Can You Get Thicker And Fuller Hair From Using WEN By Chaz?

Using the right conditioner is something you don’t want to get wrong, and if you’ve seen commercials about WEN by Chaz, they say you can’t go wrong with that. Their shampoo and conditioners are said to be able to fix frizzy and tangled hair, and give users a thicker and fuller feeling when they’re finished using them. Well, it’s easy for WEN by Chaz to say so to sell their product on eBay, but why not hear what this user at had to say about it?
According to Emily, she’s no stranger to bad hair that gets all greasy and doesn’t stay where it’s supposed to. So she decided to give the Sephora advertised product a whiz to see what it would do. She recalls the first time she ever used it in the shower, it felt different than anything she had ever used before, left no strands on the floor, and did in fact make her hair seem thicker and shinier. The downside was that whenever she used it at night, the next morning when she woke up her hair was messy again. She records the results of using this conditioner over the course of a week, and what she found was that whenever she took the time to wash her hair with it before her day started, the results were spectacular, but found you could not go multiple days without using it if you wanted to keep your hair clean.

WEN by Chaz was founded by Chaz Dean, a photographer and pet enthusiast who one day decided he wanted to go into the hair salon and beauty product business. Even today he runs a salon out in Hollywood, and many celebrities and affluent figures have adopted WEN by Chaz as their go-to product. What makes WEN by Chaz special is their Guthy-Renker produced products are all manufactured from natural organic compounds to deliver a nice-smelling and high quality care product.

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Jim Hunt Shares His Investment Tips

VTA Publications is located in Norfolk was established in 2012. The company specializes in online distance courses aimed at teaching investors unique investment skills. It has been operating for three years, nine months. According to the latest yearly return filed on 31 December 2015, the firm has one acting director with no secretary. Jim Hunt, the chief executive officer, heads VTA.

Thousands of clients across the world enjoy the services of VTA publications due to their commitment to providing customers with innovative ideas. VTA specializes in economics and financial management, and it has a team of professionals aimed at sourcing the best experts from across the world. The team consists of aggressive people who can walk the talk by bringing the experience to customers. Besides publishing books, VTA also conducts seminars, workshops, and team building events.

Jim makes his mother a millionaire
According to PRNewswire, on 10 August 2016, Jim Hunt released a statement announcing his objective to make his mother a millionaire using her small capital. The headline of the newspaper read ‘The Whistleblower who helps little guys beat the big banks.’ Hunt was going to prove the possibility of growing small businesses to big businesses by making his mother a tax-free millionaire through ten strategies. In Jim’s statement, he said he would later post the steps on YouTube.

Jim completed the first move after his announcement. In his speech, Hunt explains the possibility of turning ten dollars to thousands of dollars through compounding, something Einstein referred to as the world’s eighth wonder. As outlined on his YouTube, Hunt’s strategy involves tracking the stock market and future investments. Hunt advises traders to acquire shares with the potential to grow for future investment.

About Jim Hunt
Jim is a successful web developer, writer, and consultant based in the United Kingdom. Jim is the chief executive officer and financial consultant of the Publications firm. Hunt has a veteran eye in spotting market trends and predicting future trends. He offers investment tips and strategies through his firm, VTA Publications.

The Gaining Popularity of Coworking Space in NYC


Co-working spaces is a concept neither new nor limited to the United States, as this particular kind of working environment can now be found worldwide; however, these co-workers are usually not employed by the same company. These independent professionals are sharing a comfortable atmosphere and may be mobile.

The social aspect of working professionals may drive the attractive concept, saving independent contractors or traveling professionals the isolation of working at home with limited available technology. Co-working situations may additionally promote value by replacing isolation and the distractions of home life with a professional work place setting.

Co-working communities may be formed during what is known as “Jellies.” The popularity of communal, co-working, or shared spaces has been shown in studies to have roughly doubled since 2006. Large metropolitan areas are prime locations for co-working opportunities and aid in allowing flexible schedules.

The demand for space holds increasing interest in the ability of providing an informal, private, and safe base where supplies and files can be stored eliminating the necessity of having to keep materials mobile.

So what accounts for the rise in popularity of co-working, membership-based workspaces? Many are freelancers who feel they are performing meaningful work. There is little competition and no internal politics, and they do not have to fit into another’s idea of dress code. Without competition, the co-worker feels a stronger identity. Additionally, since each hold a unique skill, the co-worker is often able to volunteer cooperative assistance to others.

The co-worker also has more job time control, focusing on the task at hand, or coming and going at will or schedule. Still, the discipline that is set by the community helps with motivation, and social interaction in the community is not a requirement, but has the potential for contact when desired.

An excellent example of high profile, comfortable, and location based co-working Manhattan offices for rent is Workville in the heart of New York City. Centrally located near Times Square and major transportation, Workville combines office space, cafe, lounge area, and several outdoor terraces on the 21st floor at 1412 Broadway.

Amenities include fast internet, mail service, and printers and offices are available 24 hours a day. Additional spaces include private offices and conference rooms. Views from the terraces are breathtaking and a major draw. The open lounge is available for scheduled events and there is an in-house event planning team. The venue makes a strong, favorable impression.

Relief as Securus Technologies Gives Free Call to Inmates in Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections

It was a relief to many inmates and their families when Securus Technologies in collaboration with Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections reported that every inmate in LA DOC would get a free call. The free services would be available for seven days. Securus Technologies is a leader in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety, corrections, and monitoring. The reason for free calls was to help inmates stay connected with their families and friends that have been affected by flood in Louisiana.

Securus Technologies CEO stated the importance of such free services in times of tragedy such as the one experienced in Louisiana. He further added that the services were in line with what the company does, and they were simply facilitating communication to reduce anxiety and stress among inmates and their families as well.

Securus estimates the free calls to cost $300,000. The company will further give $50,000 as a donation to the Louisiana Department of Correction inmate welfare fund to offer more assistance to inmates. The number of calls that will be connected by Securus is estimated to be about 250,000 free calls in just seven days.

Securus Technologies serves over 3,450 correction agencies, public safety, and law enforcement, with over 1,200,000 inmates in the US. The firm’s chief office is in Dallas, Texas. Their services ensure that the world is a safe and happy place for all. Securus Technologies was founded in the year 1986 and has regional offices in Carrollton, Allen, Atlanta, and Georgia. Securus Technologies services include:


  • Public Safety Solutions; incident management, public information solutions, and emergency response.
  • Investigation Solutions; location based services, biometric analysis solutions, and data analytics.
  • Correction Solutions; information management, Communication, inmate self-service and ancillary solutions.
  • Monitoring Solutions; court appointed community reporting program solutions and GPS/electronic monitoring.


White Shark Media success in helping small and medium-sized businesses

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that offers marketing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. The company is based in North America. Since its establishment, the company has recorded the fastest growth.

White Shark Media provides an exception customer experience to its clients. The agency’s growth is derived from its excellent reputation of designing affordable Search Marketing campaigns.

Many companies in America have grown their businesses through the company’s online marketing tactics and other proprietary marketing tools. The agency’s workers are committed to exceeding their client’s expectations.

The agency is fully accountable to its customers every month through various features such as Google Analytics integration, Competitive Intelligence, and a call-tracking feature that uses keywords.

The agency was established in 2011. Three entrepreneurs from Denmark founded the company. The three entrepreneurs take pride in an exceptional experience in both offline and online marketing.

The goal behind the establishment of the company was to enhance the growth of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the United States and Latin America. White Shark Media is dedicated to delivering outstanding services to its clients. The company has branches both domestically and offshore.

According to Glassdoor and TopSEOs, White Shark Media always strives to give their clients a reason to hire their services. The agency is committed to providing exceptional services to their customers with the objective of retaining them. The company meets its customer’s satisfaction by ensuring customer’s complaints get the attention they deserve.

The professional manner in which the company handles its client’s concerns has given it full recognition. The goal of customer’s satisfaction is to perfect the company’s public image. White Shark Media developed monthly status calls with GoToMeeting to solve the issue of poor communication that had been raised by clients. The online platform allowed online meetings between the digital agency and its clients.

White Shark offers its clients AdWords and Bing Ads Management. The company focuses its services on areas where clients earn money. E-commerce customers are served with Product Listing Ads in all management plans. White Shark Media Agency has a vast experience on the Shopify platform. Ecommerce clients are referred to the Shopify platform.

White Shark Media takes pride in having retained some of the oldest clients since it started its operations. The first client who signed up with the company in the year 2010 is still attached to the agency.

White Shark Media provides a complete management of the AdWords campaigns beginning from the installation of the set-up to the continuous maintenance of the system.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: One Of The World’s Best Plastic Surgeons

Harper’s Bazaar recently released their list of the surgeons they consider the best beauty surgeons. Their hot list is made up of 24 doctors practicing their craft all over the United States. The two dozen doctors they chose are known for using advanced skills and cutting edge technology to transforms their patients and make them look their best. Although the doctors they have identified use noninvasive procedures like wrinkle erasers, peels, Botox and lasers, it is their surgical work that makes these doctors truly outstanding. They have shown an uncanny ability to rejuvenate the bodies and faces of their patients.

One of the surgeons featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s list of the best surgeons is Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden is a graduate of the University of Texas. She earned her undergraduate degree there and was salutatorian at medical school at University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Walden then did an aesthetic surgery fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York. While there the internationally renowned surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston was her mentor. Once she completed her training, Dr. Walden practiced her craft in New York for over 7 years.

While in New York Dr. Walden developed a reputation not only for excellent work, but also as a media commentator, author and academic. She co-authored Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a valuable textbook and was elected to the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a rare woman to be so honored. Dr. Walden has also used and helped to develop a variety of advanced technologies. They include breast surgery instruments, Vectra 3-D imaging technology and ThermiVa, a vaginal tightening and rejuvenation technology that uses a radio-frequency system and is temperature-controlled.

After all the success Dr. Walden has enjoyed in New York, in 2011 she returned to Texas. She created a thriving plastic surgery practice and the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Westlake Hills. The mother of twin sons also operates a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas. She’s also a consultant for several major aesthetic companies.

Raj Fernando : An Expert on the Trading Industry

Raj Fernando created, and is now the chief executive, of a company named Scoutahead. Before starting Scoutahead, he created a company called Chopper Trading. Fernando’s early influences gave him the skill knowledge and ability to create the companies that he did. When Fernando was still in college he volunteered at the Chicago Board of Trade. Fernando was ambitious, and very talented, so he moved his way up through the company fairly quickly. He worked with Chicago Board of Trade from 1991 to 2001.

In 2002 Fernando felt he was ready to move on. He then created Chopper Trading. The company quickly grew and eventually had more than 250 employees. The company traded on different venues such as the Nasdaq, LSE, Eurex, and Cantor Fitzgerald – espeed. Raj Fernando was also a part of the US Commodity Trading Futures Commision. During this time he worked to promote their core values and mission of more open, transparent, and stable markets. In the year 2010, Fernando was asked to be one of the speakers for the Commision’s discussion about trading practices that were stopping progression of the field.

Later on, in the year 2013, Fernando was also able to speak to an international audience about his work and expertise at the Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference. During this presentation, Fernando spoke to shareholders in an industry forum venue. Fernando wanted to focus on other endeavors, so in 2015 he sold his first company, Chopper Trading to DRW Trading Group.

Scoutahead was the next step for Fernando. Scoutahead is an internet start up that was created to promote corporate and professional growth through newer communication systems that were secure for the companies. In addition to his companies, Fernando also makes giving back a priority. He is one of the board of trustee members for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He also is on the board for an animal shelter called PAWS. This animal shelter is committed to not killing animals that they have in their facility.

Kenneth Goodgame is a great business leader

Kenneth Goodgame is an incredible business leader. Throughout his long career, Kenneth has helped numerous companies reach their goals throughout his career. Kenneth’s long and storied career speaks for itself.

Kenneth started his career by attending the University of Tennessee. He excelled in his classes, and eventually graduated with a degree in Marketing. After college, Kenneth took a job with The Home Depot.

Kenneth Goodgame spent eight years with The Home Depot. He started as a product merchant, and he primarily focused on the indoor garden department. He spent four years in that role and helped grow year-over-year sales by twenty percent. This is an incredible growth rate. Kenneth worked his way up the corporate ladder at The Home Depot, eventually, he became a Senior Global Product Merchant. By 2002, Kenneth had become an extremely hot commodity throughout the hardware store industry. He took a job with Newell Rubbermaid for his next stop in his career.

Newell Rubbermaid was a great company for Kenneth to make his mark at. He helped revitalize their cleaning department, and he eventually worked his way up to a Senior Vice President role. Newell Rubbermaid loved having Kenneth on staff, but Kenneth craved another leadership role. He took a job with Techtronic Industries in 2008.

Kenneth was President of two different departments at Techtronic Industries. He was President of Baja Motorsports and Direct Tools Factory Outlets. He excelled in both leadership roles. He helped open thirty stores throughout the United States, and each store was a fantastic success. Direct Tools Factory Outlets was a completely new department, and Kenneth got it off to a great start. Kenneth considers his time at Techtronic outlets to be a major accomplishment in his career.

Recently, Kenneth served as Senior Vice President of True Value. He spent two years in that role and he has helped revitalize the company. Kenneth has had a hand in everything from hiring practices to purchasing. He has left a lasting impact on True Value.

Kenneth Goodgame is an incredible business leader and his skills are definitely in demand throughout the industry. His career should be bright for years to come.

Entrepreneur Eric Pulier Makes Dreams Come True For Needy Students

Entrepreneur, author and inventor Eric Pulier is the owner of over a dozen companies. By the age of 9 he was programming computers and by the time he was in high school he created his own computer company.

Eric Pulier took a different route in college. He studied English and American Literature at Harvard and graduated in 1988. Pulier moved to the West Coast and started his own company in 1991. People Doing things is a technology-based corporation that helps individuals with education and health-related issues.

He went on to create Digital Evolution, Starbright World, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh and US Interactive. Pulier has help raise millions of dollars several ventures.

Pulier was chosen in 1996 to create the “Bridge to the 21st Century” exhibit for the Bill Clinton/Al Gore inauguration. The week-long event held at the Washington D.C. Capital Mall was a huge success.

Pulier’s crowning achievement is the Starbright Foundation. This pioneering platform was developed to help chronically ill children interact. The app links to dozens of hospitals and supplies children with the means to play games and learn more about their illness through a series of modules.

Pulier has donated several millions to help children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. Through his membership with the Clinton Global Initiative, he devised ways to fund other programs for under-served communities.

He currently holds 17 patents for technological inventions. He also funds the ACE Donor Foundation to help make software more accessible. Pulier also gives generously to the “Foundation For Free College Tuition” to help provide funds for children with limited resources.

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Talk Fusion receives a major award

Proper communication is absolutely vital in today’s business world. Without proper communications, your business will not make the right decisions in a timely manner. Over the last century, American businesses have gone from using letters and verbal communication to using e-mail. As the pace of business has sped up, the form of communication has kept up. Today, many businesses are turning to video chat systems to ensure that communications happen quickly and in an understandable way. There are many video chat systems in the marketplace, but one of the best video chat systems in the marketplace today is Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is a unique company that focuses almost exclusively on video chat systems. Everything from video e-mail to video conferencing is part of Talk Fusion’s business. They have been in the business for many years, and they have received rave feedback from their customers. Recently, Talk Fusion started receiving major awards from industry publications.

On August 15th, Talk Fusion received a major award. Their revolutionary video chat program received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year award by Technology Marketing Corporation. This is the second award that Talk Fusion has received from Technology Marketing Corporation.

The Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award is meant to honor products and services that make video communication much easier. Technology Marketing Corporation closely follows the industry and they give the award to the most revolutionary product in the marketplace that year.

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He is extremely proud of this award, but he sees it as just the beginning. He has hired an extremely talented team of IT professionals. They have big plans for the future of their system. Their All-in-One Video Marketing Solution should stay ahead of the curve for years to come.

Talk Fusion is an incredible product, and they plan to keep rolling out new and unique products. They have offered free trials to draw in businesses that want to try their product. Their system offers video chat, video e-mail, and other vital video solutions. They hope to keep innovating for years to come.

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