Bernardo Chua and the King of Herbs Coffee Organo Gold

Bernardo Chua is a multilevel marketing pioneer from the Philippines that has a passion for healthy food products. He is the maker of Organo Gold which is a coffee. He makes products with a special but powerful mushroom fungus called ganoderma.  From his Facebook, his enthusiasm for his brand and the products they produce is pretty easy to detect.

His most recent achievement is opening his coffee company in Turkey. He has Asian, African and European operations. He is best known for his global foot print and his mission and passion is to continue.  This is the strategy that has won Chua 5 people’s choice awards, and he’s not stopping there.

According to the latest press release in The South African, and echoed by his credentials on LinkedIn, Chua has spawned much excitement in both the coffee and health industry.  Because of him, a powerful 4200 year old Chinese herb has found itself into beverages including the most popular Organo Gold coffees. Ganoderma aptly named in the press release, The King of Herbs is what the rage is all about.

The Herb’s Claims

What makes the King of Herbs reign so strong is the ability to alkalies the body; enhance immunity; detox the body; inflammation control and much more.
His, target audience is anyone who can benefit from the coffee and the herb in some way. The premise is, if you are going to drink coffee everyday then why not make it one that is infused with all the health benefits you can find. What’s better is that it focuses on disease prevention.

You can get a box and try it in variety as well. It comes in sachets that make it easy to get a taste and find your favorite.  Follow Bernie on Twitter to keep updated on what Organo will do next.

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