FreedomPop Has Several Great Phone Plans Available At Incredibly Low Prices

Any informed person who has never read a FreedomPop review about the services, they should get to know about the free cell phone service. The free service has been around long enough to become very popular and to make FreedomPop a one-of-a-kind company. The fact that FreedomPop has also added free Internet service has brought more attention to their company, especially since they have different forms of Internet service, including Wi-Fi service, portable hotspots, and home Internet service. Their cell phone service has improved a lot over the years because FreedomPop has expanded from being on the Sprint towers to adding GSM networks.

FreedomPop obviously saw that there was a demand for the use of sim card phones, so they’ve added GSM phone to their network by tapping into T-Mobile and AT&T towers to give service to these types of phones. An unlocked phone that has some of the latest software can easily be used on the FreedomPop network as long as it has a sim card from FreedomPop. The sim card must be obtained directly from FreedomPop or a partner, and the price of the sim card is much lower than any other phone company charges for a sim card.

FreedomPop has the generous price of $4.99 for their sim cards, and in some cases, the sim card price may go down to a mere $0.99. The sim card must be obtained by having it shipped to any customer that wants to start service on their GSM phone. Many like the fact that they can use their name brand GSM phone with FreedomPop, and it’s compatible with any cell phone plan that FreedomPop has, even with the free cell phone plan from FreedomPop, but many still prefer to use the “unlimited everything” plan.

The plan that has everything unlimited will come with talk, text, and data, and the cost of the plan is only $19.99. FreedomPop also allows its users to extend their 4G LTE data limits by paying for each extra gigabyte of data that they add to their account. Even with the unlimited everything plan being available, some may still prefer to pay less for their cell phone service, so the paid plan for $10.99 is also available with unlimited text messages, 200 minutes, and 200 MB of data. Anyone who wants cell phone service from FreedomPop can feel free to choose the service that is the most suitable.

Wengie Recap: Foods DIYs and Hacks

YouTube beauty and lifestyle blogger Wengie shares tips and DIYs about food. Wengie’s first hack is to put a marshmallow in the bottom of an ice cream cone to keep it from dripping on a hot day. Next, she suggests freezing flavored cordials or Kool-Aid into cubes to cool and flavor your water at the same time. It is like making your own custom soda!


Wengie’s next hack is to make a fruit salad more fun by layering different colored fruits onto skewers. Then, she shows how to slice an orange more easily. Cut off the top and bottom, slice an opening down the side, and the orange will fold open into wedges. Next, Wengie suggests perking up plain water with giant fruit ice cubes made of water, lemon, berries, and fresh mint.


Her next idea is to cut a mango in half, then use a large glass to scoop the fruit out of its peel; this helps reduce mess. Next, Wengie shows how to peel a banana upside down for easier opening. Then she shows how to eat watermelon without getting it on your face. Simply cut the watermelon edges off into a diamond shape instead of a triangle so it is not as wide.


Wengie’s next hack is to remove kiwi skin with a spoon. Slice off the ends, then slide a spoon around the edge and slide the fruit out of its skin. Then she suggests layering a salad in a glass jar to take it with you to work or school. Wengie’s final idea is to de-stem strawberries by pushing a straw up through the bottom of the berry.

Make Plans With Town Residential Before Looking For New York City Real Estate

There are several general tasks that should be completed before a person chooses to move to another place in New York City, such as contacting Town Residential. Moving from one home is hard enough in itself, but having to move without a plan is even harder. It’s always a good idea to make plans ahead of time on what the person will do when it comes time for them to move, and they should also know exactly what type of home they’re looking for.


Although most people these days tend to want to look for a home on their own, real estate agents are not out of style or without their benefits. Real estate agents from Town Residential can make the difference between finding a beautiful home that a person loves, compared to finding no home at all or ending up in a home that the person is unhappy with. Searching for any type of home, whether it’s an apartment, a house, a penthouse, a condo or other type of home doesn’t matter, it matters how the searching is done and who is doing the searching.


With all the areas in New York City that have availability and beautiful homes, it may be difficult to pinpoint where a person wants to live unless they are moving to a certain location for business purposes. Agents who work for Town Residential have all the knowledge necessary to help anyone find a great home in New York City, and they take all the burden off of their clients.


Town Residential has been working with luxury real estate for years in New York, so they are not new when conducting a search for a home in New York City. Those who contact Town Residential have a higher likelihood of finding a great home than those who choose to go with another realtor or look for a home on their own. Town Residential has a portfolio that is extensive, and the homes are some of the most beautiful and unique homes around. Just call Town Residential to start the process of looking for a great home.

Choose A Handy Service To See How Great The Company Is

Having any kind of startup can be difficult, especially when there is stiff competition out there and someone else who has already ran with the idea. Handy was created as a startup and became so incredibly popular that they started bringing in millions of dollars in a single month, and the revenue has only skyrocketed ever since. Handy now has a customized website that allows its customers to make bookings every day if they want to, and some bookings can be made in advance for those who have a future date in mind for any services that they want.

Since many of the services that are booked on the Handy website are for cleaning, those that want these services tend to want them very quickly, so many of the services are fulfilled within one day. The cleaning service from Handy makes up 85% of the services that are rendered to customers, and there are tons of repeat customers that constantly reorder services from Handy. Even though Handy has some great cleaning services, those that have ordered these services before tend to also get other services that Handy offers. Another great service offered by Handy is the handyman services.

Anyone who ever needs a handyman will normally want the services of someone to install light fixtures, fan installation, electrician work and more. According to, even plumbing services are provided by Handy, so those that have a leak or need a garbage disposal unit fixed can check with Handy for those services as well. The services offered by Handy will depend on which city the customer is in, especially if they want plumbing services, which vary from city to city. Anyone who uses the Handy application on their phone or the website will have to put in their zip code, which can help determine what services are available.

When a service is chosen from Handy, the specifics must be given by the customer as well as the date that the service is needed. The customer will get an instant quote that can be paid for via a credit or debit card through their smartphone or online if they are at their computer. Handy makes it very easy for any customer to get services, and people become repeat customers because they get great workers that do a great job, and the prices are very competitive as well. Anyone who hasn’t tried Handy yet should consider getting even one Handy service.

Brad Reifler’s Take on the Effect of Presidential Race on the Economy


Brad Reifler, who Wikipedia defines as the CEO of Forefront Capital Management, is one of the world’s top business leaders. Reifler has been at the helm of many corporations in a career lasting almost four decades. Between 1995 and 2008, he served as the Chairman of his company, Pali Capital, before moving onto Forefront Capital Management.

Few entrepreneurs can parallel the success of Reifler. CrunchBase wrote that during Brad’s reign at Pali Capital, Reifler grew the corporation’s profits to an annual figure of $200 million or more. He also oversaw the company’s expansion to the United Kingdom and Australia. In his current position, Reifler provides investment advice and expert consultancy for institutional investors.

Recently, Brad Reifler posted his views on the likely effect of the presidential race on the American economy. In an article titled “How The Presidential Race Could Shape The Economy’s Future,” Reifler showed the fundamental differences in Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s approaches to taxation should either of the candidate win the elections. A Clinton’s presidency would lead to greater complexity in how taxes are calculated. Unlike in the past where calculation of tax is based on an income bracket, capital gains will also be taxed by how long investors have held them. Reifler also notes that in Clinton’s presidency, taxation will primarily target those making at least $ 1 million. On the other hand, Trump seeks to simplify taxes into a small number of income levels and increase the limit on deductions for single and married people. Trump also wants to revoke some current taxes that target the upper class.

Neither Clinton nor Trump has explained explicitly how their administration would simplify the tax code for small business. However, both candidates hint at plans to make minor changes to the tax code so as to enhance business growth for the average American. Both candidates agree on child-care breaks aimed at giving greater assistance to American citizens by increasing subsidies for child-care costs. Brad Reifler also points out that both candidates seek to approach the issue of estate taxes very differently. While Trump is looking to cancel the estate tax entirely, Clinton wants to lower merely reduce it but increase the maximum percent gained from this tax.

According to Reifler from his personal Twitter, no matter the outcome of the election, some areas that have a significant impact on the economy will be affected, and it is for this reason that Americans pay closer attention to the election campaign.  To keep on the side of investment strategy, check out Brad’s profile on where he posts about Forex, and market analysis of the trades he’s considering.

Town Residential’s Expansion into Meatpacking District

Three years after its inception, Town Residential embarked into opening its tenth outpost based in Meatpacking District. The new office space complemented Town’s line of work due to its strategic location. As so, it provided access to residential neighborhoods located along the Hudson River.


Town obtained access to the 7,100-square-foot office space through leasing it for a duration of 15 years. Apart from its serene ambiance, the office featured access to a private deck positioned on top of the building and 16-foot ceilings. According to Heiberger, the new space made Town the only brokerage firm with an outdoor space for meeting customers and working. As so, it created a significant difference between Town Residential and other players in the real estate brokerage industry.


The area around the 446W.14th St. office space appealed to Town because of its strategic location. It had grown into one of the most sought-after neighborhoods. Heiberger cited that Town viewed the entire West Side as a continuous band of residential areas or neighborhoods. Consequently, the representatives based in the new space were expected to put more focus on markets between Hudson Yards and TriBeCa.


Towns’ close association with Thor Equities contributed profoundly to securing the lease for the Meatpacking District-based office. Thor Equities, Town Residential’s parent investor, served as the landlord of the building during the deal.


Occupants of the Meatpacking District-based office


Thomas & Ingram, a boutique brokerage firm dealing with sales transaction in West Village, was among the anticipated occupants of the new space. Further, Town cited indications of shifting its small office, which was located in 45 Horatio St., to the new office at 446W.14th St.


Town Residential


Town is one of the leading real estate brokerage firms in New York, which specializes in luxury residential properties. Andrew Heiberger is credited for establishing the firm in 2010. Its name gives a hint of the real estate properties that fall under its operations. Town’s success is also fueled by its equity partner, Thor Equities, a landlord and real estate development firm. This gives Town the advantage of utilizing the expertise and experience held by is co-chairpersons, Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt.


Since its formation, it has strived to maintain its legacy as a premier luxury real estate services firm. Town has invested in world-class customer services to ensure that it stands out from its competitors. The customer service team features skilled and experienced representatives who are well-versed with luxury leasing, leasing, marketing and sales of properties. In 2013, it absorbed Thomas & Ingram, a boutique brokerage firm specializing in sales in the West Village. Over the years, Town has received numerous recognitions including being named among the Top 50 Best Places to Work in New York City.