Jennifer Walden Named To Harper’s Bazaar Best Surgeons List

Jennifer Walden has been named to the Harper’s Bazaar list of the country’s best surgeons, and she has moved back to Texas all in one fell swoop. She is an amazing woman who focuses on helping women look beautiful, and the practice is quite a place to visit when women are searching for ways to keep their bodies healthy. A woman who wishes to make changes to her body today must ensure that she has consulted with Jennifer, and this article explains how women feel better once leaving Jennifer’s office.

#1: Jennifer Is One Of The Best Surgeons In The World

She has been given quite a lot of good press from institutes around the world including Harper’s Bazaar, Austin MD Magazine and She is a trained surgeon who prefers to learn as many designer surgeries as possible, and she offers a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures to her patients. Surgeries vary quite a lot when Jennifer consults her patients, and each patient receives a score of choices for their needs.

#2: Jennifer Came Home To Feel Closer To Family

Jennifer Walden marked her commitment to family by bringing her practice back to Texas, and she proved that a woman can have it all. She is one of the most successful surgeons in the world, and she has a family that lives near family in Austin. She has a thriving practice with hundreds of women visiting her every week, and she still has time to expand her professional knowledge.

#3: Women Are Given Infinite Opportunities To Look Their Best

Every woman who visits Jennifer in the office may learn of several different procedures they need, and Jennifer helps women develop a schedule for surgical care if necessary. Jennifer keeps privileges at local hospitals, and she may do quite a few surgeries on behalf of her patients at each hospital.

The practice of Jennifer Walden is a safe place for women who are searching for their inner diva. Jennifer provides women with a judgement-free place to change their bodies, and her skill set will address every woman’s surgical requests.


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Plastic Surgeons that are Great Examples

Eve in this world of growing botox, lasers, and peels industries, there are still people that are opting for plastic surgery. For one thing, plastic surgery sand facelifts are ways for people to correct what they believe are flaws in their physical appearance. Also, they are also methods that people use in order to take care of any scars or disfigurements that they may have experienced in their lifetime. However, it is very possible to face complications from plastic surgery. For this reason, it is important that they find a plastic surgeon that is trustworthy and well respected in this practice.

One such plastic surgeon is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is in fact considered one of the bets plastic surgeons in the industry. She resides in Dallas Texas where she stays with her family. She got her start in plastic surgery under the mentoring of Dr. Sherrell Aston. She was working in Manhattan. The office that she worked at was the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She has worked there under a fellowship and has stayed after the fellowship. Afterwards, she went to the Upper East Side of New York City and worked there for almost eight years. While in New York, she was involved in bringing back silicone breast implants through clinical trials.

Right now, Jennifer Walden owns Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center which is located in Austin Texas. She has returned to Austin Texas so that she could live in her home state and provide cosmetic surgery to residents in that area. This also allows her more time to spend with her family.