Felipe Montoro Jens- Embracing the Power of Economic Waste to Better the World

Felipe Montoro Jens has over the years played an essential role in the Brazilian government infrastructure projects. He recently stated that over 2, 776 builds that were heavily interrupted in Brazil, 517 of them touches the infrastructure sector. The construction market in Brazil has significantly slowed down, and this is due to the economic crisis that has left the industry in agony. Brazil government has opted to shut down the various project, and this has tremendously affected the citizen. The financial resources of the stalled projects have vastly been consumed without generating of any benefits to both the government and also the communities. Read this article at odiario.com about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens states that the discontinuation of the infrastructure sector is partly due to budgetary expropriation, abandonment and the various financial difficulties. Additionally, Brazil economy faces other significant concerns hence obstructing the development of multiple projects. The interests are between the public, and also the private manages.

Felipe stated that the government needs to take precautionary steps to avoid the paralysis and also inevitable delays. It also needs to quickly take action and improve on the various development and the economic factors affecting the country. The elements in the mention include the improvement of the country macro planning and having stronger and robust internal controls. Others are evaluating of the state proper modality implementation, having a more elaborated and balanced contract between the public and private contractors and also having the latest equipment.

Felipe Montoro Jens states that the next government and also the opposition should take seriously the given study to create a stable country. The study conducted by Brazil National Confederation proposes in finding long-lasting solutions to the economic crisis.

Felipe Montoro Jens attended Getulio Vargas Foundation for his undergraduate degree and later he began a vibrant career in the financial sector. He then went for his Global Management Course in Thunderbird School and equipped himself with knowledge and skills; today he owns companies and leads in various organizations.

Visit: http://www.infomoney.com.br/negocios/noticias-corporativas/noticia/7406991/felipe-montoro-jens-reporta-discussoes-reuniao-especial-governadores-bid

Just Who Is Sameer Jejurikar

Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., has helped to reshape cosmetic surgery in America. This phenomenal cosmetic surgeon is well-trained and is well-educated. Thanks to being so educated in this advanced field of work, he has been able to build a rock-solid resume that consists of many certifications. Dr. Jejurikar is licensed in plastic surgery by a number of states, including Michigan, New York and Texas. He is a graduate of the University of Medical School, and he has been working in this demanding field for close to 21 years.

So, where does this plastic surgeon work? The answer to this question is rather simple because all it takes is a quick Google search. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar works in Dallas, Texas at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This fine facility is high-profile, and it’s one of the top medical-aesthetics facilities in town. “I have a passion for my job,” said Jejurikar. He has definitely earned his stripes in a sense. “All plastic surgeons work hard to receive success in this industry, but not all plastic surgeons love the craft of plastic surgery,” said Jejurikar. This notion rings true on so many levels because some plastic surgeons do terrible work. This has never been an issue with Dr. Jejurikar. He has put in the time and effort to reach this high level of success.

The city of Dallas, and its surrounding municipalities is booming with activity. If you’ve been to this metropolitan area, then you’ve probably noticed all of the medical facilities down here. Dr. Jejurikar has been residing here for over nine years. He has stated that “Dallas is the epitome of Texas thanks to its wonderful Tex-Mex and great barbeque.” This friendly and humorous personality are definitely some of the reasons to why he has become so well-liked as well as admired.

Jacob Gottlieb is back in healthcare investments

Until 2016, very few people knew Jacob Gottlieb. The former CIO of the defunct Visium Asset Management. He was brought to the limelight by the accusation which affected the firm. Although he was not personally involved in the case, other partners and executives in the way are under investigation. He is the only person who remained in the firm and was tasked with the role of making sure that all investors got their money back. Although he had over a period of one decade created a prominent firm in the investment sector, it came tumbling down in 2016. At the time of its collapse, Visium was worth over $8 billion. It was started in 2005 by Gottlieb and others after he left Merlin which was also closed down. With just $300 million, they had managed to build something that would last for a long time.

Jacob Gottlieb was born in New York to immigrant parents. Both his parents were successful professionals in different industries. His father was a professor of economics while his mother was a physician. When growing up, he developed interests in both careers. He wanted to take the economic lessons while at the same time do medicine. He ended up with a degree in both. He has a degree in economics from Brown University and M.D from NYU Medical School. He tried practicing medicine, but he found out that he was not cut out for the job. He ended up in the Wall Street where he would apply the knowledge of both industries. Since then he has worked with different investment firms.

After the issue of Visium Asset Management settled, he was ready to make a comeback I the industry. This time, it looks like he has even a better plan. He is ready to team up with one of the best minds in the healthcare investment Stuart Weisbrod. Weisbrod is the founder of Iguana Partners as well as the co-founder of Merlin in 1998.

Both of them are titans in the industry, and their combination could shake up the healthcare sector. When they were in the industry, they won the hearts of very many investors.

Hussain Sawjani Has Made One Calculated Step After Another Toward Success

The story of Hussain Sajwani is a story of careful planning and wise business moves that lead to continued success. The Emirati businessman is currently the Chairman of his own company DAMAC Properties. DAMAC is among the world’s foremost professional developers of luxury real estate properties. The company is renowned across the Middle East for constructing some of the regions most iconic properties since its founding in 2002. DAMAC Properties has also had the distinction of collaborating with other world famous businessmen such as current United States President Donald Trump. Trump and Hussain Sajwani collaborated on a world-class golf club. The success that DAMAC Properties has enjoyed has also led the firm to list on the London Stock Exchange.

While all of this success that Hussain Sawjani enjoys today is impressive, the way that he got there is just as impressive. Coming from a business-oriented, hard-working family, Hussain learned the value of hard work from an early age by using his father as an example. The lessons of childhood carried over into an entrepreneurial career of this own, and one that has reached truly impressive heights. Hussain saw the value in beginning a catering service in the early 1980s. This business was successful to the point that it received the contract to feed the U.S. Army during the first Gulf War in the early 1990s. The firm was even given a commendation by the U.S. Army for the outstanding service provided. This is an honor that Hussain Sajwani is still very proud of to this day. See Hussain’s career history.

Success in the field of catering led to Hussain (@hussainsajwani) entering the field of accommodation hospitality in the 1990s. AS Dubai increasingly became a center for commerce, the need for business accommodation became greater and Hussain saw his chance to jump into this niche. His success there along with the success in the catering realm allowed Hussain to found DAMAC Properties in 2002. Since founding DAMAC Properties, success has only grown for Hussain and today he stands as one of the Arab world’s most successful and influential entrepreneurs. He is also one of the regions most generous philanthropists and donates to educational programs as well as children’s programs.

Watchi this video: https://www.youtube.com/HussainSajwaniOfficial

A Look into The Prosperous Career of Francisco Domenech

Major successes have marked the career of Francisco Domenech. Born in Puerto Rico in 1978, the renowned political figure has advocated for the rights of other people since the beginning of his career. He schooled at Forest high school before later enrolling to the university of Puerto Rico for his bachelors and Juris doctor degrees in political science and law respectively. He gained his passion for serving in a politically related firm while he was still young and while he was on campus, he earned an excellent reputation for the various roles he served as a leader. Read more about Domenech at about.me

As an active student at the school, Francisco took part in a vast number of activities that helped him improve his leadership skills. Among them include serving as an opposition research facilitator, taking part in the voter registration in the area among many others. His commitment towards gaining abilities in his file dos specialization impressed many people, and as a result, he got a chance to serve in many prestigious political firms while still young. Besides, he has also been associated with many influential political figures in the country including Hillary Clinton, through the support he offered her in her presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2016. Additionally, he also voluntarily worked on political researches and field organization for the gubernatorial seat of Governor Pedro Rosselló. He has continued to build a great name for himself through the commitment he has shown towards his career.

Francisco Domenech currently serves as the managing director of Politank, a firm that is primarily focused towards addressing private issues directly to the government. The firm has played a significant role in advocating for freedom of spce3ech among its people and through this, a vast number of them have successfully given their views on the various things that need to change and addressed by the leaders. Through his dedication, Francisco has also striven to share his counsel concerning life with other people, and as the founder of Puerto Rico Young Democrats, he has mentored many young people and encouraged them to follow their passion for achieving a breakthrough in their careers. Visit: https://www.visualcv.com/francisco-domenech

Jim Toner Shares Secrets of Wealth Creation

Jim Toner is a Real Estate Investor and serial entrepreneur who has taught numerous people across the country the simple path to success through investment. He is affectionately known as the Anti-guru. He has appeared and worked with some of the biggest names, such as the Napoleon Hill Foundation, Bill Bartmann, Frank McKinney and many more. Jim has also appeared in mainstream media, such as FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and many magazine and newspaper formats. Jim’s strategies make sense to anyone who wishes to secure their financial future through real estate.

Entrepreneur Jim Toner’s most significant achievement has not been in investment or entrepreneurship; but from his ability to come from a humble background to a successful real estate investor, mentor and life coach in few years. The past few years have been trying for many Americans with the economic recession, the housing market crash, and the rise of scam artists and get-rich-schemes that targeted investors. A lot of people lost their assets and retirement benefits while others just made poor decisions. In an article from Affiliate Dork, Jim believes the next five years are going to be a time of staggering wealth; the complete opposite of what has been experienced. He also thinks that it is an excellent time for anyone to make money, but only if they are prepared.

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) notes that attitude is crucial to seize the reins of your life. He indicates that you are on the side of the coin that you saw; thus, it is upon you to choose whether you see an opportunity or obstacle. That has nothing to do with your skills, hard work or connections. If you have the right attitude, you are likely to grow your wealth. Jim Toner also emphasizes that once you achieve success, you should maintain your integrity and do not get sidetracked. The other strategies you can to employ include:

  • Surrounding yourself with mentors and masterminds
  • Invest in a healthy body and a healthy mind
  • Quit your job- Working for somebody else brings instability in your financial life because you cannot work for yourself.
  • Learn Sales
  • Don’t do what poor people do- Manage your time well and set healthy goals

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InnovaCare Health experiences excellent leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

You cannot talk about the success of InnovaCare Health without mentioning the leaders behind the success of the company who are Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. The company is found in North America, and although there is a lot of competition in the provision of healthcare services, InnovaCare has outshined many organizations, and today it is one of the best company in the region. It is regarded as the most successful and also renowned by many who have enjoyed their services. Since it entered the market, it has changed the way the industry operates, and it has managed to make operations easy and developed. They use innovative and advanced technology, and that is how they have managed to provide the right services. They have ensured they offered quick services to their patients and clients. They provide Medicare Advantage, Medicaid Programs and Provider Networks which have proved to be helpful to patients. Read more on bloomberg.com.





According to crunchbase.com, the best part with InnovaCare is that they have a great vision and they work hard to achieve the goals and missions of the company. Their primary goal is to provide affordable and reliable services to all residents. That is why they have established models that are effective. The model they use is in such a way that the company will always follow particular standards in their provision of services. That has acted as the foundation for ensuring the company provides the best services in an industry that is competitive. They have also managed to achieve a competitive advantage over other companies because of the quality services they provide. They are sure that they will always deliver quality services to their clients based on the goals they have. They do not only offer the best services to their clients, but they also exceed the expectations of their customers.




InnovaCare has used the strong foundation to attract customers. Today they have a membership of over two hundred thousand customers. With values such as integrity, quality and transparency, they have been able to implement and achieve their goals. Apart from such values, there is the leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides who have been working in the medical industry for decades. That is why they have a lot of experience to offer the best services and guide their employees when it comes to the delivery of services. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have been working hard to help the other professionals to deliver the best and quality services to patients.








Alex Hern – High-tech Visionary & Entrepreneur – Founder of Tsunami XR

Alex Hern is a high-tech entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of experience in this arena. During his career, Mr. Hern has helped to found and launch a number of notable companies. To name a few examples, Hern was the co-founder of Yesmail, a web directory and email marketing company, which he helped to take public. Yesmail was subsequently sold to CMGI (now ModusLink Global Solutions) for $650 million. He was also the co-founder of Arcsight, a cyber security firm, which he also assisted in taking public, and which was sold to Hewlett-Packard for $1.5 billion. Read more about Alex Hern at bloomberg.com.


In January 2014, Alex Hern co-founded TSUNAMI XR (www.tsunamixr.com). Tsunami has designed an augmented and virtual reality platform that produces complete 3D rendering, animation, simulation and virtualization which allows for an on-demand digital meeting space on any device. Quickly establishing themselves as the market leader in this new collaborative meeting technology, Tsunami provides for increased productivity for many of the top global companies across many sectors, from manufacturing to aerospace and defense. Mr. Hern currently serves as the CEO of Tsunami. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

Recently Alex Hern was interviewed by Ideamensch (see: “Alex Hern – Co-Founder of Tsunami” — Posted on August 13, 2018 by the Editor https://ideamensch.com/alex-hern/ ). The transcribed interview provides a brief synopsis of Hern’s background and his thinking and life philosophy. As to how the idea for Tsunami came about, Hern indicates that the world of business and communication has evolved beyond a computer CPU platform to include numerous devices and modes of presentation of information which includes things like augmented and virtual reality.

Stern sees a new wave of technology rolling forward that will include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. His “advice to his younger self” is “It’s a marathon not a sprint. Take your time to make the right, long-term decisions.”

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=419332108


Marketing Expert Victoria Doramus is a Devoted Contributor to Animal Charity

Victoria Doramus is a marketing professional who became a volunteer and contributor to various charities. She is a self-employed director of philanthropy in London, which she started in 2016 because she is an avid supporter of women’s and animal rights. Doramus volunteers and contributes to several charities such as the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, the Women’s Prison Association, and the Best Friends Animals Society.

Victoria Doramus has experienced many of her own obstacles, difficulties, and challenges as a recovering drug addict. With all of the work she did and the time it took for her to achieve sobriety, she concluded that it is essential that she help others who need support, too. Doramus decided that people aren’t the only individuals who necessitate assistance, but animals also deserved to be helped as well, so she has lent her time, energy, effort, and her desire to make a difference being a staunch supporter of the charity called the Best Friends Animal Society.

The Best Friends Animal Society is a nationwide charity that strives to help animals by attempting to end the killing of innocent animals that are in America’s animal shelters. They work to create and implement community programs in all cities in the U.S. and raise funding to prevent further euthanization of animals who have long stays in animal shelters.

Victoria Doramus is devoted to saving animal lives by working with the charity’s chapter in New York because she believes that all animals deserve a chance to be wanted and cared for, no matter what their issue. If the animals are too old, sick, or unwanted, they all deserve a chance to live in a loving home. This charity’s ultimate goal is to make it possible for all animals that stay in American animal shelters to remain in the shelters being cared for until they can all find homes and no longer be euthanized,

Robert Ivy Wins Major Award

Robert Ivy has added yet another key achievement to his list of career milestones. In a recent announcement, Robert will be announced as the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award. This award provides recognition to people who have made major contributions to the artistic fields. Ivy will become the latest native of Mississippi to win this major award. By winning this award, Robert Ivy will further be able to prove himself as one of the major contributors to the field of architecture. As the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects, Robert has been able to lead the organization to unprecedented levels of success. Ivy now joins a number of others who have won the Lifetime Achievement Award including those in the writing, acting and art fields. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

After winning the Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Ivy has been complimented by a number of colleagues. One of the people who have praised Robert for winning this award is the President of MIAL Nancy LaForge. She stated that Robert Ivy has made a significant impact on the architecture field by increasing its awareness. His leadership of the American Institute of Architects has allowed architecture to be more well known and universal to a number of people all over the world. LaForge also said that Robert’s work in writing and commentating have enabled him to inform others about the importance of the architecture field. His achievements and talents will now be well recognized by his receipt of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ldearn: https://www.aia.org/leadership

Robert Ivy has spent a number of years in the architecture field as a writer, editor and administrator. When he first began his career, he would write a number of articles about architecture for major publications in the industry. He would then move on to pursue opportunities as an editor where he would oversee projects and publish a number of articles that provide valuable information about the latest developments in the architecture field. In the year 2011, Robert was named the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. His stint at this position has culminated in him winning a major award in the field. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.