EOS Lip Balms Bring Forth A Crystal Clear Future

With the new look of the EOS Crystal lip balm it’s hard not to fall in love with its looks! After many teasers of a change coming about with EOS, many were left in suspense as to what EOS might be up to. The great thing about the EOS crystal lip balm is that the formula is vegan and is wax-free, this makes sure that lips won’t have a sticky feel to it after application. With the two new flavors, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, it’s going to be hard to choose since they both seem amazing to try!

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It’s not hard to see why EOS is a popular choice over the original Chapstick. EOS stands for the Evolution of Smooth and it stands by its name by having a smooth quality to it. From the feeling of the packaging to the formula, EOS truly is a brand that emphasizes the evolution of a smooth feeling. This is because EOS makes sure to use natural products, view now.

EOS lip balms also come in fun colors, so that anyone can make a fashion statement while bringing it out of their purse. Another great factor about EOS is that it has fun flavors, there’s no shortage of the different types of flavors people can use compared to the limited flavors that other brands had. EOS had a mission to be a brand that was not only stylish but also a brand that delivers quality to its buyers, you can buy here at amazon.de. When people buy EOS, they know they’re getting quality with their product and that their products are organic. This reaches out to the conscious person, who wants to know where their product ingredients come from. EOS makes sure to stay true to its mission of being stylish yet natural!

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The Crumbling Reliability Of American Politics Since 2015 Until The Present

Back in 2015, the public became aware of the fact that a Russian company has been buying political ads on Facebook in order to influence the presidential elections. The company apparently had ties with Kremlin, and although there is a ban on foreign campaign-directed money, barely any actions were undertaken in order to track the money or to prevent any future happenings like that.

The only investigation that was set in motion was by the Special Counsel Roer Mueller. He will be working on determining whether Donald Trump and his team were helping the Russian company meddle in American political elections. From the investigation party, a spokesperson stated that Washington would have nothing to do with the case and they refuse to take part in the investigation which rises even more suspicions both in the investigation party and n the public.

One of the matters that arose from the case was the vulnerability of American elections. The public and experts believe that election campaign are unreliable and often they are even falsified with no repercussions to the corrupted political candidate. The American government is not prepared for foreign meddling, and corrupted billionaires with personal agendas have an easy time achieving their goals even when the whole country has turned their eyes on them.

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In 2016 around the presidential elections, there were Russian-bought political as worth more than a hundred thousand dollars advocating for Donald Trump and other political candidates. That might be only the beginning of the fall of the already crumbling American political system.

Organizations have stood up in answer to these threats that are already coming to life. One of these groups is the political action committee End Citizens United which arose in 2015 to fight against the decision of the Supreme Court from 2010 called Citizens United. The political action group has been advocating against Big Money in politics as such capital resources promote corruption in politicians and sway the results of elections. That is a severe problem that the government needs to combat and resolve, but so far, there has been very little done by the said government which makes the public feel less than trusting and comfortable with the current political climate that has set in after the new presidential election of 2016.

End Citizens United has a strong leader and members. The PAC is being led by former Kansas official Tiffany Muller who has been an advocate for acceptance for many a year. The political action committee has been achieving incredible success, and over the first three months of 2017, the PAC has achieved about 100 000 new members and supporters who have made a donation for the first time. End Citizens United is only getting started with combating corruption in politics.

Search more about End Citizens United at https://ballotpedia.org/End_Citizens_United_PAC

Market America Convention 2017 Exceeds Expectations

The Market America Convention 2017 is an annual event hosted by product broker and internet marketing powerhouse, Market America. This year’s extravagant show took place in the business capital of North Carolina, Greensboro. The week-long event was held between August 9-13, 2017, with its venue being the well known Greensboro Coliseum. While Market America stated that it expected at least 20,000 attendees, independent observers believe the event actually saw closer to 25,000 or more participants.

While it is a well-known fact that the internationally hosted event draws in big revenue for its host city, this year’s event likely broke all previous company records. Henri Fourrier, the highly regarded chief executive officer and president of the Greensboro City Convention and Visitors Bureau, estimated that this years event brought in $15.7 million dollars in revenue for Greensboro. With that kind of revenue, cities around the globe will be knocking on Market America’s door in an attempt to host the annual convention in 2018 and beyond.

What was so special about this year’s event, was that it marked the popular company’s 25th year anniversary. Market America planned the event for the entire calendar year and did everything they could to ensure that it topped every other event so far offered by the company. Market America’s chief operating officer, Marc Ashley, stated that “this event is going to be out of this world spectacular, as its the culmination of 25 years of successful business for brand. True to every word, the event eclipsed every event hosted in the past by the popular company.

For those of you not yet acquainted with the world famous Market America company, they specialize in internet ecommerce marketing, product brokerage, and business building educational programs. They own and manage the popular and huge online store, Shop.com. Both the store and company were recently awarded several prestigious accolades from the Triad Business Journal and several other internet-based publications.

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Your Investment Is Safe With SahmAdrangi

Aim triggered by SahmAdrangi’s ability to raise funds and close high-yielding securities deals. Truly, experience and expertise is something of a treasure. Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company owned and managed by SahmAdrangi and based in New York raised $100 million in a single stock as reported by Reuters. This is impressive considering the time it took to bring the pool of investors together to close at $100 million. Kerrisdale Capital Management following this, its net worth increased to $10 billion. The fund will most likely be used in investments with potential growth such as receding mortgage-backed securities or a crumbling energy company. However, it’s also alleged that this Kerrisdale fund will invest in stock through a public company they intend to establish. In fact, these funds are already in circulation in securities exchange. Shane Wilson, an analyst, and SahmAdrangi are working on soliciting for support through their website and running video ads.

About SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi has worked for highly reputable companies some of which include the Deutsche Bank. He worked in that bank as an analyst assessing the creditworthiness of finance groups for more than a year. He later joined Chanin Capital Partners still in the capacity of an analyst at their Los Angeles and New York offices and revolutionizing bankruptcy standards. Longacre Fund Management LLC appointed him in April of 2007 when they were struggling with a $2 billion debt.In expanding his career scope, he established the Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 and became the Chief Investment Officer. Due to his direct involvement with the company, he has a good apprehension of all dimensions of Kerrisdale. SahmAdrangi has walked with companies especially of Chinese origin and helped them get back on track. The motivating being is that some of them are currently are trading at the Securities and Exchange Commission this indicates financial soundness.He has a degree in Economics from Yale University obtained in 2003. Mr. Adrangi is skilled in handling investments, investment banking, and hedge funds. When torn in between options, consider reaching out for his services. He is skilled, perfectly understand the market trends and has a history as a bonus.

A Superlative Overview Of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the CEO of AIA which is the American Institute of Architects. The organization covers over ninety thousand members thus depicting its relevance within the architectural domain. The core role 0f AIA under the governance of Robert Ivy is to enhance the built environment. As an architect, Robert Ivy strengthens this organization. He is able to strengthen it through public outreach, the association through advocacy and public initiatives. Through such efforts, the organization can serve the communities significantly in addressing challenges faced.

The impact of Robert Ivy in AIA is evident based on the realized change of transformation to serve the architectural domain. The organization has transformed to be a responsive, proactive and influential corporation. His administration in the organization aims at increasing public awareness concerning different architects. The education background of Robert Ivy traces back to Tulane University. It is in this institute that he acquired his masters of Architecture. Moreover, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of South. With his extensive educational background, it is evident that he is knowledgeable and with the right expertise to ensure that AIA achieves its set goals.

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The career history of Robert Ivy is appealing since he has acquired reputation from the different companies he has worked with due to his impeccable performance. In the year 1996, he was the editor in chief of Architectural Record. He is renowned for ensuring that the journal became one of the leading global architectural journals. He also served as an editorial director and vice president at McGraw Hill construction media. All the journals produced under his governance were outstanding hence making him a notable person within the architectural and construction journals domain. Working in various organizations has earned him immense experience thus his management skills are impeccable.

In recognition of Robert Ivy exemplary performance in architecture, he was honored by the Alpha Rho Chi which is the national architecture fraternity. He was honored for his incredible efforts in communicating designs value. One of the wondrous achievement of Robert Ivy is that he shares designation master architect with prominent iconic architects including I.M. Pei, Richard Buckminster Fuller, and Mies Van der Rohe. This is a significant achievement since he is the only person in the twenty-first century to receive this honor. Moreover, he is one of the seven individuals within one hundred year history to receive the honor. Although Robert may have achieved a lot in his lifetime, he has not yet ceased impacting positively in the community. He continues to play the role of giving meaning to architecture in people’s lives.

Learn more about Robert Ivy: https://www.clintonfoundation.org/blog/authors/robert-ivy-0