Wikipedia Writing and Editing


For far too long, men have ruled the roost when it comes to writing and editing. We women have been left out in the cold. Many feel we have nothing valuable to contribute on Wikipedia. In truth, we do. We see things from a different perspective. I feel it is high time more women took over the writing/editing gender gap for Wikipedia.

With that being, there are a few things which need to be discussed. I say this as one woman to another. Women can be hugely successful on Wikipedia, we just have to remember a few things.


We have been feeling lack of empowerment for far too long. Due to this, some of us like to springboard into action. We do one of two things. We either think too much or don’t use our heads enough. In other words, we allow our emotions to drive the car. There are so many subjects that we can relate to, but it needs to be done in a constructive manner. I am a woman and have been very successful with Wikipedia. I encourage other women to take these tips to heart.

You know how we are always telling men “It’s not always about you.” Same rules apply here with us. It’s not about us, even in the writing/editing process. We must find a way to get our points across, without including our egos says

Another lesson, only include the facts. This is not about our opinion, it’s not even about my opinion. Opinions don’t matter here. Your readers only want to read the cold, hard facts. Unless you have some major awareness of what you are writing about, don’t write about it.

The biggest mistake some of us make is we let our personal feelings get involved. I have also made this mistake in the beginning. Learn from this. Just do the research and contribute what you have learned. In a way you have to play the game. In a way you have to think like a man. Sometimes you have to do this to get ahead.

Another thing we need to limit is how much we care. Let’s be honest, guys just don’t care. Guys don’t get involved. Guys just do the job and that is it. We women get more emotionally involved in the writing/editing process. The more we limit our involvement, the more successful we will be with Wikipedia.

The Winning Ticket

It’s a cute little story which just kind of goes to show that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes people are lucky and that reason is because they are destined to win thirty thousand dollars.

This man actually sort of stumbled upon his winnings in a bizarre sort of way. He was purchasing a lottery ticket out of a vending machine and he didn’t have his glasses on so he couldn’t see well. He had every intention of purchasing two twenty dollar tickets, but because he couldn’t see he wound up with one thirty dollar ticket. That was such a lucky thing too! That 30 dollar ticket was the one that won him thirty thousand dollars.

He discovered the ticket was a winner when he returned home to his house said Claudio Loureiro.  According to Reddit News, the store will get 300 dollars from this ticket as well. Meanwhile, the rest of us can only hope that someday we will be as lucky as to accidentally purchase a ticket that is worth that much money!

Studies Suggest Children With A.D.H.D May Benefit From Fidgeting

According to a study published in Child Psychology, children with attention defecit hyperactivity disorder, orA.D.H.D., may actual benefit from fidgeting. Although most children suffering from hyperactivity and concentration disorders are encouraged to sit still, the study suggests that wriggling around may actually help with focusing.

In A.D.H.D., hyperactivity is the dominant symptom in attention deficit disorders and often the main on parents and teachers notice. However, this same system fails to show how well, or if a child can concentrate reports Dr. Daniel Amen.

Julie Schweitzer, behavoral sciences professor at the University of California, Davis, questions whether past studies, which focused on rechanneling the child’s hyperactivity, should have placed more emphasis on why the child was so hyperactive to begin with. In the study that consisted of 26 boys and girls with A.D.H.D., children who bobbled their legs and wriggled (fidgeting markers) while testing, scored significantly better than those who did not.

The study suggests that hyperactivity is a mechanism for “cognitive regulation” and hyperactivity is a critical key to beneit of children suffering from A.D.H.D.

FreedomPop Set Me Up With Great Internet Services

I always believe in working for the things I have, and I never believed in taking anything that’s free. Even if I was offered free samples, I was the first one to pass them up. I may be called a hypocrite because I finally have accepted something that is free of charge. I decided to sign up with FreedomPop because the Internet services are free. I don’t go on the Internet much, but I knew that I needed Internet services in my home. After finding out that FreedomPop gives free Internet services, I just couldn’t pass up the offer.

I was able to get the Internet set up in my home very quickly, and I started going online the same day. I have a computer in my home, but I rarely use it because most of my work is hands on. After getting FreedomPop Internet services, I decided that I would start using the Internet a bit more. The free services I get from FreedomPop is enough to where I don’t need to pay any extra money each month. If I decide that I want more data from FreedomPop, then I can pay as little as $10 to get additional data.

What I love about the FreedomPop Internet services is that I have wifi in my home. The wifi services help me to connect my cell phone when I don’t want to use data, and I also connect my tablet as well. I bought a tablet when they were hot, but I rarely use the Internet on it. I mostly kept notes on my tablet, and I even played video games on it. Now that I have wifi in my home, I use my tablet more often, and I go on the Internet on my tablet too.

Things have really changed for me since I joined FreedomPop. I’ve even heard that the company has free cell phone services, so that’s something I will consider getting in the future. I’ve talked to my friends about the FreedomPop services, and I’ve even given my friends brochures about FreedomPop. I was so impressed with FreedomPop services that I decided to apply for a position within the company.

Wikipedia and You

When it comes to the internet there are thousands upon thousands of articles and pieces of content published every day. That being said, there are also plenty of false articles out there that can often confuse readers. Wikipedia is notorious for articles that may be less than factual and as a reader this can be frustrating. When you’re looking to Get Your Wiki, there are a few tips for making your own Wikipedia entry that can help you to insure it is factual and well written to keep readers interested and informed.

1. Sources- the most important part of any article are your sources. If you are writing about something that you are not an expert in you need to make sure you have some credible sources from which to draw your information. As a general rule, three or more is a good number for sources. Try to find sources that come from .gov, .edu, and .org sites as these are more highly regulated and fact checked.

2. Outline- it is always best to start with an outline before you begin to write. Not only will this help you to organize your thoughts but it will also help you to get your article into the appropriate format. Nearly all Wikipedia articles are written in an outline format to make for easy navigation and easy reading. This will also help you in the submission process as you work to publish your article. You should write your outline to help get your thoughts together and give direction to your topic.

3. Writing Style- the last issue that you want to consider is your writing style. This is going to make a huge difference in how you work on your article and how it ends up. You should try for a professional style that lets readers know that you have researched your topic and that you know what you are talking about. You should also try to be conversational enough that readers will not lose interest and so that they will continue to read your work. It is always best to adopt a semi formal style so that you can let readers know you are prepared without coming off as cut and dry which can be very boring.


Child Uses His Birthday to Benefit the Children of a Fallen Officer

Carson Atkins requested that all the money and presents he would receive at his ninth birthday party would go towards the children of Hattiesburg Police officer, Benjamin Deen.

Carson’s mother, April, said that her son was able to collect almost $1000 for the family of the fallen officer. She was beaming with pride, saying her son has always been generous and special.

April also said her son is fascinated with law enforcement and the military. Fortunately, the Lamar County Sheriff’s Department was informed of her son’s deed. She said they told her they would do something special for him.

Sam Tabar told us that members of LCSO crashed Carson’s birthday party, surprising him and his friends, gifting him old badges and medals as a way to thank the young boy for his incredible generosity.

Benjamin Deen’s brother, Josh, also thoroughly shocked Carson with the fallen officer’s old collection of baseball cards.


Bruce Levenson: The Philanthropist

There are many highlights that can be spoken about when referring to Bruce Levenson. The fact that he’s part owner of the Atlanta, Hawks or Bruce Levenson the journalist, entrepreneur as well as the successful creator of several companies. And although he is better known for his business ventures, team and company ownerships, I would like to talk about Bruce Levenson the philanthropist.

Since the early “80’s”, Bruce and his wife Karen have subsidized many education initiatives focusing the disadvantage youth. Several of these focal points, involves PeacePlayers and “I Have a Dream,” the U.S. Holocaust Museum and the Seed School.

Four years ago Bruce and his wife Karen began, and has well funded the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland with two goals as the focal point.

1. To educate the next generation of non-profit sectors, offering them the principles and tools required to succeed as leaders of non-profit organizations.

2. To insure that each student who graduates from the University of Maryland departs as an enlightened and motivated philanthropist. The Center offers campus wide unique, philanthropy-focused practicality ranging from gift giving to the very popular Do Good Challenge which brings in thousands of participants each year.

The Center now offers graduate and non-graduate courses targeted on philanthropy and non-profit administration. The courses many times feature outstanding philanthropists and non-profit leaders as lecturers. Several classes every semester include a feature where non-profits submit grant proposals. Each class donates $10,000 to worthy non-profit based on a complete assessment of the proposals, location visits and, at last, a class vote. Since the start of the program inception in 2011, these courses have award almost $40,000 in grants every year.

Additionally, students from the school are in high demand as fellows at non-profits in the Washington area ranging from the Smithsonian Museum to the famous Marriott Foundation.

An in resident program, “A Philanthropist has been initiated for freshman orientation week to start the path of informing and inspiring all students to be philanthropists. By 2016, the program will expand to China.

North American Spine Works to Help the Children

When imagining severe pain, some only think about getting a bad cut, breaking a bone, or getting some type of deep wound. Severe pain doesn’t have to come from something breaking or an open wound in the body. It’s possible to have some of the most severe pain internally, just by having pain in the neck or back area. Severe neck pain can make it very hard to turn the head, or the pain makes it unbearable to use the neck. Severe pain in the back, especially the lower back, it may make it nearly impossible to work on a daily basis.

Those who have extremely bad back pain, they may find it difficult to walk properly, and they may end up on bed rest. Many know that pregnant women tend to suffer from lower back pain, but this type of pain is usually temporary. Those who suffer from back pain that is severe, the pain may be permanent, which means that it’s chronic. Any chronic pain that lasts for many months, it may be something that is unbearable, and it makes it impossible for the person to work and play normally. It’s time to get rid of the pain for good, and a chiropractor may not be the answer.

It may be necessary to receive a surgical procedure in order to heal back pain. If the back pain is severe enough to where surgery is needed, then North American Spine doctors can perform the procedure. The AccuraScope procedure is a great suggestion for those who need healing from their back or neck pain. Pain is never something that anyone should accept as being normal, especially when it’s extremely severe. Back and neck pain can be relieved with the AccuraScope procedure, which is also minimally invasive.

Since the procedure requires a very small incision, the incision will heal much quicker, allowing the person to get back to their normal routine. After the patient heals from their procedure, they may be able to live pain free, which is something they may not have been able to do for years. Neck and back pain does not have to be tolerated if a patient is willing to visit North American Spine. It’s time to say goodbye to neck and back pain for good.

Plus, one of the coolest things they do is community outreach.  Including working with local Dallas schools to provide an education into back health.

Boy Surprised At Graduation After Death Of His Parents

A young man who recently lost his parents in a motorcycle accident had a pleasant surprise at his high school graduation ceremony. Nearly a week before Kazzie Portie was expected to graduate high school he received devastating news that his parents have died. His parents, Riley and Emily Portie were out riding their motorcycle when they were struck and killed by a drunk driver. Arriving at the scene of the incident was Officer Eric Ellison. He was tasked with giving the devastating news to the Portie family.

When Officer Ellison arrived to the Portie home, Purina wrote he found that only the couple’s 18-year-old son Kazzie was home. He had to break the tragic news to Kazzie and stayed to comfort him since he was the only one home at the time. Kazzie was clearly distraught by the news and mentioned that he was supposed to graduate high school in a week. Officer Ellison was very supportive of Kazzie, letting him know he still needed to go through with the graduation ceremony, noting that his parents would have wanted him to do so.

A week later, Office Ellison kept his promise to Kazzie. He came to the ceremony and stood on stage waiting for Kazzie to walk.