A Letter From My Father: Charles Koch’s Success Story

Success is not a charm or a luck that a person acquires over night. It is a tool that comes from self discipline and self awareness. Charles Koch and his brother David Koch manage the Koch industries. It is one of the biggest industries in the US and commands large markets all over the world in different sectors. Charles Koch is also an author and has written down his ideas and perspectives about life. In a recent interview by ABC he disclosed what makes him tick and the reasons for his success.

Their father who founded the industrial empire in the late 20th century left his sons a letter that has provided guidance throughout the years. Charles is very fond of this letter and has had it framed and placed in his office.

He opined that the letter has provided guidance and has shaped him and his brother to the prosperous businessmen that they are. It is evident that their father was an insightful man who passed down his knowledge to his sons. The management technique that has been used by the Koch brothers is one of a kind. Through his book “Good Profit” Koch has highlighted various techniques in which to gauge the market. The Market Based approach that has been advanced by the Koch brothers originated from their father.

Through his letter their father provided highlights into management and Charles has been following this insight since he took over from his father in 1967. However not everything comes from the letter Charles Koch has an uncanny way of reading and learning from the market. The Koch brothers have maintained strict operational preparedness and versatility in business operations expanding the company over the horizons.

Charles Koch is the first born in the Koch family having been born on 1st November 1935. He studied nuclear science and took a keen interest in the energy sector. Math came naturally to him and was interested in following a field that involved calculations and numbers. As a result he did well in his studies graduating among the first in his class.

After his studies he joined the family company in 1961 where he was actively involved in the management of Rock Island Oil & Refining Company. This company would prosper under his leadership creating other subsidiaries as it evolved. He took over operations from his father in 1967. He is a family man who married his wife in 1972 and together they have two children.

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