Malcolm CasSelle Pursues Goal to Make Cryptocurrency Mainstream

President and CEO of (WAX) World Asset Exchange Malcolm CasSelle pursue ambitious goals to create a platform that will make cryptocurrency a mainstream form of virtual asset exchange and revolution and decentralize blockchain technology. Malcolm CasSelle has worked tirelessly to construct the infrastructural technology and software needed to create avenues for virtual assets to transfer over the blockchain and establish easy user-friendly conceptual ideas to foster the new innovative technology.

Malcolm CasSelle was educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he developed a high-level insight and perspective on information technology with his degree in computer science. Furthermore, he continued his educational foundation by obtaining his graduate degree in computer science from Stanford University. Malcolm CasSelle has served in leadership roles at Facebook Groupon and various other high-profile organizations that are catapulting the information technology arena into exceptional realms of advancement. Malcolm CasSelle has to continue to expand the blockchain technology with the use of online asset transfer platforms that stabilize and create easy user-friendly approaches to transferring assets over continental and regional barriers without the restrictions that appear in the central banking institutions platforms.


The WAX tokens that were developed at OPSkins another company that Malcolm CasSelle serves as Chief Investment Officer continues to advance the technology and software platforms utilized to create advanced approaches to online asset transfers. WAX tokens a cutting edge technological innovation utilized to create values for various cryptocurrency assets and stabilize the value of Forex and other currency-related valuing analyses. WAX tokens create opportunities for investors in various countries and geographical locations to establish consistent and reliable shared value within the gaming and asset transfer platforms to buy, sell, trade and establish a consistent form of value and wealth transfer. In fact, WAX is allowing the mainstream to see the value and simplicity of investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and establish opportunities for them to leverage their ability to transfer assets. Malcolm CasSelle continues to revolutionize the approach and process for transferring cryptocurrencies and creating avenues for this technology to become mainstream and a regular form of asset transfer for the general public.


Anthony Petrello Is As Humble As Can Be

As the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, located in Houston, Texas, Tony Petrello has become a well-known figure nationally through his humble acts to assist those in need. Inviting Broadway star, Tommy Tune to a cocktail party he and his wife Cynthia hosted to welcome him back to Houston as he came to perform.

The year 2017 has been an important year for a helping hand form Tony Petrello staring with the disaster Hurricane Harvey did to the city of Houston. As a way to help others get on their feet, Tony Petrello offered his employees paid time to help assist those that lost from the Hurricane. One of the ways his employees got involved was by putting an onsite kitchen that provided hot meals 3 times a day to families that were affected. Anthony Petrello did all he can to help get the city back up and running again.

Graduating from Yale University, Tony Petrello valued education. Being from Newmark, New Jersey born into a poor family, he managed to work his way to a full ride from the university. Once becoming an alum, he set up a scholarship at Yale that was given to those from modest backgrounds so that they get the college education they deserve without the effects of money.

Not only did the CEO help others in rough times, but also faced some of his own. His daughter, Carena, was born with periventricular leukomalacia which prohibited her to walk, talk, or eat. Doctors in the hospital haven’t done much research on the disease and looked all around the world for treatment but couldn’t find one. He and his wife then eventually worked with Texas Children’s Hospital and donated 7 million dollars to help children with neurological conditions. With this money, the hospital was able to construct the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute that receives patients both globally and across the United States.

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Larkin & Lacey Continue to Fight for Free Speech After Arpaio is Set Free

In the summer of 2017, Joe Arpaio, formerly the Maricopa County Sheriff, was convicted of criminal contempt. The conviction followed the sheriff’s refusal to follow the order of a federal judge and would have seen him behind bars for up to six months.

At least, that’s what should have happened. Only a few weeks prior to his sentencing, Donald Trump issued a presidential pardon, freeing Arpaio from justice. Judge Bolton formally validated the pardon in October of 2017.

A Look at Why Arpaio Was Convicted

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are what one might call experts on Arpaio’s scandals. They have relentlessly covered his many wrongdoings, and if anyone can tell you exactly how he became so infamous, it’s them. Lacey goes on to speak about the many sins of the self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff in America.”

Lacey gives a grim description of Arpaio’s jails, brutal holding cells, where it’s not uncommon for inmates to be killed by overzealous guards, or simply by taking their own lives. Not to mention Arpaio’s infamous tent city, a “correctional facility” that Arpaio himself described as a concentration camp for inmates, where temperatures could reach well in excess of 100 degrees, and the unfortunate prisoners held there were afforded no reprieve from the blistering heat.

Arpaio also boasts a long record of other scandals, including the illegal diversion of jail funding as well as a lack of proper investigation, which led to more than a hundred sex-crimes going unsolved.

Arpaio also seems to have a strong vendetta against Latinos, regularly rounding them up with his anti-immigration squads via racial-profiling. This blatant profiling eventually led to the Melendres v. Arpaio lawsuit in 2007 and, subsequently, Arpaio’s criminal conviction.

Arpaio Takes Action to Silence the Press

Larkin and Lacey were a constant thorn in Arpaio’s side. Their constant coverage of the former sheriff’s wrongdoings caused great inconvenience for him.

In fact, the coverage had become such a nuisance that the pair’s publication was banned outright from Arpaio’s press conferences, and his offices simply ignored their requests for records. He even went so far as to threaten the publication’s reporters with arrest, although, he eventually chose to follow through on that threat.

The 18th of October, 2007. That’s the date of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey’s unlawful arrest by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Their homes were raided in the dead of night, and the two journalists had been hauled to Arpaio’s infamous jails in unmarked cars bearing Mexican plates. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Twitter

However, the public wouldn’t take this lying down, and with insuperable fury, they waged a war of words on Arpaio, leading to the release of Larkin and Lacey within 24 hours.

Larkin and Lacey filed suit, and, after several years of legal battling, they settled for $3.75 million, which they used to create the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Frontera Fund is dedicated to aiding migrant-rights organizations throughout Arizona. The two journalists have also launched their own online publication in order to fight against threats to free speech and the constitution.

How Mike Baur and the Swiss Startup Factory Helps New Businesses

Mike Baur is the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory, a business accelerator company headquartered in Switzerland. The business is aimed at helping new digital entrepreneurs achieve success by providing a bevy of services like financing, coaching, and access to the company’s investor network to them realize their full potential. The Swiss Startup factory prides themselves on quick turnarounds, often helping Digital entrepreneurs achieve results in as little as three months.


As the Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Mike Baur brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Swiss Startup Factor. He is a University of Rochester alumnus who earned an MBA in Business Administration in 2008, as well as an Executive Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Bern, in Switzerland. In 1991, while still attending university, Mike Baur worked for UBS Wealth Management in Fribourg, where gained considerable hands-on industry experience during the 17-years that he was with the company.


In 2008, Baur landed the role of Business Area Head of Private Banking for the private Swiss bank Clariden Leu, a financial institution best known for providing wealthy clients with state-of-the-art advisory services. Baur maintained his role with the bank until September of 2012 when he decided to expand his career horizon. In October of 2012, Baur was named Head of Private Banking for investment manager Sallfort Privatbank AG. In 2014, Baur made the decision to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions and created Think Reloaded AG, a management consulting firm. This entrepreneurial endeavor proved to be a success, with Think Reloaded AG generating over $200,000 in annual revenue.


In 2015, while still managing his own startup business, Think Reloaded AG, Baur took on the role of Co-founder of a new business enterprise, the Swiss Startup Factory. Baur is a huge proponent of helping startup businesses thrive, and considering that he had already launched his own successful business, and amassed years of experience in the financial sector, the Swiss Startup Factory made good business sense.


In 2016, Baur became the Deputy Managing Director for Swiss Startup Invest, the financial arm for the Swiss Startup Factory; in this role, Baur is tasked with securing financing for the company and is also heavily involved in various fundraising endeavors. Baur’s proficiency in these areas has benefited not only the Swiss Startup factory but also the ambitious entrepreneurs, that have reached out to them for help in growing their businesses. The funds that are generated for Swiss Startup Invest, through fundraising and financing, have helped countless entrepreneurs, giving them access to capital and technology that they may have otherwise not been available to them.



In the realm of mathematics, Michael Lacey is a very popular name. Michael is known for his achievements in the mathematics field over the decades. The talented man has mentored a high number of people including Postdocs and graduates. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey |Math Alliance

Most of these people look up to him and seek his guidance on different areas that trouble them. Those who have had the pleasure of meeting him and interacting with him talk of how bright and determined he is. The ones who are yet to meet him can tell that whatever they say is true from his several achievements.

Born on the 26th of September in 1959, Lacey grew up to become a very important personality in the world. Through his hard work in school, he managed to go to the University of Illinois where he achieved his ph.D. This was in 1987. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

He was able to do so with guidance from Walter Phillip, who supervised him through the program. When it came to the presentation of theses, Michael picked a probability theory and surprised many by solving a complex mathematical problem which related to the Law of Iterated Logarithm of Characteristic Empirical Functions.

As it was expected, he did not stop here; he continued to solve mathematical problems later on. Currently, he has made discoveries on topics such as Harmonic Analysis and the Ergodic Theory.

Michael Lacey has worked with several individuals throughout his life. However, his achievements with Walter Phillip are more pronounced. Together they have done some great work which includes presenting proof of the Central Limit Theorem (CLT).

Before the proof, it was just a notion in the division of probability. This discovery together with the rest help to solve other mathematical-related problems, thereby, easing lives and presenting people with better understanding.

Lacey has worked with the University of Illinois and the University of North Carolina. Currently, he works at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has received several accolades including the Salem Prize in 1996 for his good work. He was awarded this prize for solving the Bilinear Hilbert Transform with Xiaochun Li. His contributions to the realm of mathematics will never be forgotten.

Dr. Holterman’s Unique Career

Mark Holterman, M.D. is primarily a global pediatrician, educator, and researcher. However, he considers his most important work to be in his philanthropic causes. His primary one is with the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN).


Dr. Holterman received his Bachelor’s degree in biology from Yale University in 1980. He went on to attend medical school at the University of Virginia (UVA). While there, he met his wife, Ai-Xuan Li, whom he married in 1988. Li also became a pediatric surgeon. The two have three sons. After graduating from UVA, Dr. Holterman took up his residency at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Services. When he and Ai-Xuan moved to Seattle, he worked in pediatric surgery at the University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Services (Ideamensch). When they moved to Quebec, Canada, he worked as a research associate with the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal.


Dr. Holterman is currently working as a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. His two main offices are located in Peoria and Maywood. He is also the CEO of Miriam Global Health, which specializes in innovative medical technology. He works as a surgeon at three hospitals, including Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. He also studies stem cell research along with other new treatments for cancer and diabetes. He has been awarded the Innovative Research Award from the American Diabetes Association. Dr. Holterman is also a co-founder of The Hannah Sunshine Foundation, which researches innovative treatments for children who have rare, chronic diseases.


On top of it all, Dr. Holterman has also assisted in peer-reviewing medical journal articles and has written numerous articles for medical research for numerous websites and textbook chapters. He has also lectured globally.


To say that Dr. Holterman lives a busy life is definitely an understatement. When asked what a typical day is like for him, he says that an attitude of gratitude comes first for him ( Everything else is about staying open to whatever comes up and focusing on what he absolutely needs to do and not hesitating to delegate his ideas and tasks. In other words, he’s not afraid to use his medical team for reality checks on his ideas of what might help the various diseases that he researches.


Perry Mandera Discusses The Importance Of BoL’s In The Transportation Industry

As a very successful executive in the transportation industry, Perry Mandera has not only amassed over forty years of experience, he has gained exceptional knowledge regarding the importance and purpose of a bill of lading. A bill of lading is also referred to as a B/L or a BoL and represents a critical aspect of the shipping chain. There are three main objectives to a BoL document, a receipt for the merchandise, the contract’s evidence, and the good’s document title.


Trucking is an important aspect in the transportation industry, and the standard has been set by Perry Mandera. The first time he took the wheel of a truck was when he served the United States Marines as a reservist (Chicago.CBSLocal). BoL’s have a legal significance throughout this industry because they are a contract of carriage. They ensure the parameters of the seller are in accordance with the carriers’ process cargo. Perry Mandera understands criminal prosecution can result when a BoL is not filled out properly.


The BoL is a receipt of goods, and proof to the seller the cargo shipped was received by the carrier. The document additionally proves the cargo was in good condition when it was received. Prior to beginning a transportation business of his own when he was 23, Perry Mandera had learned the facts regarding a BoL. He ensured if a buyer received goods that were damaged, it was determined if the carrier or manufacturer were responsible.


Perry Mandera sold his business five years later. In 1986, he founded The Custom Companies, Inc. He chose Northlake, Illinois for the location. He is responsible for the business and sales development and makes certain the service received by his customers is of the highest quality. Perry Mandera offers numerous features online including an electronic bill of lading.


Perry Mandera ensures all BoL’s are accurate, and that the holder can transfer the rights to transport and claim the cargo to a different party. This is frequently beneficial concerning negotiations. Until all payment has been made for services, the carrier has the right to retain the BoL. To ensure a smooth delivery, they can transfer these rights to a third party.

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Your Investment Is Safe With SahmAdrangi

Aim triggered by SahmAdrangi’s ability to raise funds and close high-yielding securities deals. Truly, experience and expertise is something of a treasure. Kerrisdale Capital Management, a company owned and managed by SahmAdrangi and based in New York raised $100 million in a single stock as reported by Reuters. This is impressive considering the time it took to bring the pool of investors together to close at $100 million. Kerrisdale Capital Management following this, its net worth increased to $10 billion. The fund will most likely be used in investments with potential growth such as receding mortgage-backed securities or a crumbling energy company. However, it’s also alleged that this Kerrisdale fund will invest in stock through a public company they intend to establish. In fact, these funds are already in circulation in securities exchange. Shane Wilson, an analyst, and SahmAdrangi are working on soliciting for support through their website and running video ads.

About SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi has worked for highly reputable companies some of which include the Deutsche Bank. He worked in that bank as an analyst assessing the creditworthiness of finance groups for more than a year. He later joined Chanin Capital Partners still in the capacity of an analyst at their Los Angeles and New York offices and revolutionizing bankruptcy standards. Longacre Fund Management LLC appointed him in April of 2007 when they were struggling with a $2 billion debt.In expanding his career scope, he established the Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 and became the Chief Investment Officer. Due to his direct involvement with the company, he has a good apprehension of all dimensions of Kerrisdale. SahmAdrangi has walked with companies especially of Chinese origin and helped them get back on track. The motivating being is that some of them are currently are trading at the Securities and Exchange Commission this indicates financial soundness.He has a degree in Economics from Yale University obtained in 2003. Mr. Adrangi is skilled in handling investments, investment banking, and hedge funds. When torn in between options, consider reaching out for his services. He is skilled, perfectly understand the market trends and has a history as a bonus.

Century-Old Advocacy Group Continues to Serve Migrant Community with Local Support

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has fought for the rights on behalf of immigrants for 97 years. With absolutely no exceptions, the ACLU holds the constitution as the basis for all cases the organization becomes involved in.

There are more than 300 attorneys who volunteer their services throughout the country within ACLU affiliates, and the organization has more than 1.2 million members who support the cases undertaken, through their donations.

As a 501c organization, the donations received through membership are earmarked for serving the communities and protecting their legal rights. The non-profit organization has followed the immigration reform efforts in Washington and made its message clear, which is that the ACLU will hold the government accountable to upholding the U.S. Constitution. Learn more about Jim Larkin Michael Lacey:

While many immigrants who arrive in the country are experiencing the migrating process in a very favorable manner, there are thousands of individuals who, for whatever reason, are being treated with indignity and disrespect.

For the ACLU, it has become increasingly clear that there is a lack of human rights, which has been embedded within the actions taken by the government and certain groups that oppose a human-rights based migration process.

In many ways, immigration reform has created a crisis within the country and most-assuredly for the families of those who migrate to the United States.

The Lacey and Larkin Foundation agrees with the ACLU and works very closely with the organization to not only support its efforts, but also to remain updated with the changes involving migrant rights.

The foundation is one of the primary resources used by Arizonians to stay informed and knowing their rights, when it comes to immigration.

Founded in 2013, by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, two journalists for the Phoenix News Times, the foundation works with various advocacy groups to provide resources the community needs to educate themselves and empower their families through the ongoing immigration policy changes.

Michael and Jim both are recipients of the Libertarian Award by the ACLU affiliate of Arizona. They are both champions within the community that seek to bring empowerment to people knowing their constitutional rights. Their efforts to support the Hispanic and Latino community are well-received in order to preserve the rights of migrants within Arizona.

The foundation is one of the most-used resources by immigrants as well as all residents who want the latest and most-useful information for immigration laws, reform and news within the community and nationwide.

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Roberto Santiago, the ambitious owner of Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is the man behind the Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil. The shopping mall has been described as the best entertaining hang out in Brazil. To investors, the mall is seen as among the best investment decisions a man who has never given up on his goals has made.

Santiago is a Brazilian man who his peers describe as a great entrepreneur and hardworking man. He established the shopping mall in 1989 as a resting as well as a fun place. The Shopping is located in Joao Pessoa area and occupies an area of about 92, 000 sq.

Currently, it is estimated more than 1.6 million persons visit the shopping mall monthly making is the largest mall in the Paraiba area.

For residents, the mall is an entertainment joint with boutiques for shopping and food. The Mainara shopping Mall operates 24-hour. There are several food parlors and clubs where Brazilians and international visitors can enjoy while at the business center.

Additionally, the mall has a broad range of fashion stalls, electronic stores, gift shops, household items stores, as well as sport supplies shops. As such, visitors can find all they need while at the mall.

Besides shopping, visitors to Mainara shopping Mall foreigners and locals can relax to unwind at the mall. This is because they engage in a lot of activities while at the mall. These include watching the latest movies at 3D cinema halls

The mall is creatively built thus reflecting how creative Santiago is. As a result of this great mall, Robert Santiago is considered as an ideal role model for young entrepreneurs. This is characterized by the fact that he has defied all the odds to own a successful shopping mall in Brazil.

Besides interests in the real estate industry, Santiago is considered as among the best bloggers in writing about Brazil. He is a professional, writer as well as video producer.

Robert Santiago was born 59 years ago in Paraiba State in Brazil. He is Business Management Degree Holder from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Before the University Center, Santiago attended the Pio-Marist College.

Santiago’s business brilliance can be traced early in his life when he worked at a small hotel in Santa Rosa. It is during this time that he learnt to save and invest. It is also during this time that Santiago developed his business management skills which have allowed him to fulfill his dream of providing Brazilians with a single roof for all the products they need.