Brazilian CEO Flavio Maluf

Brazil is one the leading nations in all of the world. This fifth largest nation by population also has the world’s fifth largest population. In recent decades, many investors across the nation have learned that they can tap into this emerging regional powerhouse and be part of growing area marketplace. Investors have looked to Brazilian leaders to help them figure out how best to tap into the local area markets and how best to do business in this part of the world. The skilled investor can use their understanding of this regional market to earn an impressive rate of return on their investments here.

Work with a dynamic business leader in the region such as Flavio Maluf can be of great use to those who wish to investigate any kind of investing here. Someone who wants to invest capital in Brazil or wants to consider expanding a business into Brazil will find it highly helpful to have Maluf on their side during the process of investigation, because of the advice that he offers in Brazil all the time. Maluf is a highly trained Brazilian native who knows the area well. He understands the way the local area works and how to work with regional businesses and employees to provide the consumer with their needs.

Maluf has spent his entire life in the region, working hard to help develop his business interests. As Chief Operating Office of Eucatex, he has been instrumental in helping people in the region find employment. He has also been instrumental in demonstrating the best possible way to invest capital in Brazil in order to have that capital yield the kind of return on investments that many investors today find essential to meet their fiscal goals and beat inflation at the same time. The result has been that his leadership skills have been widely praised and he has been able to attract new investors in his business which his website shows in great detail.

Before assuming leadership of Eucatex, LinkedIn shows that Maluf actually earned a degree in mechanical engineering where he learned about the world of business and the subject of engineering at the same time. His work here as an undergraduate has helped him understand the ways in which is possible to motivate employees and help run a business well. Since that time, Maluf has assumed leadership as head of Eucatex and helped provide his employees with the kind of motivation they need to do a good job and help provide products for the needs of their customers.  Flavio can be found on Facebook, where he frequently posts about the issues of the day.

Charles Koch’s Alternative Plan to The GOP Party

American businessman and philanthropist Charles Koch, along with his brother David Koch, have put together a political advocacy operation that is unique to American history. The operation includes a large number of donors and over 1,000 staffers nationwide. That is more employees than the entire Republican National Committee had on its payroll.

The Koch’s operation seems different from the Republican Party in that it is based on changing American public life to a more libertarian form of conservatism. The operation continues to grow as it is writing and pushing model state budgets. This technique is similar to the one used in other states to push initiatives.

The decision by Charles Koch and his brother to create their own organization is primarily based off of their dissatisfaction with then President George W. Bush. The organization will spend funds in 2016 on ads and voter outreach to help boost the odds of a Republican candidate winning the upcoming Presidential election.

While the group’s main goal is to advocate small government policies the organization has put more spending into states where they will have more influence instead of fighting for swing votes. Some of the Republican states where the organization has influence include Arkansas, Indiana, and North Carolina.

The organization’s corporate style efficiency measures are important to the sales pitches that are delivered to potential donors. The organization believes that they can use cash more efficiently than other types of conservative groups. While the organization likes to talk about its cost controls, thanks to the group’s success. The organization pays out bonuses that can exceed the salary for a full year for many executives.

Recently, the organization centralized its flow chart to bring more functions under the Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a nonprofit organization that oversees the Koch operation. The organization is also considering consolidating its Washington area offices into office towers in Virginia near the suburbs. At some point, the organization may purchase an entire office building, though it seems unlikely.

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James Dondero: HCM and more

James “Jim” Dondero is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management (HCM). Jim’s specialty is the equity and credit markets, in which he has over thirty years of experience. Jim is the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, and Nexbank. Jim is also a board member of American Banknote and MGM Studios.

Dondero is very active in philanthropically, supporting education, veteran’s affairs, and public policy. Before HCM Dondero was a Chief Investment Officer and helped Protective Life from inception to over two billion dollars from 1989 to 1993. He was also a Corporate Bond Analyst and then Portfolio Manager at American Express. Mr. Dondero graduated with the highest honors from the University of Virginia. He attended the School of Commerce with dual majors in accounting and finance.
Mr. Dondero has recently hired Terry Jones as the President of Institutional Products. Jones brings more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry to the table. Mr. Jones plans to lead Highland’s discussions with strategic institutional allocators to drive solutions-oriented business development and serve as a compliment to Highland’s broader institutional sales platform.
Recently HCM, who has approximately 20 billion dollars under management, announced that Highland’s Long/Short Healthcare Fund received a HFM US Hedge Fund Performance Award in the category of “40 Act Fund-Equity.” James Dondero credited winning the award to “the deep experience and healthcare expertise of Michael Gregory and his team.” The HFM award recognizes hedge funds, fund of funds, and 40 act funds that have outperformed their peers in numerous categories.
The Long/Short Healthcare Fund is managed by Michael Gregory. Healthcare is Highland’s largest investment, and it has brought in over three billion dollars under management. When asked about the award, Gregory stated ” We remain focused on strong, repeatable, performance for our investors.” He also said that the award is “indicative of the success of our investment process and risk management infrastructure, and a credit to the hard work and intensity of the team.”

Importance of Improved Technology in Businesses

Over the years, there has been tremendous improvement in technology across all industries. Technology experts have developed software and applications that have capacity to promote high level efficiency so as to deliver improved products and services that are used daily by individuals. Shaygan Kheradpir is a technology executive who has been at the center of developing major software that are used today across major sectors today. Kheradpir has worked in this industry for more than 20 years working for various organizations at high ranking positions. Since he was collage in the 1980s, there has been tremendous improvement in computer networking, storage and communications. This was attained due to invention of new technology that has been improving over the years.

In several instances, technology facilitates operations of a business. Technology is a vital element of a business from customer service, accounting, product design and subsequent development. Indeed, this rapid growth in technology development that has been experienced over the past few decades. This development has provided more efficient and powerful production as well as reduced expenses for companies. Technology normally helps small entities to look bigger and ahead of others in the market. Technology is enhanced by hardware like desktops, laptops, servers, projectors, digital cameras among others that keep an entity operating daily.

Software used by businesses entails operating systems used in computers, accounting packages and processing units. Several divisions or departments in an organization will be connected through internet. Small entities have applied internet in their operations and they have attained maximum production from it. They use internet to advertise, market their product and services, sell, reach new clients and provide information to general public. In fact, as a result of technology, a lot of operations in companies have been automated and are handled using specialized technology tools.

When technology is applied perfectly in entities, it helps them stay ahead of other competitors in the market. They are able to improve communications, make staffs more efficient in their work and tap into effective marketing opportunities. Using business tools like email, accounting software and smart phones can take some burden from investors and allow them maximize effectively on their time. The next generation of employees will be accustomed to technology in almost everything they will be doing. All entities should approach and adopt technology in a positive way in order to keep up with these advancements.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a technology expert who has a PhD in electrical engineering from Cornel University in the U.S. He started working at GTE Laboratories as a networking officer and was later transferred and assigned the duties of chief information officer. He was promoted to this position because of delivering new products on time. After merging of GTE and Bell Atlantic, Verizon communications was established and Kheradpir was appointed the president of e-business. He played crucial role of ensuring Verizon diversified its services as well as automation of operations. He was working with a team of 7,000 staffs who were working in small groups and mandated to create new products.

Information About Eucatex Group

President Flavio Maluf is an entrepreneur from the Brazil. He was born back in the 1961 and enrolled for a medical course in a local institution before leaving for America. In the United States, he continued his studies at the New York University. He later joined the Eucatex Group in 1987 and used his administrative and entrepreneurial skills to run the company. The administrative knowledge that he acquired from the New York University helped him to run the company until 1996. In 1997, the shareholders and other leaders made him the president of the company after accessing his abilities. All the shareholders and his relatives approved his capabilities.

The Eucatex Group was established in 1950 as a company that deals with taking care of the environment. It was known for using the eucalyptus tree as the input for the production of boards and panels. Over the years, the firm has advanced its productions, and it is now producing the acoustical ceilings, acoustic plates, insulating plates, and soft wood sheets. President Maluf launched the use of modern tools in the manufacturing processes of the Eucatex Group.

The entrepreneur has helped the firm to open an outlet in the city of Botucatu. The company has a team of managers who aims at ensuring that the company operate as per the set plan and achieve both the long and short terms goals. The firm has a record of participating in the charity events. The staffs take part in helping the local society and the needy. The president leads them in taking initiatives in the neighboring communities and caring for the sick. They train the local people on the ways to take care of the environment and by encouraging them to plant more trees.

The company welcomes external investors to buy their shares and be part of its ownership. You can take part in the leasing project or the forestry partnership. Forestry leasing involves an agreement between the rural owners and the company where the owners lease out their properties for a stipulated period, and they receive payment from the firm. Companies prefer to lease instead of buying a property when the leasing fee is cheaper to buying.

Eucatex Group has invested in ensuring Corporate Governance of all departments. It has established ethical channels to ensure transparency in all operations. They train their customers and suppliers on ways to use these channels. They also highlight the main issues that you need to report and especially those caused by the workers.

James Dondero Doesn’t Hesitate to Set the Bar High

We often strive for excellence in everything we do, whether that is work or play. Jim Dondero, though, seems to have set the bar a little higher than most people. He certainly has a list of achievements to prove he never gave up or lowered his expectations. Today, he is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, and sits on a number of boards. However, that doesn’t say enough about Mr. Dondero, his career or his lifelong history of success.

A firm believer in the importance of education, Jim Dondero of nexbank attended the University of Virginia. Even at that young age, he revealed a determination to excel by aiming to earn dual majors in Finance and Accounting. Not only did Mr. Dondero achieve his goals, he did so with the highest honors, graduating Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma. He went on to become a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). That was just a hint of what Mr. Dondero was determined to achieve in his lifelong career.

Mr. Dondero began working as an analyst in Morgan Guaranty’s training program in 1984. From there, he went to work for American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst, earning a promotion to a Portfolio Manager. Perhaps his greatest achievement, though, was in 1993 when he co-founded Highland Capital Management, the company leading the way in credit oriented solutions and Collateralized Loan Obligation market development. Today, Mr. Dondero, President of Highland Capital Management, L.P., boasts more than 30 years experience in equity and credit markets. In addition, he founded and continues on as the President of NexPoint Advisors, L.P. and serves as the NexBank chairman.

For all of his success, Mr. Dondero has never forgotten the importance of giving back. In fact, he is quite the philanthropist and supports endeavors in veteran’s affairs, public policy and, of course, education. His efforts do not end there, the President of Highland Capital Management serving as Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, Inc.’s chairman. He is also the director of Safety-Kleen, Inc. as well as president, member of the Executive Committee and member of the Compensation Committee for NeighborCare, Inc.

Mr. Dondero serves as an example of what we can achieve in a very short time. Granted, he started over 30 years ago, but in that time he has gained experience in leveraged bank loans, derivatives, emerging markets and far more. Mr. Dondero also spent much of his career helping to make Highland Capital Management the successful company it is today. Perhaps more importantly, he is a leader in the community and strives to better the lives of the people around him. It’s easy to see that Mr. Dondero not only set the bar high but he is also determined to succeed at anything he attempts.

Steve Murray and the CCMP Capital: A Profile

CCMP CAPITAL is a universal private equity firm that deals in various equity investments in different industries. The firm, which began in August 2006, was formed as a continuation of an investment strategy previously started at JP Morgan Partners. CCMP Capital spun out of JP Morgan, and its affiliate predecessors. The title Stephen Murray CCMP Capital reflects the firm’s heritage organizations that are C-Chemical Ventures, C-Chase Capital, M – Manufacturers Hanover Capital/JP Morgan and P-Partners.

The CCMP Capital specializes in making buyout and growth equity investments for their clients. The firm’s major clients are largely drawn from North America and Europe even though they have investments in almost all parts of the world. Being a global private equity investment firm, the company has created a market niche in four different sectors. The sectors include consumer/retail, industrial, energy and healthcare.

The consumer/retail sector has the specialty retail, service businesses and multi channeling marketing as its sub-sectors. The industrial sector sub-sectors include the manufacturing, distribution, industrial services and chemicals. The consumer/retail and industrial sectors have the most number of investor clients compared to the energy and healthcare sectors that have fewer numbers of investment clientele. The bulk of the investor’s in the firms’ portfolio is from North America. CCMP Capital has among its investors both public and corporate entities who invest in pension funds, funds of funds, endowments and foundations among others.

Steve had been part of the predecessor companies out of which CCMP Capital was founded since 1989 starting as a junior employee and rising through the ranks. He began his career as a credit trainee in 1984. The top management of the company comprises of a C.E.O and four managing directors. Also among the team are executive advisor, finance staff, principals, and legal and compliance analysts.

In the recent past, the firm has been involved in buyouts of several firms as means of boosting its investment portfolio and increasing its area of operations. A recent buyout includes the Hillman companies that were acquired in 2014 for a disclosed fee of $1.475B.

As a partnering company, they can leverage resources and financial might to enable their clients achieve sustainability and stability. CCMP Capital aims at being a world class investment partner through active management strategies and powerful value creation models that will be driven by its professional workforce. Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, CCMP Capital continues to be a preferred investment manager for many companies that wish to handle large financial transactions.

Bruce Levenson Worked Hard To Become An NBA Team Owner

The NBA is a powerful sports organization that gets a lot of people excited. When the sport is in season people can’t stop talking about it and their hopes and dreams for their favorite teams. Most people feel strongly about who they would like to see win, and who they would rather have lose, and it can be fun for them to watch a game and see their favorite team do well, especially when they are actually able to be at the game.
Those who love the NBA enjoy just being able to be around and witness the goings on of their favorite team. They could not imagine what it would be like to actually be the owner of that team and to be able to take even more pride in the players and all that they are doing.
Bruce Levenson on wikipedia was a successful businessman before he become an NBA team owner, and he worked hard to be able to be one. His love for the NBA has driven him to have the kind of success that he has had, and now many people are jealous of him for what he has been able to do. Not many people are able to say that they own a professional sports team, but Bruce Levenson can. He has worked hard to earn the right to be able to do what he has down, and he deserves it. He deserves the joy that comes with owning a team and seeing them do well.
The NBA holds the interest of many people, and many people would love to be able to own an NBA team if only they had the money to do that. And, while they may never get the chance to actually own a team for themselves, that should just motivate them to work hard in the things that they are doing. They never know where it will take them when they are being ambitious.
When one does not feel that owning an NBA team is a realistic dream for them to have, though, the least that they can do is to keep rooting for their team and cheering them on to success.

Why Choose Home Cleaning Services

While one’s home is his own to keep how he chooses, it is hard to find someone that prefers a messy home. However, keeping the home clean is a lot harder than one would think. There is the stress of day to day life for many people that have just a 9 to 5 job. There are also other unexpected factors that could take one’s focus and energy. Often times, this results in the house not being clean. Even for people that could keep a house clean, the cleanliness is only superficial. There are other issues, especially when it comes to carpeting.

A lot of times, cleaning a carpet just pushes the dirt deeper into the carpet. As a matter of fact, carpets accumulate so much dirt that is hard to get rid that many people opt for removing the carpet and instead use tile or wood for flooring. However, just because one does not have the time or the energy to maintain the cleanliness of a home does not mean that one should let all the dirt accumulate. There are other options for keeping the home clean. One of these options is home cleaning services.

There are many different types of home cleaning services. It is important to look at many different cleaning services and see what they have to offer. There are some services that specialize in only a certain type of cleaning in the home. In this case, one must look at the areas of their home in which they need the most help. For instance, they may be good at keeping organized, yet they may need help cleaning tubs or floors. It is also important to look at the reputation of the cleaning services. A poor reputation is not the sign of a good cleaning cleaning service as one would see.

One example of a good cleaning company is itunes’ Handy. As a matter of fact, it has turned out to be such a good cleaning company that it has began earning $1 million a week just two years after launching. Both employees and customers are very satisfied with the company. The employees compare it to having an ATM inside of their pocket. Also, they have recently released an app that allows customers to book an appointment with their mobile phones. Handy also do background checks before boarding the service.

With cleaning services, keeping a house clean can be a lot easier. People don’t have to put up with a messy and dirty home just because they don’t have the time and energy to keep everything clean and neat. There are plenty of professionals that are willing and able to provide their clients with a clean environment.

Debunking Wall Street’s Most Popular Myths

Myths can be detrimental to a trader. It can guide them towards the wrong path and cause them to make bad financial decisions. Debunking these myths is an important first step to clearing the fog that has long prevented investors and traders from making money in their chosen financial markets. Here are the 4 most popular myths that circulate around the financial industry.

Myth#1 – Trading Is Just The Same As Gambling

This is something you will commonly hear from family members and friends when you tell them about your plans to pursue a trading career. Trading and gambling are different from each other yet is something most people outside of the trading industry fail to comprehend. In trading, you are actually the casino rather than the mindless gambler spending his chips. A true trader only enters positions where the odds are in his/her favor.

Myth#2 – Markets Are Reserved For Rich Folks And Their Brokers

Financial markets remain the most accessible capitalistic industry worldwide, despite proactive government regulations, high frequency trading algorithms, manipulation in supply and demand of private sectors, and the “dark pool” layer of the markets. The market is open to all newcomers who are interested in profiting from market activity. In fact, nowadays, you can easily open a basic broker account for less than $100 and start monitoring those price blips on your screen.

Myth#3 – Market Crashes Always Recover Eventually

From US’ Black Monday of 1987 to the Japanese Asset Price Bubble of 1991, market crashes have been causing chaos for centuries. One thing you need to know about them is that they don’t immediately recover. Although it might get back up to previous levels where you bought it, it might not regain its strength for years or even decades, resulting in all that missed opportunities and time to grow your investment capital.

Myth#4 – Markets That Go Up Will Come Down

This is especially true for equities. Just because Apple shares are currently overpriced at $500, this doesn’t mean you have to go dive in on a short position. It might not hit $100 for another few months or years, and instead could hit $1,000 first thereby wiping out your account. Never assume that the market is going to do something just because it feels right or has happened once before.

Just ask veteran investors like Brad Reifler. The serial entrepreneur/investor has seen several market crashes unfold in his years of experience in the financial industry. He commandeers one of the most successful global financial services firm, Forefront Capital, and has headed several businesses in the past including Pali Capital Inc, which he founded after graduating from college.