Talk Fusion receives a major award

Proper communication is absolutely vital in today’s business world. Without proper communications, your business will not make the right decisions in a timely manner. Over the last century, American businesses have gone from using letters and verbal communication to using e-mail. As the pace of business has sped up, the form of communication has kept up. Today, many businesses are turning to video chat systems to ensure that communications happen quickly and in an understandable way. There are many video chat systems in the marketplace, but one of the best video chat systems in the marketplace today is Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is a unique company that focuses almost exclusively on video chat systems. Everything from video e-mail to video conferencing is part of Talk Fusion’s business. They have been in the business for many years, and they have received rave feedback from their customers. Recently, Talk Fusion started receiving major awards from industry publications.

On August 15th, Talk Fusion received a major award. Their revolutionary video chat program received the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year award by Technology Marketing Corporation. This is the second award that Talk Fusion has received from Technology Marketing Corporation.

The Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award is meant to honor products and services that make video communication much easier. Technology Marketing Corporation closely follows the industry and they give the award to the most revolutionary product in the marketplace that year.

Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. He is extremely proud of this award, but he sees it as just the beginning. He has hired an extremely talented team of IT professionals. They have big plans for the future of their system. Their All-in-One Video Marketing Solution should stay ahead of the curve for years to come.

Talk Fusion is an incredible product, and they plan to keep rolling out new and unique products. They have offered free trials to draw in businesses that want to try their product. Their system offers video chat, video e-mail, and other vital video solutions. They hope to keep innovating for years to come.

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Educational Technology Start Up Company Class Dojo Goes Viral

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don came to America with a pressing question that they were seeking to solve. Wanting to know what the worst art of teaching, they came to this country on tourist visas in the summer of 2011 anxious to launch a educational-technology start up company. After 90 days of speaking with teachers in California, the duo traveled back to the United Kingdom with that question unresolved. While it took an additional five years, Don and Chaudhary successfully launched ClassDojo and since then, have experienced extraordinary embracement and growth of their ed-tech app.


Don and Chaudhary was able to raise $8.5 million to fund the start up in their first round of fundraising in 2013, and attracted an additional $21 million in a second round of venture fundraising in 2015. This was all after raising their grassroots funding of $1.6 million, which got the start up off the ground and propelled it into gaining the attraction of supporters who believe in Don and Chaudharys’ mission. Withe the strong support from venture capitalist and other investors, ClassDojo only needed the approval from parents and teachers in order to begin alleviating some of the obstacles surrounding the classroom.


As August 2016, ClassDojo has attracted millions of parents and teachers who share the common goal of creating a positive culture within classrooms and schools. 2 in 3 schools, including all private, public and charter schools in America, utilize the platform. It is also used in 180 countries around the world. Last summer, the app was downloaded more than 500,000 per day as parents and students began to get in gear for the back-to-school rush. With this app, teachers and parents can converse about the students in a continuous dialogue instead of only discussion the students’ progress during parent-teacher conferences. It also allows students to share their classroom work with their parents so that they are involved with their student’s academic progress on a daily basis. While there has been some criticism, the app has been widely perceived as a extremely helpful tool for parents to become more involved and connected with their child education.


The educational app serves as a communication platform between teachers, parents and students in order to empower the students and transform their learning experience. The app is available in the both the Apple and Google Play stores for download and it allows for everyone involved to connect within the classroom. Students are able to create a digital portfolio of their classwork and have the ability to visually account for their own progress in school.


Teachers are able to provide positive reinforcement to the children that further encourages them to strive for excellence. They also gain the ability to converse with parents so in a way that allows them to work together proactively in order to address areas in need of improvement. Parents can use their iOS or Android smartphone or tablet to engage with their children at home in order to enhance their learning and development experiences in school. This Ground-up change is exactly what many parents and teachers have been needing in order to bridge the communication gaps that prevent students from performing at their best. Now that the app is accessible, the worst part of teaching has transformed into the best part of teaching.



Reasons to Use the Skout App

Among all the social apps to choose from, the new Skout app has been rated as one of the best social apps in the world. Skout is specifically an iOS app that can be downloaded by any user through an App Store. Skout has been around ever since 2007 and has since then gained hundreds of millions of users from around the world. Skout is displayed through Facebook and is a way to connect with new people. This mobile-social network is both fun to use as well as safe to use. Every single user of this site must be verified and must have a profile image as well as information written down. This not only gives gives users a quick glimpse of each person on the site, but also enables the creators of Skout to match people up more effectively among those with similar likes and dislikes.

Skout, unlike Facebook, is an app that was specifically designed to help people meet new people from around the world and who come from different backgrounds. Everyone who uses this app has a customized experience and can learn to use the multiple features offered with this app. One of the most popular features is the “wink” feature which allows for users to open up a chat with people who are shown on the main page of the site. When clicking on a person from the main page, users can look at each profile as well as the information that is provided. From there, a discussion can form about similar interests.

Another feature that is offered by Skout is the “shake” feature. The shake feature is beloved by all users and can be played like a game. All one has to do is to use this feature which will match two people up randomly. Each person is given an allotted amount of time to view each profile as well as the information provided. Each random user can either choose to chat or to use the shake feature again if not satisfied. This app can be used for many purposes whether it be to find a new romance, friendship, etc.

In recent news, Skout has gone even further in the social world and has conducted a survey to find out what college towns are the friendliest towns in the United States. This survey consisted of over 2,500 people who range from the age of 18 to 24. All of these participants were able to give valid feedback of their college to help Skout analyze which town was truly the friendliest. Skout conducted this survey to help high school students or any other individual who is looking at a higher level education to have a fun experience.

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Outlook On Skout

Skout is an iOS app that is becoming very popular in our modern day world. Sometimes our lives can interfere with being able to easily meet new people and/or form new relationships. Skout is great for individuals who are looking to make a friend or explore the dating scene.

Skout is a highly recommended dating/friend finding app. It is designed to help individuals to meet new faces,develop friendships,and exhange photos. When signing in you can either use a Facebook account or email account to get connected with the positive experience this friendly app has to offer. Once signed in then basic information can be filled out on an individuals profile.

The main screen of Skout shows numerous individuals in a grid format. These individuals are currently online. When you tap an individual you will be able to view his or her profile. Recent posts of the tapped individual will also appear and points the individual currently has. Just by tapping on an individual numerous information can be viewed. Feeling like you want to connect you can “wink” at the individual, simply start chatting, add the person to your own favorite list, send a gift virtually, and/or be notified when they come online. Also, you are able to leave comments on the individuals current posts that appear when his or her image is clicked on the grid format. You can always block or report the individual as well.

To the left of the screen Skout offers other ways to expand learning more information about individuals connected to this app. One option this amazing app has to offer is “Buzz.” “Buzz” shows a feed of numerous local individuals,acquaintances, and favorites. “Look At Me” is a game where individuals can bid the points him or her have to try to obtain greater recognition amongst those using the app. “Shake to Chat” allows you to have a conversation with a random selected individual and after 40 seconds profiles are revealed. Overall, Skout is a quality made app that has provided great use for individuals forming an online connection.