How Ricardo Guimarães Has Led BMG to Attaining Success


Each individual investor dreams about getting to the top in the market and handling challenges that could affect the business and make it less productive. Although doing so may sound easy, the reality may not be as impressive as one would love to see. Many businesses are marred by some challenges that can be solved with simply involving a professional. However, some individuals will argue that doing so is an expensive undertaking and hence the high levels of failure. Competition is also something that has locked many businesses out of business while allowing others to thrive. Therefore, lack of proper planning will definitely have adverse effects to any business. Handling an ever changing market could mean one will need to apply tactics that can help to eliminate challenges that can bring down a business. BMG stands a big example of businesses that have been able to scale the Brazilian market over the years. They have taken over the banking sector.

With the help of professionals who are fully baked like Ricardo Guimarães, the company has been ranked highly in the market, claiming a position that many have been trying to achieve. In recent news as displayed on, the company continues to use sponsorship for sporting activities as a great way to market their products and services. They have worked with various firms to ensure the kitty that is dedicated to offering support to football clubs is managed well for the benefit of these young talents. Ricardo Guimarães has also presented news that they are thinking about increasing the fund to cater for more players in Brazil. This is an attempt that many have praised and expressed hope that young footballers will get an opportunity to hone their skills while preparing for better opportunities.

Ricardo Guimarães has also been praised for the strong resolve he has maintained to ensure the money meant for the sporting teams is used well. According to information available on his website, Ricardo Guimarães is a business executive with an educational background in business and management. This gives him an upper hand at managing BMG and ensuring the company runs as required. He has also worked to ensure they achieve their goals in time. Ricardo Guimarães is a professional with a great dedication to see that the business world gets transformed and that honesty takes toll of all transactions and undertakings that can allow for the creation of a just society.

BMG Bank Director Marcio Alaor Is Honored By His Hometown For His Charitable Work


It’s not every day that a powerful banker is honored by a small Brazilian city for doing what other big executives fail to do, but Marcio Alaor is a different kind of corporate executive. Marcio Alaor grew up in the Brazilian town known as Santo Antonio do Monte, and he has never forgotten where he came from as his business life evolved. The city of Santo Antonio has never forgotten Alaor either. Alaor and Santo Antonio are permanently connected to each other and Alaor would not have it any other way.

Alaor grew up shining shoes in this small Brazilian city that is known for producing fireworks and milk. It’s a rural town where the men gather daily to talk about the conditions in Brazil, and the women do most, if not all, of the domestic chores. The Brazilians that live in Santo Antonio are not rich, in terms of money, but there are rich in family values and character. Alaor displays those characteristics by donating his time and money to causes that help the town.

The BMG Bank Vice-President still serves the people that needs loans, and he also spends time doing what other bankers fail to do. He cares about his friends and neighbors. And his friends and neighbors care about him.

When the leaders of the town decided to turn one of the vacant warehouses into a town center with a food court everyone in town thought it was a great town improvement. When it came time to name the food court, only one name was mentioned. Marcio Alaor was the only name on the minds of the citizens of Santo Antonio, so the food court was named after him. All the hard work and giving that Alaor has done over the years was rewarded. published an article that said, Alaor was speechless when he first heard that the town wanted to honor him that way. But he found the words to tell his friends that he loves and appreciates their recognition and kindness. Alaor told the crowd at the exhibition opening that most people don’t live to see such a great honor. He thanked the people and the city leaders for thinking of him, and he told them he would continue to serve the town in any way he could.

Alaor continues to be generous benefactor, and the residents continue to appreciate all the banker does for them.

Why Solo Capital Is a Leading Investment Firm in United Kingdom

The world of financial management has contributed to the emergence of many companies across the world offering financial management services to a professional level. This has led to the emergence of the world into a global village where people have developed different business aimed at improving international relationship among member states. Solo Capital is one of the leading investment firms in London in the United Kingdom. The firm has invested in agency brokerage, security lending and safeguarding assets and client money. According to Bloomberg, the company has increased its stake in the capital market as a way of improving the business standards in United Kingdom. Through agency brokerage, the company increases in asset acquisition by enabling many people to acquire wealth. It has also maximized security lending where the financial institutions have maintained high stakes in the management of their financial proceeds by getting secure loans. The company has specialized in principal trading services where people and business entities have benefited through getting the desired services in participating in the trading market.

Solo Capital was established in September 2011 and the company has continued to explore the investment management front to reach greater heights. The company has increased its turnover in the recent years to over 20 million pounds. This has been the stepping stone towards the development of the company into a multinational company. According to DueDil, the company’s first Director Mr. Sanjay Shah has contributed a lot in the company’s current states. The company has employed about 40 professional personalities that have contributed a lot in the development of the company into becoming a notable entity around the world.

Other business development supported by the company is the consulting services that have benefited business startups and emerging capital market. The professional consultancy services have contributed to outstanding service delivery in many companies in the United Kingdom. Through the provision of this service, companies are able to manage their financial proceeds thus adding up to the exploring capital market. According to their website, the company has also invested in the professional sports investment. Here the company participates in talent acquisition thus enabling many people develop into professional sports personalities. This has enabled vulnerable people with potential in sports development get mentorship in the development of the sports to a professional level. When interested, you can follow the company on the social media through the Twitter, and to Like them on Facebook.

Help Jon Urbana Rescue And Adopt Denver Cats Through CrowdRise

Crowdrise, the popular website dedicated to helping people reach goals for their charities, has a new campaign available to donate to. Jon Urbana, the former professional lacrosse player and Denver camp owner has created an account to help rescue and adopt out stray Denver cats.

The charity Urbana is supporting in his Crowdrise campaign is ARAS, a no kill cat shelter in the Denver area. With winter weather already threatening the area, many of the areas homeless cats will be left out in the elements to fend for themselves. ARAS is a longtime advocate against animal cruelty, and wants to help as many of these homeless cats as they can. The nonprofit organization, with the help of Jon Urbana and anyone on Facebook who wishes to donate to the cause, will provide food and shelter to the cats in the Denver area.

Jon Urbana is best known from his days as a Villanova lacrosse player. Upon retirement from professional lacrosse, he cofounded Colorado’s most prominent lacrosse camp. He is also a huge animal lover and has a soft spot for helping as many animals as he can which has led him to create this Crowdrise campaign.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp is well known as an ideal place to send aspiring lacrosse players each year for top notch training and skills they will not get anywhere else. Urbana cofounded the camp and offers his knowledge and skills to the camp and players as well.

Less known for his advocacy for animals, hearing through his Twitter announcement that Jon Urbana created a campaign to help the environment, and then to save homeless cats may be surprising, but he is a long time animal lover and dedicates time and money to helping out wherever he can. Being a Denver native and seeing the abundance of cats with no home in the area, he felt he needed to step in and help. Anyone who wishes to donate can do so, and all proceeds will go to helping this admirable cause.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.