Glen Wakeman, CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, and His Story

Glen Wakeman is a writer and is the chief executive officer of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. His style of writing and his blog posts have inspired many people to become business owners, and investors that are self reliant as opposed to being employees who depend on some body else for a salary or wage.

Glen Wakeman founded LaunchPad Holdings with the intention of helping others take their business ideas and put them in to a plan. This service costs $100. It is a service that will typically last one half of one hour. The idea came up when Glen Wakeman was approached with start up ideas that were great in theory, but the organization of the ideas was not very effective, and so the new start ups failed.

Glen Wakeman has worked in many countries through out his life time. This has allowed him to gain an appreciation for the technical difficulties of doing business across multiple countries legally. He has been to Asia and Africa, and is very familiar with the over all business environments there. He has thousands of followers, especially young followers on LinkedIn, who look for pieces of wisdom from his posts that they can then apply to their own businesses.

Glen Wakeman studied at the University of Scranton. He majored in both Economics and Finance. He had several ideas that would allow him to start businesses that would allow for the application of knowledge that was acquired in school. Gradually, profit is made over time. With a sense of curiosity, Glen Wakemans was able to successfully solve problems for his customers. Once he understood why things worked, Glen Wakeman was able to take that knowledge and transform ideas into actions. Writing that is simple and will inspire others consistently is what separates Glen Wakeman from the competition.


Why Is OSI Industries So Successful

There are many successful companies in the world today and there has always been successful companies that span across every sector of business. OSI Industries epitomizes the word successful as it has dominated the foodservice landscape. This company does a lot of positive things, and it takes a lot of risks. You won’t find too many other similar food service companies that are willing to take these risks. OSI Industries’ name says it all. It has grown into an industry unto itself because it caters to every aspect of the business. This includes sourcing, development, management and processing. The company has an abundance of test kitchens, culinary innovation centers and pilot plants. Production is fast, is effective and is proficient in every way possible.

Did you know that OSI supplies other retailors with wonderful food products? This company has set the standard for food production, and it supplies a long list of retailors. This list is made-up of restaurants, schools, small supermarkets, large grocery store chains and other fine food retailors. What type of foods can a company order? Well, OSI Industries has a wide selection of options that includes fritters, Tofu, beef patties, hotdogs, cheese, steak, turkey products, poultry products, pizza, panini, flatbread, cookies, fresh dough products, desserts, chicken fried steak, chicken wings, sausages, tomatoes, fruits and many more. Custom value foods is another specialty of this establishment, and OSI does a phenomenal job of implementing its clients’ details. This means that the company’s R&D specialists takes the clients’ information and manifests the information into an actual product.

The productivity level here is outstanding as some of the most ambitious people enjoy working for the food giant. Job positions are always being filled thanks to the company’s huge size. With its fine leadership of Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin, OSI Industries is primed for even more success in the years to come.

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PSI Pay Introduced Contactless Ring as Easy Payment Option

PSI Pay a global financial transaction and payment fulfillment company is establishing specialized contactless payment options for the general public to make transactions without pulling out their cards with innovations such as their contactless ring that is providing easy payment options for shoppers. PSI Pay has been part of the information revolution in contactless innovations by providing opportunities for the advancement of the technologies that make purchases both safe and secure through multiple online platforms. Individuals are able to register their bank accounts, personal debit cards, and even transfer funds from prepaid sources that can be utilized on their contactless ring to make purchases both online and at affiliated vendors throughout the UK.

PSI Pay is teaming up with Kerv their affiliate and the organization that developed the contactless ring that can be worn by the general public and link to their PSI Pay app and used as a form of payment that no longer requires them to punch in a PIN or pull anything out of their wallets or purses to make normal transactions on a daily basis. The option of providing a ring on your finger gives individuals an opportunity to move swiftly through checkout terminals and provide a safe and secure option that can be utilized to make their individual shopping experience less timely and more efficient. PSI Pay has created 12 different sizes that are gender-neutral so men and women can wear and utilize the new technology and move swiftly through checkout stops and other basic shopping experiences with the convenience of waving their hand over designated terminals and swiftly proceeding through checkouts.

Most of the transactions generated with the contactless rings are for small shops and retail chains that individuals frequent on a regular basis and make small continuous purchases on a regular basis. Business such as small grocery stores, deli shops, and coffee chains are the most frequently used for the contactless ring technology. Terminals are also being constructed for public transportation and various other places where consistent small payment opportunities occur that can make the processing of payments through these arenas swift and user-friendly. PSI Pay continues to provide continuous innovation and advancement within the contactless payment industry and is revolutionizing the way that individuals pay for their everyday goods and services.

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OSI Industries – Feeding Food Lovers Everywhere

OSI industries is a worldwide food provider that offer premier ready made foods to consumers. By providing ready made foods; OSI saves consumers time and gives them the ability to have family time at the table. OSI services a multitude of consumers worldwide with delicious produce and other custom foods.

OSI Industries give their clients efficient and innovative customized food solutions. They help make their clients big food ideas come to fruition. The company works closely with their clients to tailor a unique strategy of flavor and branding for their ideas. OSI Industries is renown for their efficiency, out-of-the-box forward thinking, and supply chain experience.

Consumers gain multiple options to choose from on OSI’s menus. The menus consist of meals on the line of unique and bold, to the old favorites, and lastly comfort foods. The staff at OSI makes sure that all foods are of quality and passes all regulations. The meals range from breakfast thru dinner and can consist of meats, vegetables and other produce.

OSI Industries takes great pride in their food safety regulation and quality control. OSI takes care in creating long-lasting relationships with their customers and clients. They are always looking for innovative ways to improve on the food process, distribution, and above all flavor. In order to continue this level of excellence, OSI uses team work. Team work between their employees, clients, and customers. Lastly, OSI believes in honesty and honor. The company believes in its employees and their products.

Recently OSI Industries acquired Flagship Europe located in Denver CO. Flagship Europe provides a myriad of frozen foods and produce to consumers in UK. In addition, Flagship Europe has increased its consumer base by acquiring Calder Foods; which provides ready to go foods such as sandwiches and dips. By the partnership of OSI Industries and Flagship; the company is sure to increase sales, have greater resources, and acquire new consumers.

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Enhanced Athlete Victory Over A Giant

Enhanced Athlete slew The Giant Nutrition Distribution known for being notorious with rival supplement companies by accusing them of allegedly causing their sales to drop during their marketing campaigns and threatening them with costly legal fees if they do not settle out of court.


Nutrition Distribution came to Enhanced Athlete with their attorneys requesting a substantial settlement to be paid expecting to have an easy victory, but they had a surprising outcome. Enhanced Athlete, is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming which is their base company, they focus on fitness and bodybuilding supplements. Scott Cavell CEO of Enhanced Athlete said that Nutrition Distribution was in the business of shaking down supplement companies.


During the legal battle, it was revealed that Enhanced Athlete is among 70 lawsuits filled by Nutrition Distributions against other supplement companies. Nutrition Distribution has sent out hundreds of letters demanding settlement payments. Each letter alleges that Nutrition Distribution is the leading supplement industry. They stated that these companies sales had harmed Nutrition Distributions sales. Their letter went on to say that if they did not settle this matter out of court, they would be faced with substantial legal fees. It was also evident that to Scott Cavell that as long as supplement companies persisted in paying nuisance valve settlements, Nutrition Distribution would continue with its’ business model to shake down these companies with lawsuits.


Scott Cavell was pleased with the court’s decision to deny their motion and agreed with Enhanced Athlete that the Nutrition Distributions just had no real evidence to show that their sales dropped because of Enhanced Athletes marking campaigns. Enhanced Athlete has won the battle against the Giant Nutrition Distributions. How sweet the smell of victory is when you win the battle over a Giant in the industry.


Enhanced Athlete has two daughter companies Enhanced Coaching and Enhanced Gear:


Enhanced Gear concentrates on athletic equipment that will maximize training and bodybuilding performance.


Enhanced Coaching offers athletes customized professional training packages thru expert bodybuilding coaches. All of the Enhanced Athletes use the Enhanced Logo, and each has its website where their customers can reach out to official representatives.

Matt Badiali Talks Zinc and Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is known as one of the premier financial experts in the United States, regularly providing considerable gains for his clientele. Prior to entering this field, Matt Badiali had spent his career in the world of geology, garnering degrees from Florida Atlantic University, as well as Penn State University. During his time in graduate school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Matt Badiali made his initial foray into the world of finance, and since that time has made a career of identifying and taking advantage of lucrative incoming trends. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin. He has considerable experience in the world of oil and natural gas, and, as of late, has been pounding the table for one of the world’s most important metals, zinc, which he figures will rise significantly over the course of the next few years. Zinc is used in products of all sorts and sectors, providing value for vehicles and smartphones, as well as the health industry. While many investors have been getting nervous regarding zinc’s slow rise to prominence, history shows that when zinc is experiencing a bull market, which is the current case, the value of the metal makes substantial gains. According to Matt Badiali, now is the time for investors to take advantage of this rising metal, which will prove to be one of the most valuable investments of the season. Follow Matt on

As a member of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali has consistently kept his audience abreast of upcoming financial opportunities, and recently, he has been very invested in the promise of Freedom Checks. While Freedom Checks are not available for everyone, as less than 600 companies are eligible, the advantages of investing in these companies, which are called master limited partnerships, can provide substantially better returns than those offered in an IRA or 401k account. Master limited partnerships, which are most prevalent in the oil and natural gas industry, generally pay out the vast majority of their income to investors, which come in monthly or quarterly installments and are not taxable. These returns, which can often reach in excess of $50,000, are not taxable because they are not considered to be income, but instead, returns of capital. While investing in a master limited partnership is very similar to buying any normal stock, the tax exemptions, as well as the low rate of tax applied should you choose to sell, added benefits.


Anthony Petrello Is As Humble As Can Be

As the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, located in Houston, Texas, Tony Petrello has become a well-known figure nationally through his humble acts to assist those in need. Inviting Broadway star, Tommy Tune to a cocktail party he and his wife Cynthia hosted to welcome him back to Houston as he came to perform.

The year 2017 has been an important year for a helping hand form Tony Petrello staring with the disaster Hurricane Harvey did to the city of Houston. As a way to help others get on their feet, Tony Petrello offered his employees paid time to help assist those that lost from the Hurricane. One of the ways his employees got involved was by putting an onsite kitchen that provided hot meals 3 times a day to families that were affected. Anthony Petrello did all he can to help get the city back up and running again.

Graduating from Yale University, Tony Petrello valued education. Being from Newmark, New Jersey born into a poor family, he managed to work his way to a full ride from the university. Once becoming an alum, he set up a scholarship at Yale that was given to those from modest backgrounds so that they get the college education they deserve without the effects of money.

Not only did the CEO help others in rough times, but also faced some of his own. His daughter, Carena, was born with periventricular leukomalacia which prohibited her to walk, talk, or eat. Doctors in the hospital haven’t done much research on the disease and looked all around the world for treatment but couldn’t find one. He and his wife then eventually worked with Texas Children’s Hospital and donated 7 million dollars to help children with neurological conditions. With this money, the hospital was able to construct the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute that receives patients both globally and across the United States.

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Sussex Healthcare Is Hiring Supporting Caregivers

Sussex Healthcare, a UK-based group of homes that provide care to individuals with disabilities that make it difficult for them to live on their own, particularly elders. Recently, they appointed Amanda Morgan-Taylor as their new CEO, who qualified as a Mental Health Nurse in 1984 and has had over 30 years of experience since then. In addition to hiring a new CEO, Sussex Healthcare is also looking for new employees to fill their other vacant positions for caregivers, physical therapists, administrative staff, and nurses. Experience is not necessary for those with the right attitude, and there are both day and night positions open at some of their locations. Special training, apprenticeship and mentoring programs are available, and individuals who are interested in any of these are especially encouraged to apply.

Sussex Healthcare owns 23 care homes across England, in locations such as Billingshurst, Uckfield, Horsham, East Grinstead, Crawley, and Henfield. They started as one small care facility in 1985, but now have more than 580 beds for the disabled individuals they care for. They earned an award in 2002 from Health Quality Service, an organization that evaluates the equipment and treatments offered by caregiving facilities. It is also accredited by the International Organization for Standardization.

Caregivers at Sussex Healthcare focus on providing high-quality care for the residents at the facilities and promote independence in their patients, as well as helping them with daily activities that they may struggle with, such as dressing, walking, eating, grooming, and bathing. Caregivers at Sussex Healthcare are compassionate, careful, and collaborate well with other workers at the facilities.

There are many benefits to working as a caregiver at Sussex Healthcare, one of the biggest being the competitive pay rate. Caregivers are paid double their normal rate when they work on bank holidays and paid bonus on weekends. Sussex Healthcare also offers paid breaks, a free bus for staff members, and discounted meals during work hours.

In addition to being a great place to work, Sussex Healthcare is also a great place to be provided care. The professionals at the facilities have expertise in many areas, such as dementia, mental health issues, physical disabilities, and learning disabilities. Sussex Healthcare’s main facility in Horsham also recently added a state-of-the-art gym for its residents. It is very important to the caregivers at Sussex Healthcare that patients are both healthy and happy, which is why the company focuses on having great facilities.



Jordan Lindsey is a well-travelled American citizen residing in New York. He has also resided in Mexico, Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Jordan schooled at St. Joseph’ and Mount Angel Institute college. He is an experienced self-taught computer operator and system design, an expert Algo agent and skilled founder of fiscal services and expertise diligence. Jordan Lindsey is also an initiator of JCL Investment.

Lindsey is Married and is blessed with three daughters to whom he says that they are their joy. He loves his family so much, and he likes spending time with them since he believes that marriage is a vital aspect of his life. He insists that the best thing he always does is to spend time with them because being with them helps one learn how to have the child’s heart, and it also aids in forming them.

As a child, Jordan’s hobby was to play ice hockey and tennis. As he grew up, he liked contending, generating businesses and eyeing for openings to make stuff improved as he always had that entrepreneurial mind. He aspired to produce something that could transform the globe. During his visit to San Francisco, he was attracted to the place and everything that was happening there including how people help each other in sharing concepts and inspire one another to produce. This encouraged him so much, and after he resumed to New York, he moved to San Francisco in few months.

From the idea of an algorithm which crafts in the overseas conversation markets. As one of the principal fairs in the globe, Central banks, banks, companies and states trade over four trillion dollars a day. He noticed that by generating his cryptocurrency and use the concept of the algorithm to generate a request for the perfunctory within a podium through stage gilt belief of supply and claim it would source the symbol to escalate in price.

The bot was hurled which was the initial third-party certified system in the cryptocurrency arcades, and he is presently functioning with an enlargement team constructing the back-end basis of the place and fixing for the dais presentation.


Through Jeunesse, the end is just the beginning.

Just when you’re getting up there in years and the downhill trip is all that seemingly remains, a new answer surfaces to solve your age-related woes: the Youth Enhancement System. It’s neither a miracle pill nor a panacea for all ailments of common descent; rather, it’s a care package of all-natural goodness to arm your immune system and cellular reserves to the teeth with antioxidants and cell growth of every healthy sort to help your system rebuild itself. It’s a system that requires patience and a little persistence, but it can do everything from improving sleep to maximizing your energy on a daily basis.

What does Jeunesse represent?

Jeunesse Global hailed from the hands of two expert enterprisers who were experienced at a host of businesses that they’d fired up and found success with. Randy Ray joined with Wendy Lewis back in 2009 to ink this renown health and wellness company into official status, fusing their funds under the banner of the Youth Enhancement System and aiming for the moon with their passions in pocket. It was a tough climb, but enough research and development eventually drew the Youth Enhancement System into a successful nine-point attack plan to stanch the aging process by choking out the hazards that accelerate it.

Discover age repair the natural, proven way.

Members of the Jeunesse Family have realized the founders did: The body is more powerful than any test-tube drug that you can introduce it to. Where many such names in the alternative health industry make it a point to outwardly cure your complications with a single pill or artificially woven substance of dubious origin, Jeunesse meticulously stitched a proprietary blend of natural products in a natural process that’s safe for nearly anyone to try out.

The nine regimens of the Youth Enhancement System take aim at not only the symptoms of aging but the causes as well. Here’s what you can expect with their offerings:

  • Gainful and restorative sleep at night
  • Alternatives to coffee and energy drinks to get you moving in the mornings
  • Solutions that keep you energized and on a roll the whole day through
  • Multi-step fitness blends to slim down appetite and maximize the conversion of fat to muscle
  • Boosters to your immune system and cellular stability