Brad Reifler Makes Investment Simpler For The Rest Of Us

Recently, Reuters reviewed Brad Reifler’s 5 tips for smart investing, a list that is made from good financial common sense. Reifler insists on the following practices when investing:
-Assess all the angles of the investment, including charges, risks and make a sound plan.
-Keep your money safe from scams and frauds
-The stock market is not the only place to invest, so consider other opportunities.
-Build a trusting relationship with your investment manager.
-Always be conscious of your reasons to invest in order to avoid making poor decisions.
Reifler realized that the investing system catered only to the obscenely rich after some unfortunate experiences and further research. Reifler’s long-term investment account for his children’s college turned out to be little more than a scam. When his father could not invest properly due to his income level, Reifler was struck with the realization that average people were being crowded out of investment opportunities on purpose. With these unfair restrictions brought to light, Reifler set out to create investment opportunities for the average American, and went on to start the Forefront Management Group LLC. Read Reuters’ entire press release on Brad Reifler here.

If there is a financially trustworthy businessman, it is Brad Reifler. Reifler had been an entrepreneurial success long before founding the Forefront Management Group. He has held executive positions at prestigious firms, including European Investment Bank and Genesis Securities. He has also founded a number of successful companies; the Reifler Trading Company in 1982, Pali Capital in 1995, and Forefront Management Group in 2009.

Brad Reifler has been gracious enough to share his 30 years of investing experience with the Blue Collar and Middle Class American, helping them achieve investment opportunities previously unknown. With his help, and others like him, average people can grow their hard-earned money into a college fund, a prosperous retirement, or an emergency fund that they need and deserve.  There’s more information on him at Wikipedia.

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