Alex Hern – High-tech Visionary & Entrepreneur – Founder of Tsunami XR

Alex Hern is a high-tech entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of experience in this arena. During his career, Mr. Hern has helped to found and launch a number of notable companies. To name a few examples, Hern was the co-founder of Yesmail, a web directory and email marketing company, which he helped to take public. Yesmail was subsequently sold to CMGI (now ModusLink Global Solutions) for $650 million. He was also the co-founder of Arcsight, a cyber security firm, which he also assisted in taking public, and which was sold to Hewlett-Packard for $1.5 billion. Read more about Alex Hern at


In January 2014, Alex Hern co-founded TSUNAMI XR ( Tsunami has designed an augmented and virtual reality platform that produces complete 3D rendering, animation, simulation and virtualization which allows for an on-demand digital meeting space on any device. Quickly establishing themselves as the market leader in this new collaborative meeting technology, Tsunami provides for increased productivity for many of the top global companies across many sectors, from manufacturing to aerospace and defense. Mr. Hern currently serves as the CEO of Tsunami. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

Recently Alex Hern was interviewed by Ideamensch (see: “Alex Hern – Co-Founder of Tsunami” — Posted on August 13, 2018 by the Editor ). The transcribed interview provides a brief synopsis of Hern’s background and his thinking and life philosophy. As to how the idea for Tsunami came about, Hern indicates that the world of business and communication has evolved beyond a computer CPU platform to include numerous devices and modes of presentation of information which includes things like augmented and virtual reality.

Stern sees a new wave of technology rolling forward that will include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. His “advice to his younger self” is “It’s a marathon not a sprint. Take your time to make the right, long-term decisions.”



Marketing Expert Victoria Doramus is a Devoted Contributor to Animal Charity

Victoria Doramus is a marketing professional who became a volunteer and contributor to various charities. She is a self-employed director of philanthropy in London, which she started in 2016 because she is an avid supporter of women’s and animal rights. Doramus volunteers and contributes to several charities such as the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, the Women’s Prison Association, and the Best Friends Animals Society.

Victoria Doramus has experienced many of her own obstacles, difficulties, and challenges as a recovering drug addict. With all of the work she did and the time it took for her to achieve sobriety, she concluded that it is essential that she help others who need support, too. Doramus decided that people aren’t the only individuals who necessitate assistance, but animals also deserved to be helped as well, so she has lent her time, energy, effort, and her desire to make a difference being a staunch supporter of the charity called the Best Friends Animal Society.

The Best Friends Animal Society is a nationwide charity that strives to help animals by attempting to end the killing of innocent animals that are in America’s animal shelters. They work to create and implement community programs in all cities in the U.S. and raise funding to prevent further euthanization of animals who have long stays in animal shelters.

Victoria Doramus is devoted to saving animal lives by working with the charity’s chapter in New York because she believes that all animals deserve a chance to be wanted and cared for, no matter what their issue. If the animals are too old, sick, or unwanted, they all deserve a chance to live in a loving home. This charity’s ultimate goal is to make it possible for all animals that stay in American animal shelters to remain in the shelters being cared for until they can all find homes and no longer be euthanized,

Robert Ivy Wins Major Award

Robert Ivy has added yet another key achievement to his list of career milestones. In a recent announcement, Robert will be announced as the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award. This award provides recognition to people who have made major contributions to the artistic fields. Ivy will become the latest native of Mississippi to win this major award. By winning this award, Robert Ivy will further be able to prove himself as one of the major contributors to the field of architecture. As the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects, Robert has been able to lead the organization to unprecedented levels of success. Ivy now joins a number of others who have won the Lifetime Achievement Award including those in the writing, acting and art fields. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

After winning the Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Ivy has been complimented by a number of colleagues. One of the people who have praised Robert for winning this award is the President of MIAL Nancy LaForge. She stated that Robert Ivy has made a significant impact on the architecture field by increasing its awareness. His leadership of the American Institute of Architects has allowed architecture to be more well known and universal to a number of people all over the world. LaForge also said that Robert’s work in writing and commentating have enabled him to inform others about the importance of the architecture field. His achievements and talents will now be well recognized by his receipt of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.


Robert Ivy has spent a number of years in the architecture field as a writer, editor and administrator. When he first began his career, he would write a number of articles about architecture for major publications in the industry. He would then move on to pursue opportunities as an editor where he would oversee projects and publish a number of articles that provide valuable information about the latest developments in the architecture field. In the year 2011, Robert was named the chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. His stint at this position has culminated in him winning a major award in the field. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Milan Kordestani’s Amazing Young Life

Industrial farming is repulsive. It is especially repulsive when it comes to the treatment of poultry. Multiple journalistic expose pieces have revealed absolutely abysmal treatment of chickens by big agriculture companies. Milan Kordestani believes that you will shy away from this inhumanely raised poultry in lieu of his organically raised chickens.

Milan Kordestani founded Milan Farms in order to deliver the highest quality poultry to the public. He believes that the eggs produced by his humanely raised chickens taste much better than those produced by big agriculture. And he is betting on this belief with Milan Farms. His company knows that the consumer will always take the healthier option when educated.

The young entrepreneur also grows saffron hydroponically on microfiber sponges. This delicate spice is in high demand and that’s why Milan Farms has innovated new ways to grow this traditional ingredient. His team is currently playing with the salinity levels of the growing process in order to discover even more about this delicate spice. The farm also makes herbs available. Packages of mint can be purchased on the farm’s website.

Founding an organic farm is an impressive feat for such a young man. It gets even more impressive as you learn about his life story and his equestrian accomplishments. It should be noted that Milan Kordestani is currently living in Northern California and attends college. He also regularly writes for the Huffington Post.

Milan Kordestani has a very scary story from his youth. He was thrown from a massive horse while receiving a riding lesson only to hit the ground injured. Instructors quickly rushed to his aid but were surprised to find him standing right back up. Milan Kordestani took control of his wild horse, put his foot in the stirrup and got right back onto the saddle.

This grit would later be on display at world championship equestrian events. He has placed at the world championships as well as The American Royal. He rides his own horse in his age split to compete in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure Division. Second place is his highest achievement but he’s determined to place first.

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Victoria Doramus Marketing Guru, And Her Fight With Addiction

Victoria Doramus had to hit rock bottom to truly understand how to handle addiction. Ms. Doramus has held various job titles within the marketing and communications industry. Studying journalism and mass communications at the University of Colorado Boulder, Victoria’s unique skills have led her to work with marketing industry leaders.

According to Affiliate Dork, her successful career could not mask her struggles with prescription drugs and cocaine. Victoria had been struggling with substance abuse for half of her life and at the age of 26, she found herself in a drug rehab facility in Sierra Tucson, AZ. Victoria underwent a 45 day rehabilitation program and tool another stab at sobriety. Victoria was attempting to beat her addictions by focusing on how she would be able to conquer her demon alone. Attempting to move around and change situations as a way to fight her drug issues, Vitoria was unsuccessful.

In 2016, Victoria would attempt another rehab center, this time for 60 days in Connecticut. This time, Victoria would go to New York after completing the rehab program. While in New York, Victoria would hit rock bottom, after a bottle a day of prescription medication habit she was arrested on Thanksgiving Day. After being homeless, alone and still a ferocious addiction to cocaine and amphetamine Victoria decided to check into the Burning Tree in Austin, TX. The Burning Tree program was structured like a boot camp, with very strict rules. While at the Burning Tree, Victoria, a marketing professional, endured the rigorous but effective 12 step program. Each of the 12 steps required a full month before moving to the next step. Victoria was tasked with a full schedule that began at 5:45 am and was jammed packed with chores, rehab meetings, and therapeutic peer sessions. After being released, Victoria had to wait on tables at a job she had to catch the bus to and from daily. Now sober and still implementing the lessons she learned at the Burning Tree, Victoria is heavily involved in charitable organizations that help others with drug addictions.


Jim Toner’s Journey Back to the Investment Real Estate Business

When you’ve been in an industry for more than 25 years there isn’t much you aren’t aware of about the business. This is exactly the situation of real estate investor and guru Jim Toner who’s pretty much seen it all. His story is the epitome of rags to riches as he worked himself up from little cash to receiving recognition for helping military veterans get housing debt free.

Back in 2010 Jim was going through a tough period that caused him to turn his back on the real estate investment business. Jim and many of his clients were scammed by a well known guru. In short, Jim and his clients lost a substantial amount of money and he went broke. Realizing how scandalous the world of real estate can be he decided to walk away.

Afterwards, according to his profile, he began putting his life back together by working as an advisor to business owners and entrepreneurs. He would help them dramatically increase their businesses through “celebrity positioning”. At the time Jim also ventured into being an author and the book he wrote became an Amazon best seller.

Things were going good for Jim and he no plans of returning to his former career until he was contacted by a friend and world-class marketer. Jim told him he was no longer in the business of investment real estate because of how shady it is. He told him there are very few gurus who actually do the real work that is required.

After Jim (@thejimtoner) told him how he felt his friend backed off for a few months but eventually contacted him again. He told Jim how important his story was and that many of the guys in the ‘guru’ sect will compensate companies very well for a story like his. This caused Jim to reconsider walking away forever.

So Jim Toner decided to jump back into real estate investment and he and his colleagues pride themselves on practicing what they preach. Their approach entails purchasing a large amount of deals in markets they have chosen. This makes it easier for people to put trust in Jim and his peers.

Hussain Sajwani Builds One Of The Middle East’s Largest Property Developers

DAMAC Properties is a property development firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was founded in 2002 right when foreigners could start buying homes in that country. They exclusively build luxury development and have become on the biggest property developers in the Middle East. It was founded by Hussain Sajwani who is this company’s chief executive officer and chairman of the board.

Under Hussain Sajwani’s leadership, DAMAC Properties became a publically traded company. So far they have delivered nearly 17,000 homes and have about 44,000 homes in their development pipeline. He often partners with fashion and lifestyle brands when building these homes. He has had luxury brands help to design both the exterior and interior of DAMAC Properties homes. He also partnered with Tiger Woods who drew up the golf course at one of his developments. This golf course is being managed by the Trump Organization.

Hussain Sajwani has been a business partner with Donald Trump for a number of years. When Trump was delivering a New Year’s Eve speech at the close of 2016 he named Hussain Sajwani and commented on what a great job he had been doing on DAMAC Properties. Hussain Sajwani attended this event along with his wife and children.

Hussain Sajwani says that he got his start as an entrepreneur in the early 1980s. He started a food catering venture which is still going strong today. He says that one of the possessions he most values is a plaque that was presented to him by the US military. His company had provided food service during the first Iraq war and the US Army provided the plaque in order to thank him for his outstanding service.

Hussain Sajwani believes in using his success with DAMAC Properties and his other ventures to give back to others. He once wrote a check for AED two million which went towards a campaign to provide clothing to children. His donation to this cause was enough to provide warm clothing to over 50,000 children in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

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Southridge Capital- successful financial solutions provider

Southridge Capital is an equity company that offers investment banking service. It was founded in 1996 in Connecticut. The company has so far managed investment worth over $1.8 billion. The company is always ready to help the clients who come through their door. They have a financial plan which they follow in order to deliver the best results for their clients. The company is all about giving the best services to their clients, and they do not mess around with service delivery.




As a financial company, Southridge Capital understands that this is a sensitive matter that deserves to be handled with professionalism. This is exactly what the company is doing. So far, the Southridge Capital has proudly worked with over 250 companies and helped them manage their finances successfully.




By working with this company, clients learn how to execute financial plans. They take the financial statements of a company and balance the capital and the debt. When it comes to debt reduction, they are the best financial partner to deal with.




Most of the clients who come to Southridge Capital are public companies. The company is full of financial experts who understand the financial sector clearly and who are ready to offer the services need by the clients. The executives in this company are experienced in various fields of finances, and this enables them to come up with the best financial plans. Some of the services that the company offers include credit-enhancing, financing solutions as securitization.




Other services that Southridge offer include mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy advice, financial advice and balance sheet optimization. The competency showed by the executives is the reason the company is highly successful. For more details visit Crunchbase.




Philanthropic activities




Southridge Capital is not only involved in business activities; it has a reputation for supporting charitable causes. Some of the beneficiaries of their philanthropy are faith-based and non-profit organizations. The company believes that by changing the social and economic status of the people, there can be significant changes in the world. For more details visit Bloomberg.




Southridge Capital is an example of a modern financial company that is interested in managing the financial needs of the people and helping them prosper.


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Victoria Doramus Road to Recovery

Victoria Doramus is a self-employed drug and alcohol recovery expert, based out of London, United Kingdom. Victoria went to the University of Colorado- Boulder, where she studied and got a degree in journalism and mass communications. Victoria now tells her story through hopes to help other people save their lives.

When Victoria Doramus knew she needed help, she was already at her rock bottom. Her success story is one of many positive reinforcements she takes along with her to her career, where she teaches the importance of help, the importance of surrounding yourself with other people who struggle to get clean, and the crucial impact professional help can offer. Victoria often found herself alone, and with her sick mother at home with caner, she was determined to show her mother she could get her life together.

According to, in 2011, when Victoria Doramus was 26 years old, she attended her first rehab facilitation in Tucson, Arizona. After 45 days at the facility, she went back to Los Angeles, learning that her struggle is going to be lifelong, and her addiction was a disease she would have to put in positive effort and take care of every day for the rest of her life. Though be worth it, addiction is something that is hard to maintain. In 2016, after a 60-day stay at a rehab that was located in Connecticut, Victoria (@iamvictorialynn) decided that she would do whatever it took for her to get clean. However, she went back to New York City, her new hometown, where she fell homeless and without any friends or family around her. A little while later in 2017, she attended a recovery center called Burning Tree, located in Austin Texas. It was from there she was going to be on her new and stable road to recovery. See the latest pins from Vitoria.

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