Slyce Link Is Going To Keep Customer Buying

Slyce is one of the more intriguing tech startups to arrive on the scene in many years. The company focuses on the development of visual search technology and related apps for retail businesses and consumers. The concept is intriguing. Through installing an app on a smartphone, a consumer can seek a similar-looking products on compatible retail websites.

Consumers are not the only ones who are going to benefit from a new product that is emerging. “Slyce Link” is a new concept that is designed to help retailers keep customers who are can’t find the primary product they are interested in. Slyce Link makes visual matches to similar products to the primary one.

A lot of customers could have been retained. They choose not to buy because they are not able to get the product they want. Since no one is able to provide suggestions for very similar products, these customers simply leave. The new Slyce program should help cut the number of these departing customers from exiting. Slyce also is going to help retailers target customers who wish to depart due to items being out of stock.

Businesses have to make sales in order to earn profits. Retail companies seek to tap into the huge audience of online customers since the number of patrons is so vast. Not every would-be customer ends up actually buying anything. A lot of those lost sales cannot be salvaged. There are, surely, numerous people who could be kept from opting not to make a purchase. Slyce is hoping its new programs will facilitate this outcome.

Currently, Slyce is achieving a lot of publicity thanks to a recent decision by a Fortune 500 toy seller to finalize a contract with the company. The toy retailer has good reason to be thrilled with Slyce. The Toronto-based business set the stage for the retailer double its revenue.

Anyone wishing to read the whole story can check out the full article at The press release goes into great detail over all the news from Slyce’s recent achievements.

Adam Sender Knows Good Business and Good Art

There are Skills Required for Art Collecting
The average art collector does have many extraordinary skills that do allow them to create a stunning and grand art collection. This must be done in an intelligent manner. The collection of art requires research and evaluation. It takes the skill of purposeful buying. The art collector is deserving of admiration and respect. It does take a keen eye along with talent to build a fine collection of art.

Art Collecting, Hedge Fund Manager, and Adam Sender
Adam Sender is a hedge fund manager of Exis Capital. He is the founder of Exis Capital. He is also an individual who has an extraordinary art collection. This is a highly educated man who obtained his education from the University of California. His art collection is stunning. He began collecting art at a younger age. Business and art do go together. Mr. Sender had achieved success as a hedge fund manager in the middle of the 1990s. He has also, over the years, acquired one of the top art collections of contemporary art. The definition of contemporary art is art from those artists who are alive in the twenty-first century. It is art that offers a reflection of contemporary society. This is the style of art that offers a view of the world that will clearly show the spectacular images of our world. Adam Sender does have the ability to know exactly what to look for in business and in art. He is a talented person who has spent years discovering the finest art.

Good Ideas for Purchasing Art
Art adds beauty and magic to our world. It clearly shows us the majestic images from the eyes of artists. Beautiful pieces of art can get us in touch with our emotional senses and rejuvenate us by the beautiful images. Art is an inspiration. If you are interested in purchasing fabulous art that truly inspires you, you may appreciate some good ideas on what to look for prior to your purchase. The following might prove to be helpful to those interested in obtaining art. A sample of ideas include:

*instincts do play a role in purchasing quality art. If a piece of art makes you fall in love with it, you may opt to listen to your instincts

*it is a good idea to ensure that the size of the piece of art is known prior to your purchase. The early collector of art will need to ensure that space is available

*everyone may track a prospective purchase. This means that there should be a very traceable trail that leads from the artist to the owner. The documentation should be transparent and available.

Independent Contractors Looking For Job Stability & Affordable Benefits

It used to be that you graduated school, obtained a job, and worked there until you retired. However, the economic landscape has changed and so have careers. Now the internet has once again changed the career landscape and many people that previously would have worked for a business are now working as independent contractors. The downside is that working for yourself does not offer the same economic stability or safety net. is just one of many companies online that has built a platform that connects professionals to customers. The app is a great way for trade professionals with handyman skills that range from house cleaning to plumbing to furniture assembly find their own jobs. By cutting out the middleman customers pay less, professionals earn more, and professionals have the ability to work flexible hours as they need work. With over 10,000 professionals and a recent $50 million in funding is taking off

However, the one thing that employees of the new gig economy do not have is stability. There are many great work opportunities for those who want to work alone from places such as Uber, Lyft,, Etsy, and more. These days if you have a talent or trade that is marketable you can find a place to work. The contract services just need more security.

In most cases though, these contractors would be happy to offer job security. CEO Oisin stated that they would love to offer more to their professionals. He said that right now the law is black and white and only allows for independent contractor or employee, but they love to be able to offer training, benefits, and education if there was a way to do it without employment reclassification.

He is not alone; there are now two new initiatives being pushed forward to help employees get a safety net if they work alone via contractors called the Good Work Code and a new coalition that is looking for portable benefits. They are both hoping to push the conversation further to talk about how contractors should have access to a safety net that is not only available, but also affordable.

James Dondero: HCM and more

James “Jim” Dondero is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management (HCM). Jim’s specialty is the equity and credit markets, in which he has over thirty years of experience. Jim is the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank. Jim is also a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios.

Dondero is very active in philanthropically, supporting education, veteran’s affairs, and public policy. Before HCM Dondero was a Chief Investment Officer and helped Protective Life from inception to over two billion dollars from 1989 to 1993. He was also a Corporate Bond Analyst and then Portfolio Manager at American Express. Mr. Dondero graduated with the highest honors from the University of Virginia. He attended the School of Commerce with dual majors in accounting and finance.
Mr. Dondero has recently hired Terry Jones as the President of Institutional Products. Jones brings more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry to the table. Mr. Jones plans to lead Highland’s discussions with strategic institutional allocators to drive solutions-oriented business development and serve as a compliment to Highland’s broader institutional sales platform.
Recently HCM, who has approximately 20 billion dollars under management, announced that Highland’s Long/Short Healthcare Fund received a HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award in the category of “40 Act Fund-Equity.” James Dondero credited winning the award to “the deep experience and healthcare expertise of Michael Gregory and his team.” The HFM award recognizes hedge funds, fund of funds, and 40 act funds that have outperformed their peers in numerous categories.
The Long/Short Healthcare Fund is managed by Michael Gregory. Healthcare is Highland’s largest investment, and it has brought in over three billion dollars under management. When asked about the award, Gregory stated ” We remain focused on strong, repeatable, performance for our investors.” He also said that the award is “indicative of the success of our investment process and risk management infrastructure, and a credit to the hard work and intensity of the team.”

How Algorithms Are Replacing Text Searches with Pictures

Google famously started Google Images after the massive response to Jennifer Lopez’s green Versace dress, worn to the 2000 Grammy Awards.

Google being Google, they quickly applied algorithms to the behind-the-scenes data available in each image file prcoessed. Soon, those algorithms expanded their scope to account for the visuals themselves. Before long, “search by image” became a reliable way to source original pictures, as well as any images related in both composition and subject.

However, now that the technology is available, what can be done with it? Visual recognition systems are desired by everyone from Hollywood effects studios to the military. In between, though, are a range of industries that can benefit from the technology. With the amount of shopping being done on the internet, connecting what people see to where they can buy it is developing quickly.

One company making a go of it is Slyce ( Their app(s) utilize a variety of approaches for visual search, while attempting to encompass every option available to consumers for identifying a product. For example, QR codes are everywhere, yet have struggled to justify their existence on their own. By incorporating them into a broader image-identification engine, Slyce is establishing a multi-pronged approach to product identification.

The more impressive component of this, of course, is the ability for users to take any image, highlight the element they want identified, and then find a range of results from the massive superstore that is the internet. It could be a picture found in a magazine at the doctor’s office; a screenshot from a television show; or even a friend’s picture on Facebook.

The benefit of this technology for commerce is flexibility. Slyce offers a Neiman Marcus-branded app that focuses on the products available in their own lines. With a larger retailer like this, searches of popular styles can find exact or near matches without compromising on what the consumer wants.Google has already shown what a wide-open system is capable of. Specialization of these systems allow their creators to manage the content in a way that provides the best deals to consumers without concerns over scams and out-of-date results.

Of course, specialization is what the internet does best. It’s hard to imagine a more design/product-focused library of pictures than Pinterest. The news that they’ve incorporated their own visual search is simply another sign that text searches have gained a powerful new friend.

Handy Receives a 50 Million Dollar Cash Injection

The New York-base company Handy is a platform that offers on-demand housekeeping and other services like furniture delivery and assembly. The company has been extremely popular and recently raised 50 million dollars at a valuation of 500 million for its series C round of funding. They have raised around 111 million in total. Handy has a website, iOS app and android app where people can book household services in the comfort of their homes.

Handy launched in 2012 and on 2015 June has received a total of 1 million bookings on its platform. On any given month, Handy books 100,000 jobs and has around 10,000 professionals registered. This online booking platform has had extremely remarkable statistics and has been on the watch list of many investors.

Handy was in talks to acquire its rival company, Homejoy, but they closed in July 2015. Without any competitors, Handy’s future is extremely bright. Handy makes its money from taking 20% from bookings. Each booking costs on average of $70. Around 80 percent of Handy’s customers are repeat customers.

Handy has been trying to expand to new cities and countries. They are including all of the major cities across the U.S. and also international markets like London. This expanding is planned to happen before the end of 2016.

Handy is a successful company with a very scalable business model. With its new found wealth, they will have all the capital they need to make their company international. Maybe one day Handy will expand into a billion dollar company, and everyone all over the globe will be using it.

What Shoes Does A Stylish Man Need This Winter?

Men who want to dress well this winter must have the right shoes, and Paul Evans New York has the finest men’s italian shoes on the market today. A man who shops the Paul Evans collection will uncover amazing styles that will take him from the office to dinner in the evening and out to the bar for drinks afterward. Each man who shops the New York shoe scene must be aware of the beautiful shoes that are out there, and each shoe must be purchased with a purpose. This article explores the beauty of Paul Evans shoes, what men must wear this season and how men may choose these shoes.

#1: Black, Brown And Cordovan

Every man must wear shoes that are in black, brown and cordovan. Black and brown are common colors for the office, and cordovan is a heavy burgundy that a man can wear with virtually any color. Shopping for the winter requires a bit of variety, and a man must have at least one shoe in each color. Gentlemen who are looking for great shoes must choose the colors that match their current wardrobe. Most men tend to have clothes that lean in a certain direction, and each pair of shoes must be chosen with a certain ensemble in mind.

#2: What Does Paul Evans Offer?

Paul Evans New York offers casual and business shoes that men can wear for any occasion. A man who works in a formal office can wear black oxfords that look perfect with crisp suits and white shirts, and a man who work sin a more casual office will find loafers in a variety of colors. The Paul Evans collection is quite expansive, and men will find a shoe in each of the three primary colors for their shoe wardrobe.

#3: Paul Evans Shoes Are Modern

The cut on Paul Evans shoes is a bit more forgiving than the cut on shoes that are more traditional. The long toes on Paul Evans shoes are indicative of the modern style of today, and these shoes come with subtle bragging or additions that make the shoes come to life. The modern styling of a Paul Evans shoe will stand the test of time, and a man who invests in these shoes today will still be on-trend in a few years.

The winter shoe options for men are going to bring black, brown and cordovan to every man’s closet. Long toe boxes in the Paul Evans line provide men with more comfort and style at the same time, and men who choose from the collection will find a variety of different shoes for each occasion. A man will never want for a winter shoe when shopping in the right place.

Eric Puller Always Looking to Give Back

Eric Puller is someone who is always looking to give back. While he has excelled in his work as a computer programmer and someone who has been able to work with networking, one of the most important elements of Eric’s professional career is to note that most of what he does is to assist others around him. This includes both what he does for a living and through philanthropy based services as well. So, if someone wants to look at someone who does whatever they can to give back to those less fortunate then themselves, Eric Puller is an individual they should look at.

Giving Back Through Work

Eric Puller has been giving back professional almost as soon as he came out of college. Now, he did have an excellent education, going to both Harvard and MIT at the exact same time. Once he left college and moved out to Los Angeles from the East Coast, he created a company known as People Doing Things. This company helped connect both the medical community and the educational community together so computer networking could assist in bridging gaps and other possible problems. However, this was just the beginning in how he started to give back to the world around him.

One of the most important jobs Eric took up centered around children with chronic illnesses. He created a social network back in 1998 (before Twitter or Facebook came onto the scene) called Starbright World. The social media network is designed to help children who suffer from serious illnesses to be able to communicate with other children around the world. It can be difficult for children to form friendships with other children at school when they are in the hospital a considerable amount of the time. It also makes it difficult for the child to relate to other children as they are going through issues that no other child they know is going through. With the private social media network, it makes it possible for a child to connect with other children battling similar issues through posts, blog writings, pictures and messages. All of this can make it just a bit easier on the child when they know there are other children just like them in other places in the world.

Beyond Work

Outside of his professional career, Eric also gives back through his philanthropy as well. He is a donor to non profit organizations throughout the United States, most of which are designed to assist children who suffer from health conditions. Like his professional career though, Eric is all about giving back and helping others who are less fortunate than he is. All of this helps improve the world around him and improve lives as well.

Bright, Bold and Beautiful are the words that Describe Lime Crime Cosmetics!

Lime Crime Cosmetics is on track to become one of the top thoroughbreds in the cosmetic industry. The words sassy, fresh, innovative, or bold barely describe the products that are created by this makeup mogul. The evocative and picturesque color palettes presented by Lime Crime titillate the senses and whip the curiosity of all to a frenzy of excitement. This line of cosmetics and beauty products has invoked the passionate and enthusiastic patrons to become dedicated connoisseurs.

Lime Crime on thestoryexchange has mastered the art of marketing its line of makeup to both the young and the old. The colors that are available for the lips, hair, nails, face and hair have astonished and pleasantly surprised the world. When traveling back in time, the ancient Egyptians kings and queens were not shy when it came to applying makeup. Cleopatra was the most famous queen that has been featured with some of the most beautiful colors of makeup in her time.

The product line lends the opportunity for all to become makeup artists. Over the years, there have been certain colors that were considered off limits regarding makeup. Wearing black lipstick 20 years ago may have been viewed as some type of rebellious act, but now, it is considered being trendy. Parents would cringe when seeing a teenage girl dressed in all black with black lipstick. Now, it is considered sexy and daring when you step away from the norm and walk on the wild side.

The definition of coordinating an outfit meant that a blue suit would be matched up with gray or blue shoes and a white blouse. Times have changed and wardrobe coordinating takes on a new meaning when pairing makeup with clothes. When wearing a blue suit, the accessories would be blue lipstick, hair color, nail polish, mascara and eye shadow. This trend is not something for the future, but it is for right now.

The spectacular colors are not just for the young at heart. For the middle-aged women that want a complete make-over, Lime Crime has the right products to accomplish the desired look. If the sultry but subtle look is the one that has been pursued, then the color palettes that cater to the darker pigmentation’s of makeup would be the way to go. Going from the board room to a night out on the town can be accomplished by wearing this brand of makeup.

There are thousands of individuals that do not know how to properly apply makeup. When looking through fashion magazines, the makeup on the models seems to be flawless. The question is posed as to how can that look be achieved? Lime Crime provides instructions that show the correct application of the products. Experimenting with several different looks can be therapeutic along with being fun. The products are packaged in an inviting way that most will find professional and attractive.

Lime Crime has captured the hearts of thousands through the use of unusual colors and dynamic products that have gained worldwide recognition.