Bruce Levenson: The Philanthropist

There are many highlights that can be spoken about when referring to Bruce Levenson. The fact that he’s part owner of the Atlanta, Hawks or Bruce Levenson the journalist, entrepreneur as well as the successful creator of several companies. And although he is better known for his business ventures, team and company ownerships, I would like to talk about Bruce Levenson the philanthropist.

Since the early “80’s”, Bruce and his wife Karen have subsidized many education initiatives focusing the disadvantage youth. Several of these focal points, involves PeacePlayers and “I Have a Dream,” the U.S. Holocaust Museum and the Seed School.

Four years ago Bruce and his wife Karen began, and has well funded the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland with two goals as the focal point.

1. To educate the next generation of non-profit sectors, offering them the principles and tools required to succeed as leaders of non-profit organizations.

2. To insure that each student who graduates from the University of Maryland departs as an enlightened and motivated philanthropist. The Center offers campus wide unique, philanthropy-focused practicality ranging from gift giving to the very popular Do Good Challenge which brings in thousands of participants each year.

The Center now offers graduate and non-graduate courses targeted on philanthropy and non-profit administration. The courses many times feature outstanding philanthropists and non-profit leaders as lecturers. Several classes every semester include a feature where non-profits submit grant proposals. Each class donates $10,000 to worthy non-profit based on a complete assessment of the proposals, location visits and, at last, a class vote. Since the start of the program inception in 2011, these courses have award almost $40,000 in grants every year.

Additionally, students from the school are in high demand as fellows at non-profits in the Washington area ranging from the Smithsonian Museum to the famous Marriott Foundation.

An in resident program, “A Philanthropist has been initiated for freshman orientation week to start the path of informing and inspiring all students to be philanthropists. By 2016, the program will expand to China.

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