Brad Reifler’s Take on the Effect of Presidential Race on the Economy


Brad Reifler, who Wikipedia defines as the CEO of Forefront Capital Management, is one of the world’s top business leaders. Reifler has been at the helm of many corporations in a career lasting almost four decades. Between 1995 and 2008, he served as the Chairman of his company, Pali Capital, before moving onto Forefront Capital Management.

Few entrepreneurs can parallel the success of Reifler. CrunchBase wrote that during Brad’s reign at Pali Capital, Reifler grew the corporation’s profits to an annual figure of $200 million or more. He also oversaw the company’s expansion to the United Kingdom and Australia. In his current position, Reifler provides investment advice and expert consultancy for institutional investors.

Recently, Brad Reifler posted his views on the likely effect of the presidential race on the American economy. In an article titled “How The Presidential Race Could Shape The Economy’s Future,” Reifler showed the fundamental differences in Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s approaches to taxation should either of the candidate win the elections. A Clinton’s presidency would lead to greater complexity in how taxes are calculated. Unlike in the past where calculation of tax is based on an income bracket, capital gains will also be taxed by how long investors have held them. Reifler also notes that in Clinton’s presidency, taxation will primarily target those making at least $ 1 million. On the other hand, Trump seeks to simplify taxes into a small number of income levels and increase the limit on deductions for single and married people. Trump also wants to revoke some current taxes that target the upper class.

Neither Clinton nor Trump has explained explicitly how their administration would simplify the tax code for small business. However, both candidates hint at plans to make minor changes to the tax code so as to enhance business growth for the average American. Both candidates agree on child-care breaks aimed at giving greater assistance to American citizens by increasing subsidies for child-care costs. Brad Reifler also points out that both candidates seek to approach the issue of estate taxes very differently. While Trump is looking to cancel the estate tax entirely, Clinton wants to lower merely reduce it but increase the maximum percent gained from this tax.

According to Reifler from his personal Twitter, no matter the outcome of the election, some areas that have a significant impact on the economy will be affected, and it is for this reason that Americans pay closer attention to the election campaign.  To keep on the side of investment strategy, check out Brad’s profile on where he posts about Forex, and market analysis of the trades he’s considering.

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