Success and Optimism from Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is among the few personalities that achieve excellence in all areas he decided to pursue. People think he is lucky and multi-talented but he just does things the right way. Among the areas he has mastered are innovation, investing, writer and mentor among others. Glen has worked in business and finance for more than twenty years. This experience has given him exceptional skills and knowledge. After attaining this wealth of experience, Glen began mentoring other budding entrepreneurs.

Before he became an independent businessman, Glen worked for various companies. GE Capital is one of the companies that greatly contributed to Glen’s capabilities. This company required Glen to be abroad most of the time. Glen considered this an opportunity to interact with diverse culture and exposure. Coincidentally, even other companies Glen worked also sent him abroad regularly. Familiarizing yourself with the different business environment is important. It is what Glen did as he worked abroad.

Today, Glen Wakeman is the CEO of LaunchPad Holding LLC ( While working here, Glen is dedicating much of his effort to help young people trying to determine the business world. He would like to see them thrive and reach their full potential. Glen has discovered that many people have great ideas but they do not know how to implement them. They lack confidence and those who try quit because of challenges.

This situation encouraged him to help people and their business plans. Glen’s writing skills can construct a good business plan that will lead to a successful business. Throughout Glen’s career, a lot of optimism is evident. Every challenge he seems to be spinning it to a learning experience. For example, being abroad most of the time was a learning experience for him. He did not complain about being far from home and being told to do things he did not expect.

This optimism is essential in doing business. Challenges will certainly be there but entrepreneurs need to remain positive. Mentorship is important because it helps people go through challenges and even resolve them. Other times it stops people from making mistakes they could have made without a mentor. Glen has come this far because of mentorship and keeping up a positive attitude.