Eric Lefkofsky Tempus Unicorn Funding.

Tempus Unicorn is a technology firm founded in 2015, Eric Lefkofsky being the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer leading the organization in innovative technology operational system to battle the chronic cancer disease. Tempus uses manual curation, natural language processing, and optical character recognition to personalize care and improve cancer efficiency. The company focuses on the use of genomic sequencing to enable the specialized doctors to customize treatment of cancer.

CEO, Eric Lefkofsky has personally invested in the fundraising round for the company which has remained its most prominent individual investors throughout the years. On 20th March 2018, Groupon co-founder confirmed through the Chicago Business blog that Tempus received funds amounting to $80 million from new and existing investors who have been in forefront campaign of fighting cancer diseases. The investors that funded Tempus include Revolution Growth, New Enterprise Associates, and The New Investors Trust Co.

The company makes use of clinical data as a way of learning trends in cancer treatment and collecting molecular data from patients under treatment. Lefkofsky has initiated a partnership program with other organizations to help his company attain its objective in healthcare through bioinformatics, sequencing and machine learning. The expert team analyzes the datasets based on the relevant patterns to assist in identifying active immunotherapies given to cohorts of patients.

Healthcare data sets have been small and disorganized in oncology, technology has, therefore, open new opportunities for working with a mass amounts of clinical and molecular data to benefit cancer patients. Tempus has continuously grown through expansion of facilities, additionally; employees are hired to scale the size of the workers and clinical database. The development of Medical laboratories is purposely to accommodate the increasing number on a monthly basis.

The company has announced the collaboration with other cancer research hospitals including the University of Michigan, Duke University School of medicine, Mayo Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Knight Cancer Institute and The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center. Tempus’ primary mission is to redefine genomic data usage in the clinical context that has improved its performance with other organizations where currently, it works with more than half of U.S Academic Medical Centers.

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Clay Siegall Contributions in Cancer Treatment

Clay Siegall is a popular scientist who commands a lot of respect in the medical world. The renowned scientist serves as the president for one of the leading biotechnology firms in America, known as Seattle Genetics. Siegall founded the powerful firm several years ago, and he has done his best to make it a leader in the international community. The firm mostly focuses on the development of several targeted therapy treatments for diseases such as cancer. The company wants to make sure that the mortality rates in some illnesses go down significantly.

The medical world is not for the faint-hearted. The department requires professionals who can spend their time doing their research so that they can find cures for various medical problems. For these professionals to get to this point, they must be experienced and dedicated so that they can come up with the cure that will be able to assist the patients. For Clay Siegall, the case has not been different.

When Clay went to school many years ago, the businessman wanted to specialize in zoology. After studying at the University of Maryland for several years, the successful scientist graduated with his first degree in zoology. However, his life changed when he found out that one of his close families was living with cancer. The businessman realized that the kind of treatment his family was getting was making the medical condition worse that it was. Despite the many advancements that medical professionals were making in this field, Siegall realized that many people were dying from cancer and other related diseases. This forced him to enroll at the prestigious Georgetown Washington University where he specialized in genetics. Unfortunately, his relative died before a cure could be discovered.

As the head of the leading biotechnology firm in the United States of America, Siegall has been influential in making sure that the organization has enough funds to carry out various medical researches. Clay has been paramount in the manufacture of a drug known as ADCETRIS. This medical drug has been accepted into the market, and it is used by millions of people in the country.