Jordan Lindsey is a well-travelled American citizen residing in New York. He has also resided in Mexico, Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Jordan schooled at St. Joseph’ and Mount Angel Institute college. He is an experienced self-taught computer operator and system design, an expert Algo agent and skilled founder of fiscal services and expertise diligence. Jordan Lindsey is also an initiator of JCL Investment.

Lindsey is Married and is blessed with three daughters to whom he says that they are their joy. He loves his family so much, and he likes spending time with them since he believes that marriage is a vital aspect of his life. He insists that the best thing he always does is to spend time with them because being with them helps one learn how to have the child’s heart, and it also aids in forming them.

As a child, Jordan’s hobby was to play ice hockey and tennis. As he grew up, he liked contending, generating businesses and eyeing for openings to make stuff improved as he always had that entrepreneurial mind. He aspired to produce something that could transform the globe. During his visit to San Francisco, he was attracted to the place and everything that was happening there including how people help each other in sharing concepts and inspire one another to produce. This encouraged him so much, and after he resumed to New York, he moved to San Francisco in few months.

From the idea of an algorithm which crafts in the overseas conversation markets. As one of the principal fairs in the globe, Central banks, banks, companies and states trade over four trillion dollars a day. He noticed that by generating his cryptocurrency and use the concept of the algorithm to generate a request for the perfunctory within a podium through stage gilt belief of supply and claim it would source the symbol to escalate in price.

The bot was hurled which was the initial third-party certified system in the cryptocurrency arcades, and he is presently functioning with an enlargement team constructing the back-end basis of the place and fixing for the dais presentation.


Dr. Holterman’s Unique Career

Mark Holterman, M.D. is primarily a global pediatrician, educator, and researcher. However, he considers his most important work to be in his philanthropic causes. His primary one is with the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam (IPSAC-VN).


Dr. Holterman received his Bachelor’s degree in biology from Yale University in 1980. He went on to attend medical school at the University of Virginia (UVA). While there, he met his wife, Ai-Xuan Li, whom he married in 1988. Li also became a pediatric surgeon. The two have three sons. After graduating from UVA, Dr. Holterman took up his residency at the University of Virginia Health Sciences Services. When he and Ai-Xuan moved to Seattle, he worked in pediatric surgery at the University of Washington’s Children’s Hospital and Medical Services (Ideamensch). When they moved to Quebec, Canada, he worked as a research associate with the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal.


Dr. Holterman is currently working as a professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. His two main offices are located in Peoria and Maywood. He is also the CEO of Miriam Global Health, which specializes in innovative medical technology. He works as a surgeon at three hospitals, including Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. He also studies stem cell research along with other new treatments for cancer and diabetes. He has been awarded the Innovative Research Award from the American Diabetes Association. Dr. Holterman is also a co-founder of The Hannah Sunshine Foundation, which researches innovative treatments for children who have rare, chronic diseases.


On top of it all, Dr. Holterman has also assisted in peer-reviewing medical journal articles and has written numerous articles for medical research for numerous websites and textbook chapters. He has also lectured globally.


To say that Dr. Holterman lives a busy life is definitely an understatement. When asked what a typical day is like for him, he says that an attitude of gratitude comes first for him ( Everything else is about staying open to whatever comes up and focusing on what he absolutely needs to do and not hesitating to delegate his ideas and tasks. In other words, he’s not afraid to use his medical team for reality checks on his ideas of what might help the various diseases that he researches.


Perry Mandera Discusses The Importance Of BoL’s In The Transportation Industry

As a very successful executive in the transportation industry, Perry Mandera has not only amassed over forty years of experience, he has gained exceptional knowledge regarding the importance and purpose of a bill of lading. A bill of lading is also referred to as a B/L or a BoL and represents a critical aspect of the shipping chain. There are three main objectives to a BoL document, a receipt for the merchandise, the contract’s evidence, and the good’s document title.


Trucking is an important aspect in the transportation industry, and the standard has been set by Perry Mandera. The first time he took the wheel of a truck was when he served the United States Marines as a reservist (Chicago.CBSLocal). BoL’s have a legal significance throughout this industry because they are a contract of carriage. They ensure the parameters of the seller are in accordance with the carriers’ process cargo. Perry Mandera understands criminal prosecution can result when a BoL is not filled out properly.


The BoL is a receipt of goods, and proof to the seller the cargo shipped was received by the carrier. The document additionally proves the cargo was in good condition when it was received. Prior to beginning a transportation business of his own when he was 23, Perry Mandera had learned the facts regarding a BoL. He ensured if a buyer received goods that were damaged, it was determined if the carrier or manufacturer were responsible.


Perry Mandera sold his business five years later. In 1986, he founded The Custom Companies, Inc. He chose Northlake, Illinois for the location. He is responsible for the business and sales development and makes certain the service received by his customers is of the highest quality. Perry Mandera offers numerous features online including an electronic bill of lading.


Perry Mandera ensures all BoL’s are accurate, and that the holder can transfer the rights to transport and claim the cargo to a different party. This is frequently beneficial concerning negotiations. Until all payment has been made for services, the carrier has the right to retain the BoL. To ensure a smooth delivery, they can transfer these rights to a third party.

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The contributions of James Dondero to the world of finance

James Dondero has worked in the credit and equity space for over three decades. He launched his career in 1984 at the Morgan guaranty training program where he trained to be an analyst. He also studied accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. He is also certified management accountant. At as now he is the president of highland capital management, and he is one of the founders of the company.

James Dondero started by working at the American Express in the position of cooperate bond analyst in 1985. He also served as the portfolio manager then later left American express. He later worked at protective life’s GIV subsidiary where he served as the chief investment officer. Following the experiences at these companies, he became one of the founders of highland capital management. The company under his command provides solutions and products for investors in retail and institutional businesses. The company is currently worth $ 13.5 billion with several branches that include Nextpoint credit strategies fund, Nextpoint residential trust, Acis capital management and Nextpoint capital. Under James Dondero, the company became the highest ranked company by morning star. Visit his website at

James Dondero has also been participating in philanthropic activities in Dallas. Together with his partner, they decided to focus on giving back to the local community even though their company is a global brand. James Dondero himself donated $ 1milion from highland capital management to assist family place, an organization helping individuals of domestic violence. This funding was announced in 2016 by James Dondero. To increase the companies philanthropic activities, james Dondero formed an association with Linda Owen to give an elaborate way on how the company can continue providing for needy in Texas. Read more about James Dondero on

In 2016 James Dondero was also given an opportunity to work as an executive board member at the Southern Methodist University. The university business school was looking forward to gaining from the knowledge and experience of James Dondero. With his high educational level achieved James Dondero has been able to lift highland capital management together with its affiliates to greater heights while still getting time to give back o the community.


Norman Pattiz Adds Norman Lear to his Prominent Podcast Lineup

The Yahoo Finance article, “Norman Pattiz Announces: Hollywood’s Legendary Creator and Producer Norman Lear Hosts New Show ‘All of the Above’ on PodcastOne” discusses the arrival of Norman Lear to PodcastOne.

Norman Lear is more than just a creator of legendary shows like “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons”. He was also a director, producer, and writer. Now, he is joining the podcast world in All of the Above with Norman Lear ( This podcast will be released weekly where Norman Lear will host a discussion on social issues, politics, comedy, family, current events and even music. Through the diversity of topics, Lear will provide insights with high profile guests and everyday folk alike. Celebrities and politicians like Amy Poehler, Jerrod Carmichael, America Ferrera, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus are among the gusts listed.

The podcast debuted in May with new episodes each Monday. The podcast is available through, iTunes, and the PodcastOne app where listeners can subscribe. Lear’s incredible experience will add to the show’s dynamic since he has watched the birth of more than a hundred shows with a variety of hats. He even founded the People for the American way, a liberal advocacy group with more than 300,000 members.

Pattiz seems to be excited about the latest addition to PodcastOne’s lineup. Podcast One has over 200 popular podcasts such as Ross Matthews, Dr. Drew, Dan Patrick, Shaquille O’Neal and more.

Norman Pattiz is well known as the Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne and as the founder of Westwood One, one of the largest companies in entertainment, news, sports, and talk programming. The company distributed and managed companies such as CBS News, NCAA Basketball, The Super Bowl, and CNN radio.

Mr. Pattiz is one of the most honored people in broadcasting, winning several awards for his services. In 2000 and 2002 Presidents Clinton and Bush appointed Pattiz to serve on the Broadcast Board of Governors for the U.S., which supervises all nonmilitary broadcasting in the United States of America. He also created and launched radio and T.V. programming for the America’s Arabic language for the Middle east. He was admitted to the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. The Library of American Broadcasting also awarded him the Giants of Broadcasting Award. Learn more:

Roberto Santiago, the ambitious owner of Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is the man behind the Manaira Shopping Mall in Brazil. The shopping mall has been described as the best entertaining hang out in Brazil. To investors, the mall is seen as among the best investment decisions a man who has never given up on his goals has made.

Santiago is a Brazilian man who his peers describe as a great entrepreneur and hardworking man. He established the shopping mall in 1989 as a resting as well as a fun place. The Shopping is located in Joao Pessoa area and occupies an area of about 92, 000 sq.

Currently, it is estimated more than 1.6 million persons visit the shopping mall monthly making is the largest mall in the Paraiba area.

For residents, the mall is an entertainment joint with boutiques for shopping and food. The Mainara shopping Mall operates 24-hour. There are several food parlors and clubs where Brazilians and international visitors can enjoy while at the business center.

Additionally, the mall has a broad range of fashion stalls, electronic stores, gift shops, household items stores, as well as sport supplies shops. As such, visitors can find all they need while at the mall.

Besides shopping, visitors to Mainara shopping Mall foreigners and locals can relax to unwind at the mall. This is because they engage in a lot of activities while at the mall. These include watching the latest movies at 3D cinema halls

The mall is creatively built thus reflecting how creative Santiago is. As a result of this great mall, Robert Santiago is considered as an ideal role model for young entrepreneurs. This is characterized by the fact that he has defied all the odds to own a successful shopping mall in Brazil.

Besides interests in the real estate industry, Santiago is considered as among the best bloggers in writing about Brazil. He is a professional, writer as well as video producer.

Robert Santiago was born 59 years ago in Paraiba State in Brazil. He is Business Management Degree Holder from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Before the University Center, Santiago attended the Pio-Marist College.

Santiago’s business brilliance can be traced early in his life when he worked at a small hotel in Santa Rosa. It is during this time that he learnt to save and invest. It is also during this time that Santiago developed his business management skills which have allowed him to fulfill his dream of providing Brazilians with a single roof for all the products they need.


The Achievements of Eric Pulier, and Philanthropy

Eric Pulier is among the independent entrepreneurs globally. The reason to this is behind his success in different other aspects of life. In addition to being a great businessman, he is a published author as well as a philanthropist. His hard work has been able to yield a constructive influence on the globe. Upon his graduation in the year 1984 from Teaneck High School, he progressed to study further at Harvard University. Eric Pulier graduated from the University in 1988 with Bachelor of Arts’ Degree in English and American Literature. From then onwards, his life has always been characterized by an attention on assisting individuals that are economically needy and the children suffering from prolonged illnesses and conditions. His effort has concentrated on the high-tech invention. He is also among the leaders in his industry.

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In the course of his studies at Harvard, he put pen to paper on an even post for the Harvard Crimson. He did it as a student journalist, covering several subjects with an intense understanding as well as a sense of humor. He proceeded to Los Angeles after graduation. He founded Digital Evolution in 1994. This served as an interactive organization that came to amalgamate with the US Interactive LLC in the year 1998.


Currently, he has made several contributions globally particularly in the technological aspect. This can be seen through funding, as well as having co-founded and founded about 15 distinct companies. Such companies include SOA Software and MediaPlatform. This is in addition to having raised many millions towards his different companies. In his career, he has shown commitment to generosity and to assisting the disadvantaged. It is for this reason that he established a multimedia education stage to train people with multiple sclerosis conditions about it.


He also served on the panel of managers of the XPrize Foundation. It holds competitions via which individuals can contest to establish innovative resolutions to selected humanity’s greatly inflexible difficulties. He also works on the panel of administrators of the Painted Turtle. He is also known for publishing the “Understanding Enterprise SOA” in the year. This added to the other articles that he has written.