led by former Kansas official Tiffany Muller who has been an advocate for acceptance for many a year. The political action committee has been achieving incredible success, and over the first three months of 2017, the PAC has achieved about 100 000 new members and supporters who have made a donation for the first time. End Citizens United is only getting started with combating corruption in politics.

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Market America Convention 2017 Exceeds Expectations

The Market America Convention 2017 is an annual event hosted by product broker and internet marketing powerhouse, Market America. This year’s extravagant show took place in the business capital of North Carolina, Greensboro. The week-long event was held between August 9-13, 2017, with its venue being the well known Greensboro Coliseum. While Market America stated that it expected at least 20,000 attendees, independent observers believe the event actually saw closer to 25,000 or more participants.

While it is a well-known fact that the internationally hosted event draws in big revenue for its host city, this year’s event likely broke all previous company records. Henri Fourrier, the highly regarded chief executive officer and president of the Greensboro City Convention and Visitors Bureau, estimated that this years event brought in $15.7 million dollars in revenue for Greensboro. With that kind of revenue, cities around the globe will be knocking on Market America’s door in an attempt to host the annual convention in 2018 and beyond.

What was so special about this year’s event, was that it marked the popular company’s 25th year anniversary. Market America planned the event for the entire calendar year and did everything they could to ensure that it topped every other event so far offered by the company. Market America’s chief operating officer, Marc Ashley, stated that “this event is going to be out of this world spectacular, as its the culmination of 25 years of successful business for brand. True to every word, the event eclipsed every event hosted in the past by the popular company.

For those of you not yet acquainted with the world famous Market America company, they specialize in internet ecommerce marketing, product brokerage, and business building educational programs. They own and manage the popular and huge online store, Both the store and company were recently awarded several prestigious accolades from the Triad Business Journal and several other internet-based publications.

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