Brian Bonar Is Honored With Highest Community Award

Today, Brian Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer at the Dalrada Financial Corporation as well as board chairman. In 2010, he managed to take home the executive of the year award from Cambridge’s prestigious Who’s Who program.

This award is only given out to 4 individuals each year, each of which are exceptional business leaders in different fields.

The committee at Cambridge goes through a process to determine which candidate are most worthy and deserving of the award based on a specific set of criteria. This criteria includes the individuals past accomplishments in their career, academic background, and leader capabilities. Learn more about Brian Bonar: and

Brian Bonar personally has decades of experience working in the industry for professional management and finances. A large portion of his career has been spent working as the director for Dalrada Financial, which is a position he landing due to his expertise and extensive knowledge in the industry. At Dalrada, Brian is in charge of employee recruitment as well as benefits.

The company supplies marketing companies with services and programs that are then distributed to clients that are in need of improving their business’s overall efficiency. Read more: Brian Bonar –

When clients are able to spend more of their time on other aspects of business, while Dalrada Financial focuses on finance management, risk management, and employee benefits and liabilities. This greatly improves business productivity.

Brian has a strong academic background, which is indicated by his winning of the award. He earned his bachelor’s in engineering at the James Watt Technical College and his Ph.D from Stafford University in business. He is also a long time member of the America Finance Association.

Brian Bonar worked at a host of other companies before landing his position at Dlarada Financial, such as IBM, where he held the position of procurement manager for 17 years. He also worked at QMS as the Director of Engineering, where he was in charge of supervising hundreds of employees.

After working at Adaptec, Brian Bonar gained inspiration tos tart up his own company and create the first SCSI Printer, which he did at Bezier Systems, a company that manufactured and distributed laser printers.

He is also active in his community as well, making sure to take part in community projects like the Lions Club and the Boys and Girls Club.

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