A New Partnership with Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Did you know that Cancer Treatment Centers of America has recently partnered with Web M.D.? Information wins the day, and as a result, CTCA and Web M.D. have partnered together to ensure that patients get the best of both worlds. Cancer is tough disease, but learning how to better care for yourself or a loved on should not be tough. The goal is to help individuals learn as much as they can about cancer and the latest research and information available to them today.

The time of diagnosis is life changing. When an individual hears that they have cancer, the research begins along with planning on every level. The diagnosis, treatment, and the surrounding that patients have is critical to the outcome of their disease. Those who do survive are the most positive and have the most loving and encouraging environment. CTCA was started and designed to help patients fight on all levels. This is why CTCA helps patients address their physical need for healing along with their spiritual man as well.

The focus for CTCA is to provide state-of-the-art technologies, while Web M.D. is focused on providing the latest research in cancer. There are many who seek advanced options and are researching for information pertaining to studies, as well as the outcome and hope for those who choose new therapies. Whether you are using chemotherapy and radiation or you desire to work with doctors that can give you a combination of conventional and holistic therapies, you are in good hands with CTCA and Web M.D.

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Glen Wakeman: Launching Start-up Businesses to Greater Heights

Glen Wakeman is the CEO and Co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LCC, this company is appropriately named because what it does is to essentially launch the businesses of start-up businessmen and women and provide them business plans for them to develop on their own and increase their chances of success in the world of business (AffiliateDork).


LaunchPad Holdings LCC develops businesses with proven and yet innovative methodology. Glen Wakeman also does not just help start-up businessmen and women, he also mentors many C-level executives and gives plenty of advice and guidelines to already established businessmen that need the professional opinion of an expert in the area.


Glen Wakeman believes that the more successful people there is, the more opportunities it will create for everyone as wealth is being circulated more and more. Glen Wakeman is so passionate and serious about sharing his business wisdom to everyone that he also frequently blogs about it. Glen Wakeman also often blogs about current global affairs, emerging markets and of course, business transformation. He posts and shares his opinion about the current happenings in the world of business for his readers to react accordingly to changes in the world of business.


Glen Wakeman Got his MBA when he studied and graduated in the University of Chicago, where he learned business development and finances. He further expanded his knowledge when he took up Economics and Finance in the Scranton’s Uni.


After finishing his studies, Glen Wakeman went on to have work and contracts in 32 countries and has lived in six. All these experiences in life with various cultures only served to increase Glen’s business savvy. He also accumulated 21 years in management roles when he worked for GE Capital in the capacity of business development. He was also awarded by Ge Capital’s Board of Directors with the Growth Leadership Role Model award.


Today, Glen Wakeman is among the world’s best investors, executive mentors, public company CEOs, board members, and financial services executives (http://www.glenwakeman.com/in-the-press/). The reputation that Wakeman acquired during his years working with other business developers and helping them find their solutions and innovative answers are some of the biggest deeds that represent Wakeman in the industry.

Dr. Holterman’s Unique Career

Mark Holterman, M.D. is primarily a global pediatrician, educator, and researcher. However, he considers his most important work to be in his philanthropic causes. His primary one is with the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN).


Dr. Holterman received his Bachelor’s degree in biology from Yale University in 1980. He went on to attend medical school at the University of Virginia (UVA). While there, he met his wife, Ai-Xuan Li, whom he married in 1988. Li also became a pediatric surgeon. The two have three sons. After graduating from UVA, Dr. Holterman took up his residency at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Services. When he and Ai-Xuan moved to Seattle, he worked in pediatric surgery at the University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Services (Ideamensch). When they moved to Quebec, Canada, he worked as a research associate with the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal.


Dr. Holterman is currently working as a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. His two main offices are located in Peoria and Maywood. He is also the CEO of Miriam Global Health, which specializes in innovative medical technology. He works as a surgeon at three hospitals, including Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. He also studies stem cell research along with other new treatments for cancer and diabetes. He has been awarded the Innovative Research Award from the American Diabetes Association. Dr. Holterman is also a co-founder of The Hannah Sunshine Foundation, which researches innovative treatments for children who have rare, chronic diseases.


On top of it all, Dr. Holterman has also assisted in peer-reviewing medical journal articles and has written numerous articles for medical research for numerous websites and textbook chapters. He has also lectured globally.


To say that Dr. Holterman lives a busy life is definitely an understatement. When asked what a typical day is like for him, he says that an attitude of gratitude comes first for him (https://twitter.com/MarkHolterman). Everything else is about staying open to whatever comes up and focusing on what he absolutely needs to do and not hesitating to delegate his ideas and tasks. In other words, he’s not afraid to use his medical team for reality checks on his ideas of what might help the various diseases that he researches.


Perry Mandera Discusses The Importance Of BoL’s In The Transportation Industry

As a very successful executive in the transportation industry, Perry Mandera has not only amassed over forty years of experience, he has gained exceptional knowledge regarding the importance and purpose of a bill of lading. A bill of lading is also referred to as a B/L or a BoL and represents a critical aspect of the shipping chain. There are three main objectives to a BoL document, a receipt for the merchandise, the contract’s evidence, and the good’s document title.


Trucking is an important aspect in the transportation industry, and the standard has been set by Perry Mandera. The first time he took the wheel of a truck was when he served the United States Marines as a reservist (Chicago.CBSLocal). BoL’s have a legal significance throughout this industry because they are a contract of carriage. They ensure the parameters of the seller are in accordance with the carriers’ process cargo. Perry Mandera understands criminal prosecution can result when a BoL is not filled out properly.


The BoL is a receipt of goods, and proof to the seller the cargo shipped was received by the carrier. The document additionally proves the cargo was in good condition when it was received. Prior to beginning a transportation business of his own when he was 23, Perry Mandera had learned the facts regarding a BoL. He ensured if a buyer received goods that were damaged, it was determined if the carrier or manufacturer were responsible.


Perry Mandera sold his business five years later. In 1986, he founded The Custom Companies, Inc. He chose Northlake, Illinois for the location. He is responsible for the business and sales development and makes certain the service received by his customers is of the highest quality. Perry Mandera offers numerous features online including an electronic bill of lading.


Perry Mandera ensures all BoL’s are accurate, and that the holder can transfer the rights to transport and claim the cargo to a different party. This is frequently beneficial concerning negotiations. Until all payment has been made for services, the carrier has the right to retain the BoL. To ensure a smooth delivery, they can transfer these rights to a third party.

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What The Stream Energy Award Will Teach You About Customer Feedback

It might be a bit arduous to go through all the articles about Stream Energy today. Generally speaking, all of these articles have similarities that don’t need to be written by others. Fortunately, we will try to give you a digest of the latest things that have been happening with Stream (DallasNews). As an example, we will write here every detail that you may need in your research about Stream without enervating you with tedious detail. Let’s continue?


The Latest Award

One of the latest things that have been happening in the cutthroat competition between companies like Stream Energy is the award that’s been conferred to Stream in its ability to serve the consumers. Right now Stream is one of the Top 10 Best Companies in Texas that are able to offer energy services that don’t waste people’s money. In the report about the award, it was mentioned that the bottom line that made the deciding factor for Stream’s win was the fact that Texans want quality service with their products.


It is also mentioned in the article that those companies that offer great customer service will be rewarded with the best customer feedback. Nothing could seem to be better customer feedback than the award that Stream received.


About Stream Energy

In essence, Stream Energy is a leading company that sells direct-selling energy services that connect people and families together.


The technologies being offered by Street were founded in 2005, and since then the Dallas-based company has been generating innovative solutions that make people’s lives better regarding connectivity. It may also be essential to put in this article the record that ever since the company was founded in Dallas last 2005, the energy industry has been revolutionized.


That’s not hard to imagine, considering that right now there’s more than $8 billion of earnings from Stream since it started 12 years ago.


With more than $8 billion of generated income, it would be easy for companies to start a service that will get a sustained and continual support from the public (https://www.bbb.org/dallas/business-reviews/electric-companies/stream-energy-in-dallas-tx-90018895/reviews-and-complaints). It may also be essential to add here that the innovation brought by Stream has also helped improve people’s lives.



Neuroscientist Jorge Moll and the Effects of Giving on the Brain

There are many reasons that people choose to give to charities or to donate their time to causes that resonate with them. Most people can agree that volunteering and supporting charities can create a better, stronger, community. What many may not realize, however, is that it’s also good for your brain.


In a study conducted by Neuroscientist Jorge Moll and his colleagues at the National Institutes of Health, researchers found that when people participate in acts of giving, it actually activates pleasure regions in the brain and can actually induce a feeling of warmth, as well as a social connection. Much like physical activity can release endorphins; the simple act of giving can have a similar effect. Giving can also release the hormone oxytocin, which can induce feelings of warmth and euphoria. Additionally, the positive effects of giving can last for several hours after the act has been completed (Crunchbase). Researchers have also found that the act of giving releases stress and lowers blood pressure, both of which have substantial impacts on an individual’s overall health.


A skilled neuroscientist, Jorge Moll currently holds the position of Director at the D’Or Institute for Research and Education. His research on this subject, along with other experts in this field, has led to a greater understanding of how the brain reacts whenever someone engages in this altruistic behavior. Giving can also be contagious. It’s not at all uncommon for individuals to be inspired to give back when they hear stories of others doing just that.


We now know that the mere act of giving can light up certain areas of the brain, help to build an individual’s social connections, and even create stronger communities. If you’ve been thinking of giving back to your community, donating to a charity, or volunteering your time, you know have even more reason to do just that.

More at http://portal.comunique-se.com.br/newsdino?title=jorge-moll-presidente-do-instituto-d%E2%80%99or-de-pesquisa-e-ensino-(idor)-fala-sobre-tecnologia-aliada-a-medicina&partnerid=33&releaseid=156174

Excellence, Ingenuity & Ethical: OSI Industries

We are living in some of the most modern of times. In society today, technology dominates the market. Just about every field of work has some form of advanced technology and the food service industry is no exception. OSI Industries is one of the largest private companies in America that specializes in custom-food solutions. This company has over 100 years of experience because it has been around since the early 1900s. Fruits, vegetables, breads, meat and cheese are produced in abundance here. Another great feature of OSI Industries is that it can develop its own products, or it can develop products for other companies. As of today, the Aurora-based company can offer its clients a wide range of goods such as:

• Panini
• Chicken Fried Steak
• Flatbread
• Beef Patties
• Chicken Nuggets
• Cookies
• Tomatoes
• Cucumbers
• Meatballs
• Pulled Pork
• Seafood
• Soups
• And many others

Of course, this only scratches the surface, but OSI does a great job of handling the entire supply and demand process. This includes development, sourcing, management and distribution. Its state-of-the-art facilities are located all over the globe and there are up to 65 facilities in all. OSI Industries is also a great place for job opportunities. Being such a large company, OSI has employment openings in the fields of marketing, mechanics, administrative assistant, supervising and many others. For those who have a strong interest in this type of work, OSI Industries would be a wonderful place to start a career.

Since its inception in 1909, this company has grown into a global powerhouse that consist of 20,000 employees. OSI Industries has a $25 million high capacity production line in Hungary that process 22,000 tons of processed chicken. Located in China’s Shandong Province, the company has an updated feed mill, which processes more than 600,000 metric-tons of feed. At OSI’s India location, the company has an innovative frozen foods processing plant. In conclusion, OSI Industries is in a league of its own, and it has brilliantly laid the blueprint of food service success.

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Agora Financial Make Smart Investment Decisions Without Second Thoughts

Most of the people who don’t have financial background find it difficult to make smart investment decisions. A few years back, it was still entirely possible and doable as there were limited investment options. However, today, there are tons of investment options and these investment tools come with almost endless guidelines, risks, terms, and conditions.It makes it difficult for a layman without any financial background to make a wise decision most of the times. And, the worst part is that going with only conventional investment options doesn’t fetch the kind of returns people are looking for these days. If you are looking to invest in the equity market, directly or indirectly through the mutual or hedge funds, it is imperative to have basic knowledge about the financial market.

It is this knowledge and information that is provided by Agora Financial, which is one of the leading financial publishing houses in the United States. It deals in electronic and print media publications and has over twenty publications under its name related to different sectors. Agora Financial started in the year 1979 and since then has grown substantially to become one of the leading publications in the field of finance in the United States. Agora Financial has successfully predicted fall in the crude price and also hinted towards the great recession that hit the global economy in 2008.

Agora Financial provides financial reports and analysis after careful research and ensures that the readers always get the information that is actionable and credible. Agora Financial has provided financial analysis for major news networks like Fox Business News, Bloomberg, and CNBC. The company has helped hundreds and thousands of people across the globe make smart investment decisions and investment money in the right way. The financial publications of Agora Financial also educate the readers about the everyday investment mistakes they make.

Dr. Mark McKenna Has What It Takes To Be Successful

There are some people out there who seem to have all that they need to become successful. There are people who have the kind of personality that can help them to be successful in all that they do, and there are people out there who have the drive to be successful no matter what. Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who seems to have what it takes to become a successful individual. He is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of OVME, and he is someone who has seen success in his life.

To be successful, a person has to have people who they look up to and who they would like to follow. It is important for there to be people in a person’s life who they admire and who they try to be like. Dr. Mark McKenna has shared in an interview that there are people who he looks up to and admires. One of the people who this man admires is former president, Barck Obama. Another person who Dr. Mark McKenna admires is Elon Musk. Elon Musk is a successful individual, and looking up to him can help a person to be successful, as well.

Dr. Mark McKenna is someone who looks out for his family, and that is something that a person has to do if they want to be successful in all areas of their life, not only in their work. When someone is looking to make their life into one that others will see and admire, they have to spend time with their family and be a good role model in that regard. Dr. McKenna spends time with his wife and daughter each day.

When a person is looking to make it and be successful, they have to have goals that they set and they have to reach those goals. Dr. Mark McKenna has shared in an interview that he has goals that he makes for himself each day. One of the reasons that he has become successful person that he is today is because he has made goals for himself and worked toward those goals.

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Organo Gold More Than a Coffee Brand

There is nothing quite captivating like a stunning, radiant face that glows and reveals absolute flawless features. There are many facial soaps and face masks that are very abundant in the marketplace, but for many of those face mask and soap, they have far too many chemical ingredients involve in their makeup. Follow Organo Gold on Facebook.

Organic soap and organic products are much more beneficial for the health of an individual, and the antioxidants that come from organic products are extremely helpful in maintaining one’s youthful spirit as well as their youthful appearances.

If you would like to discover and learn more about this, then we implore you to continue to read.

Organo Gold Premium G3 Beauty Soap

The Organo Gold Premium G3 Beauty Soap is an organic beauty soap that has been formulated to cleanse and moisturize a person’s face. The ingredients that are used in this soap are Grapeseed oil, glutathione, and Organic Ganoderma Lucidum.

These ingredients have been specifically chosen because they are the best ingredients that have sufficient amounts of antioxidants in them to give people the radiant and glowing look they desire. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold More Than a Coffee Brand

Organo Gold has become a leading figure in the coffee and tea business. This is primarily due to the organic ingredients they use in their product. The company has since then created many other products, such as the Organo Gold Premium G3 Beauty Soap along with many other health-conscious body products and health product.

To learn more about the products they offer visit their website and discover a vast array of organic and healthy items all of which are at very reasonable price tags.

Your health and beauty have never been more affordable and more delicious as with these amazing items.

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