Latest U.S. Economic News According to Experts

The United States has the world’s largest economy, which represents 20% of normal worldwide GPD. The US dollar is a widely used currency in global transactions. It is the world’s leading reserve currency. Countries all over the world used it as the de facto currency while others they use it as the official currency. The United States has ensured a stable growth of GPD and a moderate unemployment levels. There are high levels of capital investment and research.

US Debts

Although the economy of US has been healthy, volatility in bond and stock markets coupled with slowing Chinese economy has raised alarm in the global capital about what the future holds. The first potential effect in the US will be planned to raise interest rates by the Federal Reserve. However, the move may not be enough to steady the US economy. These issues have raised constant debates from the US leadership regarding fiscal policies. One side prefers to rein in spending while the other wishes to spend more. The US economy has registered an unfunded utility debt of more than $16 trillion in the last five years. Economic experts have expressed their fear with the rate at which the liabilities are increasing and that the amount may double in the next decade. The sad part is that quantity of the debts is no close to debts of European Union debts combined.

The Reserve Currency

Despite the enormous debts, US is likely to get their way with the debts than any other country. As mentioned, the US dollar is the leading global reserve currency. Having such a status gives the US the power to run up a bar like no other country and still maintain a relatively stable economy. The global market uses the US dollar to price its products and carry most of their international transactions. The dominance of the US dollar in such occasions raises its value and demand. According to the Financial Times magazine, the dominance is likely to be challenged by China. Having established over 35 currency swap deals, China is gaining the traction to replace the US dollar and will soon take over the economy.

An Overview of Christian Broda

Christian Broda according to is a writer and economist by profession. He graduated with a degree in economics from San Andreas University. He is a renowned columnist in the Quarterly Economics Journal and the American Economic Review. He focuses on trade and international finance. Mr. Broda was an economics’ lecturer at the University of Chicago. Currently, Mr. Broda is involved in a variety of hedge fund startups and plies his trading with Capital Management Company. Christian Broda is married and a proud father of two sons.

When Spirituality And Business Are Combined Amazing Things Happen


There are many ways that people can try to make the business world a better place, and one of the best ways that people have been doing that, lately, is through adding spirituality into the business world. There are some people who believe that the two things really belong together, and the results of their efforts to make them go side by side have proved them right.
Spirituality and business might not seem like the perfect pair, but once they are together they make everything go more smoothly. Spirituality in the business world means that everyone is getting along a little bit better. It means more peace of mind, and more respect toward one another. Any business could use that kind of positive attitude. Spirituality might not seem like it has a place in the business world, but it really does.
Joseph Bismark realized that spirituality is deserving of a place in the business world a while ago, and he decided to take it upon himself to make it happen. He started out his business to prove to others that these two very different things can go well together, and he has been able to do just that. People see his business and the way that he treats the people that are working alongside him, and they have to agree that he is doing things right.
Joseph Bismark spent some of his early years living with the monks in the Philippines, and the things that he learned there have been engraved in him for life. He learned to be a peaceful, kind and respectful person. He treats others like he would want to be treated himself, and he gives them all the chance to prove themselves to him. The way that he does business isn’t like anyone else, and more people should look up to him and try to imitate all of the wonderful things that he has done.
So, yes, spirituality does deserve a place in the business world. And when the two are combined amazing things can happen.

Skout Is The Pioneer In Online Dating

It’s no secret that online dating has because the norm in our society. It seems that it’s all anyone is talking about these days because it’s all anyone is doing. Gone is the bar scene or blind dates. Those used to be the common ways to meet someone. Now, it’s all about finding that special person online. This is for a variety of reasons.

For one, people are so gosh darn busy. Nowadays, it seems that everyone has prior commitments that take precedent over face to face dating. Sometimes it’s jobs, sometimes it’s school, and other times it’s simply spending time with family and friends. It’s so much easier to log online and meet someone that way.

Another reason is the fact that everyone uses their phone for everything. Our generation is the generation that is plugged into their phones at every hour of every day. Texting, checking emails, and scouring social media is right at our finger tips. Therefore why shouldn’t dating be?

The final reason that online dating is so prevalent is the fact that it lets us meet people we never would otherwise! There’s a whole ‘nother world out there that people aren’t familiar with. Online dating let’s people connect every day, all over the world.

And, no better app does this than Skout! Skout connects users to other users who are in close proximity. This is perfect. It allows two people to chat, send gifts, and get to know each other! If they decide there is a connection then they can opt to meet. Since, they already know that they are close to each other, meeting should be easy! Skout allows you to choose who you want to talk too. They offer the option of viewing users profiles and seeing their pictures! Skout is a safe app and the developers have worked hard to keep it that way. Skout separates the adults from the younger crowd. This is great so that people know they are talking to a person that’s a similar age.

One other really cool aspect is the shake to talk feature. Users of Skout can shake their android or iPhone device and be connected to a user that’s anywhere in the world who is utilizing the same feature! This is so great because it’s connect two people who normally wouldn’t connect. It’s a fun little way to meet someone new and forge a new friendship. The best part is the fact that it’s anonymous and a user can click away if they’re not feeling it.

Overall, Skout is a safe and fun way to online date. It’s really been the pioneer of all the online dating apps and websites that have come after it. This one is truly the best. It offers so many options for meeting people and it keeps everyone safe. Skout is fun. More importantly though, Skout is a way that a person could potentially meet their match or their soulmate. There’s no downside to Skout. Chat, shake the app, or simply browse profiles!

Five Investment Tips From Brad Reifler

Two less than satisfying investment situations led Brad Reifler, Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, to readjust his target audience from “accredited investors,” as defined by the Securities Commission, to middle-class America and the overlooked 99 percent of investors. The first consisted of a personal investment in a college savings fund for his daughters which essentially lost money and the second was the discovery that his father-in-law did not make the cut as an accredited investor despite 35 years of saving for retirement.

Reuters wrote that this adjustment in direction has led Reifler to develop a fund designed specifically for non-accredited investors who have limited options in which to invest.

Reifler’s five tips, from a November 2014 Reuters press release are:
• Be careful on how you invest your money. Consider risks, charges, and expenses. Take an inventory of your assets and create goals.
• Be concerned about the safety of your money.
• Don’t put all your money into the stock market.
• Know who is going to be investing your money. Develop trust in the manager of your funds.
• Recognize why you’re investing. Consider the investment objective. Be careful with how much you invest. If you see something working, then add to it.

In conclusion, Reifler states that the financial crisis of 2008 caused numerous non-accredited investors to hesitate. Designed to allay those fears, Reifler’s fund will provide liquidity and return while educating the investor in the nuances of the market. “Through the power of compounded returns,” Reifler said, “if 99 percenters had a better option to invest, they could potentially watch a small investment grow into a substantial retirement account.”

FreedomPop Set Me Up With Great Internet Services

I always believe in working for the things I have, and I never believed in taking anything that’s free. Even if I was offered free samples, I was the first one to pass them up. I may be called a hypocrite because I finally have accepted something that is free of charge. I decided to sign up with FreedomPop because the Internet services are free. I don’t go on the Internet much, but I knew that I needed Internet services in my home. After finding out that FreedomPop gives free Internet services, I just couldn’t pass up the offer.

I was able to get the Internet set up in my home very quickly, and I started going online the same day. I have a computer in my home, but I rarely use it because most of my work is hands on. After getting FreedomPop Internet services, I decided that I would start using the Internet a bit more. The free services I get from FreedomPop is enough to where I don’t need to pay any extra money each month. If I decide that I want more data from FreedomPop, then I can pay as little as $10 to get additional data.

What I love about the FreedomPop Internet services is that I have wifi in my home. The wifi services help me to connect my cell phone when I don’t want to use data, and I also connect my tablet as well. I bought a tablet when they were hot, but I rarely use the Internet on it. I mostly kept notes on my tablet, and I even played video games on it. Now that I have wifi in my home, I use my tablet more often, and I go on the Internet on my tablet too.

Things have really changed for me since I joined FreedomPop. I’ve even heard that the company has free cell phone services, so that’s something I will consider getting in the future. I’ve talked to my friends about the FreedomPop services, and I’ve even given my friends brochures about FreedomPop. I was so impressed with FreedomPop services that I decided to apply for a position within the company.

Bruce Levenson: The Philanthropist

There are many highlights that can be spoken about when referring to Bruce Levenson. The fact that he’s part owner of the Atlanta, Hawks or Bruce Levenson the journalist, entrepreneur as well as the successful creator of several companies. And although he is better known for his business ventures, team and company ownerships, I would like to talk about Bruce Levenson the philanthropist.

Since the early “80’s”, Bruce and his wife Karen have subsidized many education initiatives focusing the disadvantage youth. Several of these focal points, involves PeacePlayers and “I Have a Dream,” the U.S. Holocaust Museum and the Seed School.

Four years ago Bruce and his wife Karen began, and has well funded the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management at the University of Maryland with two goals as the focal point.

1. To educate the next generation of non-profit sectors, offering them the principles and tools required to succeed as leaders of non-profit organizations.

2. To insure that each student who graduates from the University of Maryland departs as an enlightened and motivated philanthropist. The Center offers campus wide unique, philanthropy-focused practicality ranging from gift giving to the very popular Do Good Challenge which brings in thousands of participants each year.

The Center now offers graduate and non-graduate courses targeted on philanthropy and non-profit administration. The courses many times feature outstanding philanthropists and non-profit leaders as lecturers. Several classes every semester include a feature where non-profits submit grant proposals. Each class donates $10,000 to worthy non-profit based on a complete assessment of the proposals, location visits and, at last, a class vote. Since the start of the program inception in 2011, these courses have award almost $40,000 in grants every year.

Additionally, students from the school are in high demand as fellows at non-profits in the Washington area ranging from the Smithsonian Museum to the famous Marriott Foundation.

An in resident program, “A Philanthropist has been initiated for freshman orientation week to start the path of informing and inspiring all students to be philanthropists. By 2016, the program will expand to China.