Shaping the Future of Digital Audio Programming through Effective Advertising Strategies

Podcast advertising grows your brand through structured campaigns that enhance brand recall, propensity to purchase and the commitment of specific messages to memory. Advertising tests reveal that more than two-thirds of listeners can remember specific grocery brands. Product awareness makes consumer brand opinions become favorable. More people remember the brands mentioned in adverts by name.

Edison Research conducted the tests in conjunction with PodcastOne to measure the effectiveness of advertising on the podcast network. Norman Pattiz, the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and Tom Webster of Edison Research, announced the results in a press release.

This indicates that advertisements on the podcast network positively resonate with the listeners on various key elements. Advertisers can enjoy enhanced brand impact achieved from a multi-level strategy.

Five leading consumer brands in different categories were utilized during the study. The study included pre-campaign monitoring, four to six weeks of running structured advertisements, and post-campaign monitoring and analytics.

The study is a validation of the effectiveness of podcast advertising compared to traditional methods. Advertising on the podcast network offers proven and measurable results that grow your brands.

PodcastOne is a top-rated national digital audio platform that operates on advertising revenue. It is a leading provider of on-demand audio programming. The podcast network offers hundreds of engaging consumer shows. These are available on the website for direct download as well as on mobile apps for both Apple and Android devices. Some of the celebrity personalities and brands you can find on the network include Larry King, Dr. Drew and Chris Jericho besides hundreds more.

Norman Pattiz founded the network in 2013. He is famous for establishing the highly successful radio syndication and media company Westwood One. He led Westwood One to become the go-to company for news, sports, talk shows and traffic programming.

The company grew to be associated with big names such as CBS News, NBC Radio, the NFL, the NCAA, the Super Bowl and the Olympics among many others. Before PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz worked as the founding CEO of Courtside Entertainment Group from 2010.

Norman Pattiz has won numerous industry awards for innovation and leadership in the radio and audio content segment. He has received the “broadcaster of the year” honor multiple times. He featured on the 2009 National Radio Hall of Fame, the highest recognition from the Museum of Broadcast Communications.

He is also associated with Los Alamos National Security, Broadcast Education Association, and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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James Dondero: Helping Organizations to Reach Their Goals

James Dondero, the president and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, has announced that their firm will be giving an amount equal to $1 million as a challenge grant. This move is believed to be their company’s response to the request of an organization called The Family Place, and the proceeds will be used to support their campaign which was launched recently, called the Legacy Campaign. One of the leading organizations in Dallas, Texas, The Family Place has stated that they are currently $2.8 million short from their target fund, and they cleared out that all of the money that they will be receiving from this campaign will be used to take care and rehabilitate victims of domestic violence. The grant, which Highland Capital Management is going to donate, is now being handled and administered by the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc., the firm’s philanthropic arm.

It was earlier explained by James Dondero that their decision to raise the challenge grant is because they would like to respond to the city mayor’s calls, as well the police chief officer’s explanation that these funds will somehow put an end to issues and problems that could put someone in a life threatening situation, and will take a positive impact in the condition of security around Dallas. He believes in the passion that the civic communities around the city are showing, being adept in how they can make things done, and how they are doing their best to appeal to almost everyone within the city limits to open up their arms and hand over some help in order for The Family Place to reach the funds that they are targeting. A new counseling center is being proposed to be built somewhere in Dallas, and city officials are already discussing the possibilities. Upon completion, the new counseling center would house 13 emergency shelter rooms, multiple counseling rooms, clinics, call centers, and a multipurpose space. Two thousand people are expected to benefit this project.

The Family Place has offered their gratitude regarding the help that James Dondero is giving them. He promised that he will be extending the company’s help to organizations whose prime objective is to give the community a better place to live in, far from violence and chaos. Learn more about James Dondero:

Eva Moskowitz Goes From Harlem Charter Schools To National Education Reform

The Harlem Charter School system is often seen as one of the most difficult to improve in the 21st century as the issue of school reform is often seen as a problem of the socioeconomic variety, but the work of Eva Moskowitz and the Success Academy has shown educational opportunity can be completed at a high level for members of minority groups across those in disadvantaged regions of New York. The founder of the Success Academy has proven the work she completes in education can improve the chances of success seen in minority groups across the nation; the work of Eva Moskowitz has had a positive impact on the city of New York and has now been added to the national education reform argument in terms of how to achieve success in areas where poverty is a major problem.


In 2006, the Success Academy was formed by Eva Moskowitz after she had spent much of the previous years looking for the best possible ways of achieving education success for people across the U.S. The charter school system has become the focus of Eva Moskowitz and the Success Academy, which has seen the development of great school under the Success academy banner; Eva Moskowitz is keen to point out the charter schools she has been creating are nit simply schools for disadvantaged children, but excellent schools for all to attend regardless of economics, race, or religion.


The focus of Success Academy is placed squarely on the right to receive the best in an academic education, which the school sees as learning through traditional and nontraditional techniques. For instance, chess is taught as an academic subject for all to enjoy and learn from, alongside the traditional subjects of Math, reading, and writing. Under the leadership of Eva Moskowitz the Success Academy is looking to develop students who are prepared for the future to attend college or enter the workplace as debate and the development of ideas has seen the Success Academy reach a level of academic success that is much higher than those of the public school system in Harlem and across New York.


The Achievements of Eric Pulier, and Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is among the independent entrepreneurs globally. The reason to this is behind his success in different other aspects of life. In addition to being a great businessman, he is a published author as well as a philanthropist. His hard work has been able to yield a constructive influence on the globe. Upon his graduation in the year 1984 from Teaneck High School, he progressed to study further at Harvard University. Eric Pulier graduated from the University in 1988 with Bachelor of Arts’ Degree in English and American Literature. From then onwards, his life has always been characterized by an attention on assisting individuals that are economically needy and the children suffering from prolonged illnesses and conditions. His effort has concentrated on the high-tech invention. He is also among the leaders in his industry.


In the course of his studies at Harvard, he put pen to paper on an even post for the Harvard Crimson. He did it as a student journalist, covering several subjects with an intense understanding as well as a sense of humor. He proceeded to Los Angeles after graduation. He founded Digital Evolution in 1994. This served as an interactive organization that came to amalgamate with the US Interactive LLC in the year 1998.


Currently, he has made several contributions globally particularly in the technological aspect. This can be seen through funding, as well as having co-founded and founded about 15 distinct companies. Such companies include SOA Software and MediaPlatform. This is in addition to having raised many millions towards his different companies. In his career, he has shown commitment to generosity and to assisting the disadvantaged. It is for this reason that he established a multimedia education stage to train people with multiple sclerosis conditions about it.


He also served on the panel of managers of the XPrize Foundation. It holds competitions via which individuals can contest to establish innovative resolutions to selected humanity’s greatly inflexible difficulties. He also works on the panel of administrators of the Painted Turtle. He is also known for publishing the “Understanding Enterprise SOA” in the year. This added to the other articles that he has written.

Rick Smith Announces New Additions in Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies announced their recent move to hire Dan Wigger, the managing director and vice chair of the Managed Access Systems as well as the vice president of the Growth opportunities, Jon Secrest. Rick Smith, the new CEO of Securus Technologies observed that, their combined experience in the previous companies, good work ethic, and unique personal attributes would be instrumental in the Securus executive team. Mr. Jon will work on expansion and integration of product offering, while Mr. Wigger will head the Managed Access Systems. He shall ensure that prisons and jails are installed with high-tech devices and that none of the inmates use illegal devices such as the contraband wireless device. Visit LinkedIn and follow Rick’s profile.

Securus Technologies is a tech company formed after the merger of the leading corrections market firms Evercom and T-netix, and the acquisition of Offender Management Systems Company, Syscon Justice Systems. Mr. Smith had exceptional experience and excellent track record and was undoubtedly the ideal choice to lead the company. Securus serves clients with innovative initiatives in areas such as technology and architecture. It has unparalleled competition in the correctional industry. Securus headquarters are based in Dallas, Texas.

Education and Career Background

Smith holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the State University of New York. He also holds a master’s degree in Mathematics and Business Administration from the University of Rochester. Smith has worked in various companies and managed a variety of disciplines such as IT, operations and business development. He is a former CEO of the Eschelon Telecom firm for nine years. During his tenure, Mr. Rick Smith grew the company’s revenue from $30 to $350 million. He is responsible for the successful IPO launch of Eschelon Company in 2005. He has also held other key positions at Eschelon such as chief financial and operating officer. Rick Smith worked for the Frontier Corp, renamed as the Global Crossing, as the vice architect of the financial management. He joined Corp in 1972, where he started as the vice chair for the Midwest Telephone Operations and later promoted to different positions such as the Vice President of Financial Management, Chief Information Officer, Director of Business Development, director for the Plant Network Operations and finally the President of the company. Read more on

Feedback from Satisfied Customers

Customers who used their services and products expressed their satisfaction through emails and comments on the Securus Technologies’ website. One of them thanked the group for their assistance in obtaining phone call information that was used to get a search warrant for a corrupt staff. A Correctional facility noted that as a result of the monitored call in the facility, they were able to get information regarding inmates selling drugs, others using alcohol, and possible access and use of illegal devices within the facility.

Cancer Treatments Center of America: A Healing for the Soul

“We value your courage, respect your decisions, and offer to share your journey of healing and hope.”

The Cancer Center Treatments of America will be sponsoring the 2017 Scholarship Golf Classic in honor of Chris Piazzi. Cancer Treatment Centers of America was found in 1988 by Richard J Stephenson. Stephenson founded the Treatment Centers due to the death of his mother Mary Brown Stephenson from cancer. After his mother diagnosis, Stephenson and his family were dedicated to finding the most progressive as well as effective cancer treatments. In her memory, Richard promised to change the view of cancer care. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America models what is called the “Mother Standard.” This standard is a mixture of compassion and a nurturing environment of care that will deliver a patient approach to cancer treatment.
The CLC Foundation Board made the decision to honor Chris Piazzi, for his service to the foundation at the 2017 Scholarship Golf Classic. Chris Piazzi, a double transplant recipient had surgery due to a rare liver disease in February of this year. The CLC Foundation Board raises money to support education that will offer individuals a foundation of opportunities in the workforce. The Golf Classic will take place on June 12 at the Ivanhoe Golf Club in Mundelein. Registration will take place at 9 a.m. The event tickets are $ 450 a person, $1,700 per foursome or $65 for the reception and the dinner. Please RSVP by May 26.

Cancer Treatments Centers of America promise to their patients are geared to their healing with the center of their hearts, minds, and actions every day. Their goal is to offer clear information, powerful, and thorough treatments options, based on their patient’s needs. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America promises to never stop searching for and providing powerful, as well as ground-breaking therapies for healing the whole person, progress quality of life and bringing back hope.

Social Security Examined By the Specialist David Giertz

David Giertz is the president of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization. He was lately interviewed by Wall Street Journals, and he stated that most financial consultants do not address their customers on social security issues at all. Research undertaken by his organization shows that many financial advisors refrain from speaking about this topic. David Giertz mentioned that from his way of thinking like a financial advisor, it is paramount that the social security is talked over with the customers. The research also shows that most individuals would substitute their advisors if they failed to speak about social security. He indicated that the reason financial advisors avoid the subject matter is that social security rules are very intricate thus it is much to understand. David Giertz offered a recommendation that financial advisors should hold the attention of issues of social security and explained how social security impacts retirement benefits, and individuals could be deprived of a lot of funds if they dismiss social security sooner than expected.

David Giertz is a professional business forerunner from Ohio. He is also a financial consultant, broker, and has held several prominent posts in various agencies on He has over 30 years of experience in the finance industry. Previously, he served as the Chief Vice President of Nationwide Life Insurance Company’s Financial Distribution and Sales department. He has also served as the president, chief vice president, and director of many other Nationwide Agencies.

Giertz is also a certified broker, who is a sales person who carries out tasks for bigger brokerage organizations at These are companies that deal with the business of purchasing and selling securities like bonds, stocks, bilateral cash reserves, and other finance related commodities.

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Lifeline Screening Services Help Consumers Take A Proactive Approach To Their Health

Lifeline Screening offers preventative health screenings to individuals who want assurance that they do not have any potential health issues that could become serious. While the majority of patients feel at ease with normal results, a small percentage of asymptomatic individuals have found a serious problem before any symptoms appeared.

Proactive individuals can have a risk assessment done for six major diseases, including stroke, diabetes, heart disease, congestive heart failure, COPD and lung cancer. Using the patients answers to health questions and the results of their finger-stick blood test, a computer program predicts the person’s five year risk of contracting one of the six diseases, allowing them time to make lifestyle changes to lower their risk factor.

By visiting various communities around the nation, Lifeline Screening is able to offer convenient, local testing services at senior centers, churches and health fairs. They do heart disease screenings, high cholesterol screenings, carotid artery disease screenings and more, including assisting patients with selecting the best screening package based on their age and risk factors.

Since consumers are free to have the affordable screenings without a prescription, the results go directly to them, after a board-certified physician’s review of the results. Lifeline Screening encourages customers to share their results with their regular physician.

Testimonials from Lifeline Screening customers praise the service, several mention discovering carotid artery blockages that they were unaware of before getting the screening. After receiving an alert from Lifeline Screening to take the results to their physician, they were able to get the care that they needed.

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The Success of the Online Reputation Management Industry

Online services are growing ever since the internet became a popular place to visit on a daily basis. Not only do the consumers rely on the internet to look at products and services and have up to date knowledge, but businesses also rely on the internet to make sure that their products are advertised in the best manner possible to the consumers. As online services have continued to grow, another industry has coincided with the growth of the internet. This industry is the online reputation management industry that has grown along with the internet in order to make sure that businesses all over the world have the best reputation. With countless bad reviews and comments posted every hour, businesses have invested in the online reputation management industry in order to make sure that their business continues to have positive reviews along with up to date and relevant information for the consumers.

Among the many online reputation management firms within this competitive industry, one company in particular stands out among the rest. This company is known as Status Labs, an online reputation management firm that has tailored each and every service that has been provided to the needs of the customers. Status Labs works hard to make sure that each client is protected from any negative comments or reviews and that each client brings in more revenue on an annual basis. The leader of this company is Darius Fisher who has been able to create a successful niche for this company within a competitive industry.

In recent news, Darius Fisher even won an award for his excellence within the online marketing industry. Darius Fisher has recently accepted the Business Development Individual of the Year award which distinguishes the best of the best. Darius Fisher is grateful for the award and states that the success of Status Labs is also due to the ingenuity of his employees. Everyone of his employees is well qualified and has been able to come up with creative solutions to make sure that the customer is happy and to make sure that the business continues to flourish.


A New Approach to Streaming

Music streaming has become more and more popular in recent years. These streaming services allow us to have access to music no matter where we are, any time of the day. With this increase in popularity, more companies are coming to the streaming industry. Some of the big names are Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora just to name a few.


A smaller streaming company is Tidal and is owned by Jay-Z as well as 16 other artists to include Kanye West. Tidal has a subscriber base of just over 3 million people. Compared to the rest of the industry, that is a small number but Tidal is taking a new approach to the streaming business. Instead of offering any kind of music from all genres, Tidal wants to focus on the up and coming music and the new music.

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Desiree Perez is an executive with Tidal and plays a big role in which artists are featured on Tidal. Des has a reputation of being a strong negotiator and has an impressive record to prove it. She was involved in the negotiations for Beyonce’s stadium tour and in the negations for Rhianna’s deal that was struck with Samsung. Tidal wants to take their service in a certain direction and Desiree Perez will play a large role in that.


Based on, Kanye is known for voicing his opinion and has never held back on what he is feeling. Now that he is involved with Tidal, his outspokenness has not changed. Kanye recently went on Twitter and talked about his frustration with the Apple Music dealing with Tidal and that they should resolve and resolve it quickly.


There were reports out earlier this year stating that Apple Music wanted to purchase Tidal. There has been no buzz about this since and Apple has even denied that any deal was even on the table. It is unclear if Kanye was speaking about current events relating to the deal or if he was just frustrated. The frustration is understandable because with artists being exclusive to certain streaming services, it can feel like they are being tied down and not able to get their music out to everyone they want to.

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While there has been no movement on any deal between Tidal and Apple Music, it will be interesting to see where Tidal takes their service and if a deal really does come of all of this.

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