Business Pioneer Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera wanted to help others from a young age. He has always had an interest in Sports. While growing up, he was always an active member at his local Church. Perry’s family is very important in his life. Most of his life he lived in the City of Chicago. He graduated in 1975 from a public High School. He decided to join the United States Marines after finishing High School. Mandera’s served several tours of duty while active in the Military. He drove Military style trucks while in the Marine Corps. After receiving an honorable discharge from the military, he returned to a quiet civilian life.

Perry Mandera’s next career moves would be in Business and Politics. He worked for Transportation Companies in his mid 20’s. Mandera owned a successful Business between the years of 1980 and 1985. Between the years 1984 to 1988, he worked in the world of Politics. He served a Chicago Committeeman. Perry was apart of the 26th Republican Ward. During his years as a Committeeman, he was the youngest elected person.

Perry Mandera created a Transportation Corporation in the year 1986. It is called the Custom Cares Charities. They have customers that are small family-owned Businesses. They employ several hundred people. Mandera’s Company are Transportation Providers that offer full service packages. He was named by the State of Illinois as a top American Executive. In the year 2000, Perry starting serving on the Board of Directors.

Perry Mandera’s Company serves communities in times of crisis. They provide truck loads of food and supplies during natural disasters. Every year during the holidays, he donates thousands of dollars to families in need (Analystoffinance). The donated money provides magical holidays for families all over the Country. Perry’s Company, Custom Cares Charities, pays it forward to any communities in need. They have sponsored youth teams all over Illinois. Perry Mandera works closely with several Veteran Organizations.