Bruce Levenson Huge Millionaire Success Story: Atlanta Hawks Sale A Gain Or Loss?

Prominent entrepreneur and former NBA team principal, Bruce Levenson made millions after selling the high-ranking Atlanta Hawks. Billionaire private equity financier, Tony Ressler was the winning bidder. Levenson and the controlling partners of Atlanta Hawks found favor in Ressler’s generous proposal. Levenson bought a controlling interest in the entire Atlanta Hawks franchise back in 2004, of which he served as a board governor. He’s a passionate basketball player, adventure traveler, skier, and golfer.

Levenson was a journalist for the popular media house the Washington Star while continuing an education at the renowned American University School of Law. He also studied political science at the prestigious Washington University. Later, Levenson co-founded a top-grossing digital communications empire, namely UCG (United Communications Group. He and long-term business colleague Ed Peskowitz launched the company together on Today, Levenson spends ample time bonding with the family. He’s married with three awesome sons.

The launch of UCG back in 1977 brought Bruce Levenson on infinite business opportunities. The modern UCG has captured the largest market share as a global supplier of digital communications, web services, and virtual IT solutions. Dubbed a global leader, UCG has undertaken thousands of contracts with an outreach to over two million subscribers. It’s penetrated several industries, including energy, finance, technology, telecommunications, and healthcare. Levenson previously served TechTarget, a privately-controlled technology startup which he founded as a shareholder. Additionally, he served the conglomerate as board director until 2012. Later, he co-founded DOT which focused on launching revolutionary cooking contraptions; the inventions were groundbreaking.

Levenson continues to inspire communities as he creates innovative opportunities to fuel the expansion of philanthropic endeavors. In fact, he organized the UMD (University of Maryland)-staged project namely the Center For Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership alongside his creative wife, Karen. This initiative puts emphasis on infusing the core cultural values of philanthropy with education. Mr. Levenson actively supports a handful of meaningful philanthropic endeavors such as the Hoop Dreams, UMD’s Do-Good-Challenge, the Community Foundation and the I-Have-A-Dream Foundation (former president).

Today, Levenson serve the executive team of UCG as a key advisor. He’d began working on TechTarget at UCG before launching the franchise officially in 2003. UCG is his most successful project. Largely, Levenson’s extensive experience in the field and strategic business ideas are the core engine of the enterprise. It’s an IT brand that’s cultivated a repertoire for quality services and excellent customer experiences. It’s extension to global territories such as Australia has transformed businesses by creating and providing smarter, cost-effective communication products.

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