Cancer Treatment Centers of America Partnered For a Great Cause

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a nonprofit medical establishment. Their goal is to provide extraordinary medical care to patients who have been diagnosed with Cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a unique company because they treat cancer and they also treat all of the side effects that come with cancer as well. They treat cancer with chemotherapy, radiation, and immunotherapy. Cancer Treatment Centers of America understand that treatment doesn’t just end there so they also treat their patients for depression, pain, fatigue, malnutrition, anxiety, and many other side effects that can come along with cancer and certain cancer treatment.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America treat all of their patients with dignity and respect. More importantly, they also treat all of their patients like family. The foundation started Richard Stephenson. Stephenson’s mom passed away from cancer. The foundation was started because Stephenson thought that his mom wasn’t given the best care. Because of this, Stephenson knows how important it is to give patients great family like care.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has several locations located throughout the United States. Their locations are located in Goodyear, Arizona, Zion, Illinois, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Newnan, Georgia.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America are always doing great things to help the community. Recently they teamed with the Allscripts and NantHealthe in order to launch clinical pathways. The system that is used for these clinical pathways has tons of data from oncologist around the world with different information in order to assist patients with cancer. These pathways gives different medical doctors the most up to date information to treat traditional cancers and any form of unique cancers as well. These pathways are important because it gives doctors a high standard to use when treating cancer. This is a great partnership!

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Jason Hope’s Commitment to Addressing Aging

Jason Hope is a wealthy businessman who is recognized for his commitment to improving the lives of people across the globe. As a philanthropist, he has made significant donations to facilitate projects that deal with the development of anti-aging products. Hope sponsored the establishment of SENS Research Foundation, which is an organization that focuses on developing various drugs that can eliminate the effects of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). He offered money to facilitate the construction of the SENS laboratory, which is located in Cambridge. The facility is used in researching AGE breakers. AGEs accumulate in a person’s body over the years, and they eventually lead to the loss of elasticity of the skin and blood vessels.

Hope has invested in projects that aim at bettering the people’s lives. The primary field that he has currently focused on is the development of products that cure aging and other related conditions. Doctors and other professionals in the medical sector have been addressing aging symptoms, but they have not been very successful due to the insufficient research that they have conducted. The donations and support that Jason has provided to SENS will enable the organization to tackle the aging problem efficiently. He has used his influence to ensure that the sector gets sufficient attention.

In 2010, the SENS Foundation received $500,000 from Jason Hope. The money was used by the organization in funding its research on aging. It has been striving to develop various drugs that can rejuvenate the human body and also heal age reacted conditions. SENS has now focused on finding ways to get rid of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease. Hope has been informing the public of the outstanding technology advancements that have been made by the company. He also needs people to understand that the company’s studies will not make them live forever, but they will allow them to enjoy being young. SENS’s approach to addressing aging involves getting rid of various diseases that destroy the body systems.

The SENS Foundation acknowledges Jason Hope for his contributions. Most startups that deal with the development of the new products have not been able to receive funding from either private or public sources. They are mainly supported by individuals who are interested in their innovative products. The SENS Foundation could not have been able to establish itself without receiving financial aid from Jason Hope. The millionaire has also been generous to many other projects that improve people’s lives.

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An in depth look at Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church is considered one of the most beautiful churches within the state of Minnesota. The church not only offers worship and praise to many parishioners, it also offers youth groups, Bible study and practical teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. In addition, Mighty Fortress also offers counseling services for anyone in need.

*About Bishop Thomas Williams:

Bishop Thomas Williams is the Bishop as well as head of the church. Bishop Williams has served the ministry for over three decades. In addition, he is highly respected among the community as someone who really cares and gives of himself in a variety of ways. Bishop Thomas has formed an International Ministry Group which seems to have significantly grown within a short period of time. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

The Bishop was educated at the Rema Bible Training Center located in Tulsa Oklahoma. In addition, Bishop Williams has a Communications Degree from North Central University. Bishop Williams believes that Charity begins within the home. In addition, the Bishop believes in reaching out to others who have psychological as well as spiritual needs.

*Church Services/ General Teachings:

Church Services are conducted during the week as well as the weekends. In addition, Communion is distributed every third Sunday and Baptisms are scheduled at least a week in advance. Prayer groups meet every other Tuesday in the main church building. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Mighty Fortress Church has a general teaching which states a person can only be saved through believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. If one believes in Christ all sins and shortcomings can be fully forgiven by the creator. One must truly be sorry for their sins against God and Man.

The church web site can be viewed at The web site is quite informational and is updated on a weekly basis. The web site has an “Latest News” section which provides general information on church services, outside activities and any up and coming changes within the organization.


Brazilian Greatest Lawyer, Ricardo Tosto

The legal profession world is comprised of commitment, hard work and also endurance that helps the people enjoy the returns. They have always committed their lives towards the success of their career. It happens to be one of those professions that call for great commitment and advancement of skills. They have committed themselves towards great success and have always been working on the progress and achievement of law careers.

Lawyers happen to have been some of the most paid professions in Brazil and they have been on the frontline making sure that things work as they are supposed to. They have to undergo a tough process so that they can qualify to practice. A 5-year law degree is a must and later required to make it in the bar exams. After they have passed the above, they are required to undergo through serious internship programs in various law firms for more than 6 months before they are allowed to practice.

In a country like Brazil, they have challenges establishing their own legal systems and have borrowed from various countries. The country is also the third country to have the largest number of lawyers in the country. In fact, they have over 26,000 qualified lawyers who are always optimistic towards changing and fighting for the defense of the country’s law. Majority of these lawyers practice in Sao Paulo and thus making it the best city to find the most aggressive and famous lawyers. Some of the most famous lawyers in the country include none other than the famous Ricardo Tosto. He possesses a great understanding of the country’s law and has been trusted for his massive experience in the industry. He has always committed his skills towards the development of his career and has been known for his expertise.

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The great lawyer, Ricardo Tosto has a great reputation and has great credibility. A great professional with awesome skills towards achieving his dreams. He has been able to lead in the field of research and also study and he has a lot of experience that has made him become a great lawyer.

The contributions of James Dondero to the world of finance

James Dondero has worked in the credit and equity space for over three decades. He launched his career in 1984 at the Morgan guaranty training program where he trained to be an analyst. He also studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. He is also certified management accountant. At as now he is the president of highland capital management, and he is one of the founders of the company.

James Dondero started by working at the American Express in the position of cooperate bond analyst in 1985. He also served as the portfolio manager then later left American express. He later worked at protective life’s GIV subsidiary where he served as the chief investment officer. Following the experiences at these companies, he became one of the founders of highland capital management. The company under his command provides solutions and products for investors in retail and institutional businesses. The company is currently worth $ 13.5 billion with several branches that include Nextpoint credit strategies fund, Nextpoint residential trust, Acis capital management and Nextpoint capital. Under James Dondero, the company became the highest ranked company by morning star. Visit his website at

James Dondero has also been participating in philanthropic activities in Dallas. Together with his partner, they decided to focus on giving back to the local community even though their company is a global brand. James Dondero himself donated $ 1milion from highland capital management to assist family place, an organization helping individuals of domestic violence. This funding was announced in 2016 by James Dondero. To increase the companies philanthropic activities, james Dondero formed an association with Linda Owen to give an elaborate way on how the company can continue providing for needy in Texas. Read more about James Dondero on

In 2016 James Dondero was also given an opportunity to work as an executive board member at the Southern Methodist University. The university business school was looking forward to gaining from the knowledge and experience of James Dondero. With his high educational level achieved James Dondero has been able to lift highland capital management together with its affiliates to greater heights while still getting time to give back o the community.


First Equities Holdings

Find in a great financial institution to go for a hike in the do the good thing is is that there’s a one-stop feed our place and you can go to in order to help you with your financial future and to better help you prepare and plan for the different economic to tuitions I could arise throughout time. Equities first holding it’s OK so well-versed a tight financial institution is there to help people of big businesses and the individual mom and pop with all of the financial issues. A couple offers loans for buying stock in person sucks but it was also willing to recommend certain sucks for you to buy in order to help to make a profit the budget plenty they give you is from a well versatile staff who is well-versed tile in many different financial Fields.

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The Amazing History of Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a very famous person in the field of forex trading has become a respected figure when it comes to matters development. He has been on the frontline pursuing for better trading platforms and has inspired so many people in his trading career. He happens to have been one of the youngest billionaires across the globe and become a great inspiration to so many people. He happens to be a great trader, entrepreneur, international speaker alongside being a great personality.

Greg Secker has been hosted by several channels across the globe not forgetting Bloomberg, CNBC, and so many others. He happens to have been a recognized public speaker and has also other in great discussions alongside great personalities like Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and so many other billionaires.

Greg Secker has been recognized for his great expertise in technology and have been a famous founder of Capital Index and also Smart charts. Smart charts have been on the frontline launching the best trading platforms that have been of great help to so many people. He is also the founder of the famous Learn to Trade which he established so that he could be able to train people across the world to learn to trade forex. He has been able to attend over ten thousand meeting and has been able to change the lives of over 200,000 potential traders majority of whom are doing very well.

Greg Secker has been offering several trading platforms and has been on the frontline helping so many people learn to trade. The company has been on the frontline working for its success and has always been committed to ensuring that there is a massive success in what he does. He started his career at Thomas Cook Financial Services whereby he was given the assignment of helping them code a platform to enable people to trade foreign currencies. He has always committed his skills to the achievement and expansion of his business. Greg Secker developed passion in trading forex when he used to work as the VP of Mellon Financial Services. He could witness great traders doing what they can do best.

Meet Daniel Taub, the great Diplomat-cum-Arbitrator & Lawyer of Israel

Are you willing to change your citizenship because you have landed a lucrative job in a “better” country? Most people usually leave their homelands to look for greener pastures from foreign countries.

Once they locate these perceived “good grounds,” they stick to them and forget their native countries. There are a few individuals who are bold enough to defy that perception. Ambassador Daniel Taub is one of the few.

The year 1962 saw him being born in the UK, a country of “milk and honey” compared to his native country, Israel, which was torn by war by that time.

He got the best education in the Oxford and London University colleges before proceeding to Harvard University. He studied law.

The Patriot

Once he was through with his education, he felt equipped enough to face the world. His patriotism burnt within him. He moved to Israel in 1989 and became the president’s speechwriter.

He later held different positions in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), mostly advisory. He then moved to the foreign ministry in 1991. Taub’s love for his country is so much that he mobilized his six children to sing in praise of Israel when she hit 64 years of independence.

The peacekeeper

Daniel Taub had studied international law at the university. His expertise in legal matters marred with his wisdom always landed him in several mediatory situations. Being that Mr. Daniel cherishes peace, he has negotiated on behalf of Israel on many occasions.

Have you ever heard of; the Gaza flotilla committee, the peace agreement between Syria and Israel, Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and the culture of peace track?

Those are just a few of the peace meetings where he has successfully represented Israel. All this while, he was the Deputy Chief advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Daniel Taub at the Consulate

In the year 2011, Daniel Taub was appointed the Israeli-UK ambassador. He went and met the Queen of England to present his credentials.

You could have seen him in his religious cap and a long-tailed coat, a blend of Jewish traditions and his birth-place. They conversed with the queen, and he expressed his gratitude to have got a chance to serve in the country of his childhood.

During his four-year tenure at the consulate, trade between Israel and UK doubled. There was also better understanding between the two nations.

Daniel Taub worked to unite the Israeli students in the UK and helped to advocate for better living conditions at the universities.

Mr. Taub once went to Bradford and addressed the people, despite the declaration of that place an “Israeli-free-zone” by the then MP Galloway. He became the ambassador of Israel to the International Maritime Organisation in London (2003-2005.)

Daniel Taub has attended many interviews by different radio and television stations. He has elements of humor, and that makes him a great public speaker. Taub lectures in various places, including the annual Limmud conference.

As a writer, Daniel has written for several magazines like The Times and the Daily Telegraph. He has also written books like the Parasha Diplomatic and Hechatzer.

Ambassador Daniel Taub’s good deeds have attracted acknowledgments globally. When he started the Bizcamp start-up competition, he received a nomination for the Grassroots Diplomat Initiative Award. It recognized his fight to develop business and trade.

Daniel Taub currently works for Yad Hanadiv, Jerusalem. He is the planner and strategist in the firm.

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EOS Lip Balm Options To Fall For

Do you know what total moisturizing feels like without the weight affiliated with the hydration? If you don’t, you should check out EOS crystal lip balm flavors. The formula is made to add the moisture to your lips but without creating a product that is heavy on your lips.

EOS, Evolution of Smooth has created a product unlike any of their other products. In recent months, the addition to the EOS line has included the new crystal lip balm. If your standing in the checkout line of your local store, you most likely have seen the new brand. The new style is slightly different in the shape along with the fact that it is crystal clear.

If you love the EOS brand but would rather have a tube lip balm, EOS has an organic tube of lip balm. The organic tubes are flavorful with vanilla bean, pomegranate raspberry and sweet mint. For those who love strawberry, the strawberry sorbet tube lip balm is great tasting, click and check more products.

During the winter months, you can have a slice of summer time in your pocket. If you want to try a lip balm that has all the moisture you need while giving you a fruitful taste, a combination of peach, blueberry and strawberry, is the EOS Summer Fruit lip balm.

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If you want a sample of passion in your life, the EOS passion fruit lip balm is going to please your senses with the tropical taste of sweetness that not only softens your lips, it will moisturize long term when you use the organic lip balm. Go here and read more news.

If you want a delightful taste that is full of freshness, the honeysuckle honeydew is an option. When you apply this EOS lip balm, your lips are going to feel smooth and soft all day long. The flavor is sure to leave you longing for tropical weather.

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Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is the use of technology to enhance the level of engagement among the online retailers and their clients. Nowadays, there is an increased rate at which small and large organizations use the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create rapport with their prospective clients. Many are how AI has positively impacted the Digital Marketing.


Humans and their natural capabilities have served the organization for a very long time. They have reported exponential success regarding reliability and affordability. However, it seems like the world needs to adopt something much better than the human performance. The few companies that have simulated the use of AI have never been disappointed. With AI unprecedented results are achieved regarding efficiency and accuracy. It is even more interesting that such improvements come at a cost relatively lower that of human labour. Are humans eventually going to lose their precious jobs?

A shift in the Digital Marketing

The digital marketers are finally going to find their life so easy. They have spent so many years relying on tools that do not yield as many benefits as compared to what is promised by the AI. The manual effort is going to be replaced with digital marketing that just engages with clients and providing them with what they are looking for. The Artificial Intelligence makes data available and accessible to all interested clients. That way, the marketers will only sit back and what as the companies double and triple their sales.

Why AI is highly convenient

The fact that there is data everywhere is more of hectic than having exactly what one is looking for. But again, different clients have different interests, and that is why the data must be available for them, that is where the AI comes in. With Ai, a close engagement with the client is enhanced, the technology then filters out the data and provides clients with the exact information they are looking for so that they can make informed decisions.

Information technology has transformed the E-commerce and companies have begun to generate huge profits since everything is now automated. The problem is, however, lies with the humans who are looking to have employment. Are they going to lose their jobs to machines that are even more convenient and affordable than them? This question is critical as it determines whether or not the modern companies should dive deep into AI. After all, they are looking to make money and grow their markets.