Brad Reifler focuses On Small Investors Instead Of The Top 1 Percent

Hedge funds are for wealthy investors. They are investment vehicles that make the rich, richer. Hedge fund managers only work with individuals, companies and pension funds that have assets of more than a million dollars, and income of more than $200,000 a year. Those investors are called accredited investors in the financial industry. Brad Reifler was part of that established investment strategy for years, but after going through a couple of personal financial losses, Reifler decided to change his investment platform.

Mr. Reifler founded Forefront Capital to help him do that. Forefront Capital has an investment platform they call Forefront Income Trust. The difference between that trust and other investment trusts is the investors are non-accredited investors. In other words, they are middle-class investors that want to play in the big investment league that is controlled by the accredited investors.

The concept that Reifler turned into reality is a good one for investors that have a minimum of $2,500 to invest. That’s pocket change for accredited investors, but if enough people put pocket change into the trust and Reifler picks investments that are somewhat risky, but can pay big returns, the average investor can start to make some real money. Reifler likes to call his Forefront Income Trust an alternative investment strategy since most of the assets are not the typical stocks or bonds.

Reifler has designed the trust so investors can make a minimum of 8 percent. Reifler doesn’t take a commission unless his investors get an 8 percent return, so that is a catalyst for investors that are concerned with managers making money while they get small return. The question that most investors want to know is, where is the money invested? And the answer is usually in emerging markets around the world. Assets in emerging markets like India, Mexico and Vietnam are offering accredited investors some hefty returns, while Brazil, China and Russia are struggling with financial and economic issues.

Brad Reifler is a very smart investor. He not only shows non-accredited investors new investment possibilities, but he also educates them. He believes in transparency and full disclosure so some of the fears associated with investing in alternative assets can be overcome. Reifler likes to call Forefront Capital a boutique investment house that does things differently. Most of the investors that get involved with Forefront Capital have some investment experience, but there are some investors that are first-time investors. Reifler gives them special treatment, so they feel comfortable investing money in assets that may not be as solid as the typical investments.

Forefront Capital and Brad Reifler are trying to change the investment world a little, and that is exciting for some investors. Many investors say more changes are needed in the financial industry, and Brad Reifler agrees with them. In fact, he’s outlined through Reuters what types of tips he feels investors need to succeed in today’s marketplace.

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