Brazilian President Michel Temer Wants To Mend Fences With Japan


When Michel Temer replaced Dilma Rousseff as president of Brazil, he was faced with a massive challenge. Foreign investors dropped Brazil like a hot potato two years ago when the country’s credit rating was downgraded. The worst recession in more than 70 years turned the country into a living nightmare for many businesses and consumers. Inflation and unemployment began to take hold, and the Rousseff plan to get the economy back on track was ineffective. But President Temer has made excellent progress wooing some foreign investors back to Brazil. His recent announcement that investors can now own a piece of Brazil oil, gas and airports has been well received. Temer latest adventure in economic reform is mending fences with Japan. Rousseff canceled two official visits to Japan, and that didn’t sit well with the Japanese government.



Temer is making his first trip to Japan because there are more than 700 Japanese companies operating in Brazil, and he wants to reinforce industrial relationships, promote more trade, and find more investors. Brazilian business people, like Flavio Maluf, the CEO of giant building supply company Eucatex, is applauding Temer’s efforts to reconnect with the government of Japan. Eucatex has been doing business with Japan for several years, and Maluf wants warmer dialogue between his government and Japan’s leaders.



Eucatex is known for producing several key products in the building supply market. When Flavio Maluf took control of the family business in 1997, his goal was to build a strong multi-product business that had offices in other countries. Japan has always admired Brazilian-made products and several of those products are made by Eucatex.



The Eucatex business model is based on good relationships with countries outside of Latin America. Flavio Maluf spent time in the United States studying at NYU, so he is familiar with the consumer market in the United States. Flavio also studied the business model in Japan and other Asian countries. Eucatex continues to export MDF panels, paint, varnishes, ceiling tiles and other products to countries in Asia, Europe, and North and South America. Maluf wants Brazil to do more business in Japan, and has talked about what Brexit means before. More business will help Eucatex maintain a strong foreign business plan.  Follow him on his official website here:

The Positive Impact Kevin Seawright Makes in the Baltimore Community

Kevin Seawright, Founder and Managing Partner of RPS Solutions LLC serves the Baltimore, MD community offering affordable homes to first time buyers. RPS is a start-up joint partnership venture with a strong concentration on acquisition, asset management, government contracting, and development of assets in financially stressed neighborhoods. His mission is to rebuild those neighborhoods, thereby giving opportunities to first time homebuyers who are denied conventional mortgage loans to purchase a new home. RPS Solutions transforms financially stressed areas in Baltimore into livable and economically stable neighborhoods. Mr. Seawright has witnessed the successful of rebuilding such neighborhoods, nationally.

During an interview with Mr. Kevin Seawright on the Larry Young Morning Show, he stated to a live audience that he’s passionate about Baltimore’s homeownership. Their goal is to increase the city’s homeowners rate over 48 percent and develop a stable economic environment by creating job and housing opportunities. To improve neighborhoods in communities, developers know residents must invest into the city by purchasing homes. When neighborhoods are rebuilt, investors over the world seek opportunities to open businesses in redevelopment areas. That’s when the creation of jobs occur that also contribute to economic growth in the community.

As Managing Partner of RPS Solutions LLC, Mr. Seawright oversees complete operations of the affordable housing development in Baltimore. RPS was founded by Kevin in 2005 with the mission of fulfilling dreams for first time home buyers in the area. He’s helped hundreds to thousands of people in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and Newark, NJ get into economical houses in their communities. Kevin Seawright has an MA in business administration and has held many positions throughout his career, including Vice-President, Chief Financial Officer, and Finance Director, to name a few.

Mr. Seawright helps the citizens of Baltimore with the process of owning their first home. RPS professionals assist prospective homeowners with solutions for financing through networks of mortgage lenders and banks. The interview with Larry Young, which was broadcasted live on the radio show, gave Seawright the opportunity to speak to the citizens of Baltimore concerning opportunities for homeownership. Seawright continues to show the communities his commitment to increase the homeownership rate.  Follow Kevin on your own at SoundCloud.

Kyle Bass Helps No One With Their Investments

Kyle Bass has been at the front of the line to appear on TV and talk about investing ever since he predicted the fall of US loans. The problem now is that he has not been right about anything since. He wants to make sure that he can get as much airtime as he can get, but he does not fill up any of that airtime with things that help people. He has become a talking head that thinks of the most inflammatory thing to say, and he just goes with that so that he can have something to say. He gets good ratings, but he gives terrible advice.

Kyle Bass has been called a desperate gambler because he is so wild about his work. He does not even look after his hedge fund, and he does not even notice that it is falling apart. Everyone can see how he is neglecting his work, and they know that he is not giving sound advice. The worst part of Kyle Bass is that a lot of people will listen to him without doing any research. They will assume that they do not have to think any more, and then they will lose all their money on schemes that would only work for very rich people like Kyle Bass.

He has told people to fight drug companies on their patents, and he has said that whole economies would fall apart when they clearly would not. The worst part of this is that when people listen to him they will find him changing his tune in a couple months. He has changed his mind so much that no one can rely on anything he says, and then people who invest based on what he says will lose money only to hear him change his mind after. That is a way for a lot of people to lose money fast, and they will not be able to recover because they are not wealthy like Kyle Bass. It would make more sense for everyone to just avoid him at all costs so that they can stay solvent.

Solo Capital Founder Supports Autism Research With Charity

Solo Capital is a global financial services company that was launched in the United Kingdom in the year 2011. The company was founded by British businessman Sanjay Shah and offers trading, investment and consulting services to businesses around the world. Solo Capital has world class expertise in the area of athletic management including advisement, representation, performance management and asset management. The company also offers its clients its expertise in investment consulting, performance consulting and human capital consulting. Shah, the son of immigrants who moved from East Africa to the United Kingdom, founded the company after a career in the financial services industry.

As a college student Shah studied medicine and eventually gave up his medical pursuits to launch a career in accounting instead. Shah would go on to work in the investment industry for a slew of investment banks like Rabobank, Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. As the global financial crisis reached the financial services industry in the United Kingdom, Shah found himself without a job. Rather than look for another position Shah would go on to found the company we know as Solo Capital. According to Global Citizen Magazine Shah would go on to become incredibly wealthy through Solo Capital’s success and would decide to shift his focus from managing his boutique financial service company to pursuing philanthropic initiatives in the area of child development.

Because Shah is virtually retired from Solo Capital he is reportedly now spending his time working on supporting organizations that are committed to enhancing the quality of life for individuals living with autism. Shah was inspired to lend his support to autism-oriented non-profit organizations after learning that his young son was suffering from the disorder. After learning that his son had the disorder Shah looked to an autism-oriented healthcare facility in the United Arab Emirates to provide the developmental therapy his son needed. He ended up needing to finance his son’s healthcare independently as the facility was not able to serve his son due to having an extensive years-long wait list. Shah donated resources to the facility and began looking for ways that he could raise large amounts of money to benefit the cause of autism. Shah had a background in music after working as a disk jockey during his years in university. He decided to leverage his experience as a promoter with his passion for creating a better quality of life for people living with autism. Shah decided to develop an initiative that spoke to both of these interests by launching an organization called Autism Rocks. Shah’s charity Autism Rocks raises money for autism research by organizing concerts whose proceeds go towards researching the developmental disorder. Autism Rocks has raised money for autism by throwing concerts featuring celebrities like Prince, Drake and Lenny Kravitz.


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James Dondero and the Argentinean Strategy

If you consider the role and also the responsibility of a financial adviser, you will actually find that they are supposed to help people in the area of finance more than anything else. Obviously they are trying to generate wealth, and they want to make sure you are able to see both a short term and a long term return on your investments as well. That being said, it is far more important for a financial expert to bestow knowledge and communicate expectations and information than it is to simply bring money back in.

One such individual who has done a tremendous job in this capacity is James Dondero, and it is not just because of his ability to understand finances, but also it is his ability to train others in the concepts of finance that others find so helpful and even exciting. There are more than enough ways to generate money with respect to the world of finances, but as long as you can truly understand your strategy then you will be able to have a much more significant chance of actually generating wealth for the level of confidence (and risk) that you have.

Risk is something that anyone and everyone will have to deal with. It is everywhere in the world, but it is especially in the world of finance. In fact, if there wasn’t risk then people wouldn’t be able to generate returns in the first place. That being said, if you wanted to pursue pure risk just for the sake of going boom or bust, then you could simply take your money to a casino each and every payday and try to hit it big then. The simple idea is that you can’t just focus on pure risk in order to try and get ahead. And, when you start to consider the financial strategies that James has been employing, you can quite simply see why the success levels of Highland Capital Management are through the roof.

Highland Capital Management and Dondero have started to push the proverbial bar upwards with respect to returns because of their ability to find brand new projects such as the new Argentinean bonds and debt that are coming out. While not everyone is jumping into the brand new wave of potential cash flows, it will certainly be interesting to see if James Dondero’s strategy continues to pay off as it has in the past.

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Funding Small Companies with Marc Sparks

Venture capital is one of the fastest growing forms of business in the world today. As the economy continues to recover from the last recession, there is a huge need for capital in our economy.

Instead of looking to large companies, many small business owners are looking for local venture capitalists to help them in their journey. There are a lot of people who use the funds of Marc Sparks to help with their business. Over the past couple of years, Marc Sparks has helped to fund a variety of small companies across the country. Anyone who is looking to make an impact with their small business should consider getting funding from Marc Sparks and his team.

Marc Sparks

There are few people who are able to achieve a high level of success at the level of Marc Sparks according to GoodReads. He has done a great job of influencing the lives of others throughout his time in business. During the early part of his career, he was able to start up and run a variety of successful companies.

There are a lot of people who love the fact that they can ask his advice since he was in a similar situation at one point in his career. There are many people looking for ways to expand their business, and working with Marc Sparks is one of the best ways to do so. In a Disqus page, Marc Sparks is a great example of the impact that one person can make. Over the past couple of years, there are a lot of small companies that are in existence because of his funding and help.

Growing a Small Company Today

It is easier to be a small business owner today than at any point in history. Many people want to work with products and customers on their own terms. As corporate America continues to just focus on the bottom line, there are a lot of people looking for ways to grow a small business in this environment. The good news is that there are a lot of technology tools that people can use in order to get ahead.

No one has any excuse for not starting up a company with everything that is available today. There are a variety of free marketing tools and social media to get the word out about your business. Anyone who is looking to make a difference in the world has the ability to through starting up a company.

Venture Capital

There are few industries in the economy growing as fast as venture capital. This is the practice of lending both time and money to companies that are in the initial growth stage. Anyone who wants to invest in these companies needs to be prepared to have their money sit for many years. There is a lot of risk involved in this process.

Marc Sparks loves working with people who are willing to stick their neck out and take a risk. This is what he devotes most of his time and money to when he can. Over time, he has been involved with hundreds of companies at some level.

Marc Sparks loves to help others any way he can, and he has found his calling in venture capital and investing his time and money into other people. A lot of people owe their success to his work.

How iFunding is Helping People Invest in Real Estate

Avoiding all the hassle that comes with paying rent is usually a top priority for many people. The real estate sector is one of the most profitable ventures to make owing to the fact that values are always on the rise. iFunding is helping ordinary people to make investments in the sector. This is done basing on a crowd-funding platform, where prospective owners pool their resources together, to enable them purchase property. The New York based firm has interests spread throughout the US. In addition, its operations in Asia are also experiencing fast growth.

The firm is a major player in the property market. It expedites debts and ideal equity fundraising for all types of property ranging from residential units to luxury condominiums. It provides an opportunity for qualified investors to invest in profitable real estate ventures. The minimal investment amount is 5,000 dollars. The company manages the property on the investors’ behalf and takes charge of any deals thereafter. It provides them with market insights about the ventures made. iFunding further outsources multi-project implementation funds. It also makes partnerships with family offices to co-sponsor investment opportunities for its individual members.

He had a pioneering idea about crowd funding to enable people from all walks of life own a piece of real estate. This is what Skelley said on Twitter led him to start iFunding. He wanted to provide an opportunity for investors to take part in seminars over the Internet, monitor any fundraising effort and therefore, make prudent investments. Skelley told interviewers he also envisioned a situation whereby the interests of potential investors could be protected and all campaigns blatantly reported. Skelley incorporated technology to make ventures in the sector simple. Distinct financiers can choose and make uninterrupted investments in pre-approved prime properties. All this is done on the firm’s website.

Prior to the formation of iFunding, shows William worked in major corporations. These include General Electric, Olympus, Bain Capital and Rose Park Advisors, a hedge fund firm where he was a senior partner. Besides that, he has advised many upstarts on the best ways of raising funds for expansion. His areas of interest are fundraising from credible financers and family offices. He has been invited to many forums, where he speaks about real estate financing. As recognition for his massive contribution to property ownership, William was recently named among the future leaders of the real estate sector. This is an exclusive and prestigious mention, which shows how influential he is in the industry.  iFunding also just landed a huge new employee, as William Skelley named Daniel Drew the new vice president.

Why George Soros Sees A Replica Of The 2008 Financial Crisis Happening Soon

Hedge fund mogul George Soros is not a happy man. He sees a replica of the 2008 financial global crisis and advises that investors need to be very cautious so as to avoid being swept away by the tide. Speaking at the recently concluded World Economic Forum that was held in Sri Lanka, Soros pointed out that China one of the world’s financial heavyweights is facing a challenge in finding another growth model and through its currency devaluation, it is spreading the financial crisis plague to the rest of the world.

George Soros pointed out that because of China’s recent predicament, it has become very hard for nations in the developing world to return to levels where they can experience positive interests precisely the reason he said that the current financial environment has a lot of similarities to the 2008 period.

At the beginning of 2016, the global stocks, currency and commodity markets were not doing very well. In the financial markets, the Yuan made a very long dive and many questioned the strength of the Chinese economy especially now that is is shifting its attention from manufacturing and investment towards offering services. During the first trading week of the year, not less than $2.5 trillion was wiped away from the global equities value.

George said that China has a very big problem in adjusting to its current changes and out of that alone, he foresees a crisis erupting. This is not the first time he has made a comparison of a current financial environment to the 2008 crisis. In 2011 in Washington, he had said that the European-Greece debt crunch would amount to an even bigger crisis than in 2008.

Soros’ opinions on matters related to the financial markets are not taken lightly. He is the globe’s richest hedge fund manager with a net worth of not less than $27.3 billion. To get where he is today, it has taken him faith, courage and determination to risk and learn.

He started trading in New York in the 1950’s after graduating from the London School of Economics with an Economics degree. Prior to that, he had managed to flee from a World War II zone to end up in England en route Hungary. Out of his investment prowess, he built his empire through his career as a hedge fund manager.

Although he considers himself semi-retired, he does not shy away from giving his opinions on trending topics and especially, those that have anything to do with the markets. He is also very vocal on political matters and is known to support the Democrats. On matters philanthropy, he is not left behind as well. He is the founder of the Open Society Foundation that seeks to enrich lives through the human rights, open societies and more.

Bruce Levenson Huge Millionaire Success Story: Atlanta Hawks Sale A Gain Or Loss?

Prominent entrepreneur and former NBA team principal, Bruce Levenson made millions after selling the high-ranking Atlanta Hawks. Billionaire private equity financier, Tony Ressler was the winning bidder. Levenson and the controlling partners of Atlanta Hawks found favor in Ressler’s generous proposal. Levenson bought a controlling interest in the entire Atlanta Hawks franchise back in 2004, of which he served as a board governor. He’s a passionate basketball player, adventure traveler, skier, and golfer.

Levenson was a journalist for the popular media house the Washington Star while continuing an education at the renowned American University School of Law. He also studied political science at the prestigious Washington University. Later, Levenson co-founded a top-grossing digital communications empire, namely UCG (United Communications Group. He and long-term business colleague Ed Peskowitz launched the company together on Today, Levenson spends ample time bonding with the family. He’s married with three awesome sons.

The launch of UCG back in 1977 brought Bruce Levenson on infinite business opportunities. The modern UCG has captured the largest market share as a global supplier of digital communications, web services, and virtual IT solutions. Dubbed a global leader, UCG has undertaken thousands of contracts with an outreach to over two million subscribers. It’s penetrated several industries, including energy, finance, technology, telecommunications, and healthcare. Levenson previously served TechTarget, a privately-controlled technology startup which he founded as a shareholder. Additionally, he served the conglomerate as board director until 2012. Later, he co-founded DOT which focused on launching revolutionary cooking contraptions; the inventions were groundbreaking.

Levenson continues to inspire communities as he creates innovative opportunities to fuel the expansion of philanthropic endeavors. In fact, he organized the UMD (University of Maryland)-staged project namely the Center For Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership alongside his creative wife, Karen. This initiative puts emphasis on infusing the core cultural values of philanthropy with education. Mr. Levenson actively supports a handful of meaningful philanthropic endeavors such as the Hoop Dreams, UMD’s Do-Good-Challenge, the Community Foundation and the I-Have-A-Dream Foundation (former president).

Today, Levenson serve the executive team of UCG as a key advisor. He’d began working on TechTarget at UCG before launching the franchise officially in 2003. UCG is his most successful project. Largely, Levenson’s extensive experience in the field and strategic business ideas are the core engine of the enterprise. It’s an IT brand that’s cultivated a repertoire for quality services and excellent customer experiences. It’s extension to global territories such as Australia has transformed businesses by creating and providing smarter, cost-effective communication products.

Charles Koch’s Alternative Plan to The GOP Party

American businessman and philanthropist Charles Koch, along with his brother David Koch, have put together a political advocacy operation that is unique to American history. The operation includes a large number of donors and over 1,000 staffers nationwide. That is more employees than the entire Republican National Committee had on its payroll.

The Koch’s operation seems different from the Republican Party in that it is based on changing American public life to a more libertarian form of conservatism. The operation continues to grow as it is writing and pushing model state budgets. This technique is similar to the one used in other states to push initiatives.

The decision by Charles Koch and his brother to create their own organization is primarily based off of their dissatisfaction with then President George W. Bush. The organization will spend funds in 2016 on ads and voter outreach to help boost the odds of a Republican candidate winning the upcoming Presidential election.

While the group’s main goal is to advocate small government policies the organization has put more spending into states where they will have more influence instead of fighting for swing votes. Some of the Republican states where the organization has influence include Arkansas, Indiana, and North Carolina.

The organization’s corporate style efficiency measures are important to the sales pitches that are delivered to potential donors. The organization believes that they can use cash more efficiently than other types of conservative groups. While the organization likes to talk about its cost controls, thanks to the group’s success. The organization pays out bonuses that can exceed the salary for a full year for many executives.

Recently, the organization centralized its flow chart to bring more functions under the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit organization that oversees the Koch operation. The organization is also considering consolidating its Washington area offices into office towers in Virginia near the suburbs. At some point, the organization may purchase an entire office building, though it seems unlikely.

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