Cancer Treatments Center of America: A Healing for the Soul

“We value your courage, respect your decisions, and offer to share your journey of healing and hope.”

The Cancer Center Treatments of America will be sponsoring the 2017 Scholarship Golf Classic in honor of Chris Piazzi. Cancer Treatment Centers of America was found in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson. Stephenson founded the Treatment Centers due to the death of his mother Mary Brown Stephenson from cancer. After his mother diagnosis, Stephenson and his family were dedicated to finding the most progressive as well as effective cancer treatments. In her memory, Richard promised to change the view of cancer care. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America models what is called the “Mother Standard.” This standard is a mixture of compassion and a nurturing environment of care that will deliver a patient approach to cancer treatment.
The CLC Foundation Board made the decision to honor Chris Piazzi, for his service to the foundation at the 2017 Scholarship Golf Classic. Chris Piazzi, a double transplant recipient had surgery due to a rare liver disease in February of this year. The CLC Foundation Board raises money to support education that will offer individuals a foundation of opportunities in the workforce. The Golf Classic will take place on June 12 at the Ivanhoe Golf Club in Mundelein. Registration will take place at 9 a.m. The event tickets are $ 450 a person, $1,700 per foursome or $65 for the reception and the dinner. Please RSVP by May 26.

Cancer Treatments Centers of America promise to their patients are geared to their healing with the center of their hearts, minds, and actions every day. Their goal is to offer clear information, powerful, and thorough treatments options, based on their patient’s needs. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America promises to never stop searching for and providing powerful, as well as ground-breaking therapies for healing the whole person, progress quality of life and bringing back hope.

Social Security Examined By the Specialist David Giertz

David Giertz is the president of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization. He was lately interviewed by Wall Street Journals, and he stated that most financial consultants do not address their customers on social security issues at all. Research undertaken by his organization shows that many financial advisors refrain from speaking about this topic. David Giertz mentioned that from his way of thinking like a financial advisor, it is paramount that the social security is talked over with the customers. The research also shows that most individuals would substitute their advisors if they failed to speak about social security. He indicated that the reason financial advisors avoid the subject matter is that social security rules are very intricate thus it is much to understand. David Giertz offered a recommendation that financial advisors should hold the attention of issues of social security and explained how social security impacts retirement benefits, and individuals could be deprived of a lot of funds if they dismiss social security sooner than expected.

David Giertz is a professional business forerunner from Ohio. He is also a financial consultant, broker, and has held several prominent posts in various agencies on He has over 30 years of experience in the finance industry. Previously, he served as the Chief Vice President of Nationwide Life Insurance Company’s Financial Distribution and Sales department. He has also served as the president, chief vice president, and director of many other Nationwide Agencies.

Giertz is also a certified broker, who is a sales person who carries out tasks for bigger brokerage organizations at These are companies that deal with the business of purchasing and selling securities like bonds, stocks, bilateral cash reserves, and other finance related commodities.

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