Career Mobility and Advancement in Businesswomen

Career mobility and advancement amongst women are affected by a woman’s role as the primary caregiver; however, the tide is gradually but surely changing. The issue is less of having more women employees but having women in executive positions whereby the company feels their impact.In the United States, only 13 percent of startups have women on their executive team, according to Dell’s Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard. In the corporate sector things aren’t any better.In 2014 Catalyst, a workplace research firm of women holding positions in boards. They found that women made up 19% of board positions in the publicly traded companies of the S&P 500.

Susan McGalla managed to break this glass ceiling.Susan is the founder of P3ExecutiveConsulting, LLC. An expert in her field she rose through the ranks as a prior president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. and past chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. McGalla studied at Mount Union College for her BA. She started her career in 1986 with the Joseph Horne Company then later moved to American Eagle Outfitters, Inc where she took root.

Let’s take a step back and view at a developmental level, there seems to be systemic discrimination in the ability of women to learn particular skills or subjects. Women often are underestimated in areas such as computer programming. Lesser women can pull through as compared to men who beg the question ‘How do we encourage more of them to do so?’

After achieving the proper qualifications and getting absorbed into the desired organizations. Then comes the tenuous journey and cut throat competition to the top especially in corporate companies. Surprisingly at the lowest ranks, over 50% of the personnel in organizations are female. But gradually as you progress higher in the organization, the number of women steadily decreases. Globally only about four percent of all CEO positions are held by women, men hold the lion’s share.

Susan states that having independence over her occupation is a bonus acquired by years of hard work, flexibility, and chasing something she loved Additionally she didn’t view her gender as a hindrance at all. Furthermore, opportunities to demonstrate skills through high-profile, stimulating assignments, and other organizational endorsements is provided. Such affirmation gives the person the fortitude to step outside a comfort zone.

Proponents of career advancements in women advice to have a career plan from early on and take ownership for your professional development. Conflicts arise between undertaking various roles such as getting married, having children and many others that they just grasp yet. Women should push for career advancements early so as to have gained enough traction as midlife sets in.

Actively establish and maintain relationships that will place you at an advantage. They might end up being quite beneficial in career development, do keep in mind deviations that may appear along the way that provide unexpected opportunities. These opportunities may propel you onto a road less traveled thereby setting precedence for other women.

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