The Wheels of Charity in Motion

Autism Rocks is a charity that raises money for autism research through music. This charity is already making a difference. It raised a few hundred thousand pounds during its first month of activity alone. The founder, Sanjay Shah, realized that it could be fun and effective to involve some of the world’s most famous musicians with a cause that was close to his heart. And he was right.

The charity has hosted small and very private concerts in London. The performers who donated their time include Lenny Kravitz and Prince. Autism Rocks will continue to host the private concerts but it also wants to branch out by diversifying the location of the concerts and the attendees of the concerts. The charity also wants to release a compilations CD where the proceeds go back to benefit the Charity.

Sanjay Shah was not always involved with autism charities. Several years ago his son was having trouble keeping his food down. The doctor that they took him to recommended that they see a child psychologist. The child psychologist diagnosed Shah’s son with autism and Shah’s world changed.

Around the same time, Shah’s financial firm started seeing extraordinary success. The success allowed Shah to take a more part time position in leading the company. With his new found free time, Sanjay Shah decided that he would dedicate it to raising money for autism. Shah chose to concentrate on raising money for research because there are already many charities that are there to support those effected by autism. Shah thought that if research for autism was better funded, those other charities would then be able to better support their beneficiaries.

Sanjay Shah, before he graduated from college and got involved in the financial world, worked as a concert promoter in London. This experience was invaluable. Shah knew that experience from decades earlier just was not enough. He contacted Done Events, a promotional firm, and teamed up with them to gain their expertise and see how the field had changed since his college days.

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Source: Global-Citizen