Southridge Capital- successful financial solutions provider

Southridge Capital is an equity company that offers investment banking service. It was founded in 1996 in Connecticut. The company has so far managed investment worth over $1.8 billion. The company is always ready to help the clients who come through their door. They have a financial plan which they follow in order to deliver the best results for their clients. The company is all about giving the best services to their clients, and they do not mess around with service delivery.




As a financial company, Southridge Capital understands that this is a sensitive matter that deserves to be handled with professionalism. This is exactly what the company is doing. So far, the Southridge Capital has proudly worked with over 250 companies and helped them manage their finances successfully.




By working with this company, clients learn how to execute financial plans. They take the financial statements of a company and balance the capital and the debt. When it comes to debt reduction, they are the best financial partner to deal with.




Most of the clients who come to Southridge Capital are public companies. The company is full of financial experts who understand the financial sector clearly and who are ready to offer the services need by the clients. The executives in this company are experienced in various fields of finances, and this enables them to come up with the best financial plans. Some of the services that the company offers include credit-enhancing, financing solutions as securitization.




Other services that Southridge offer include mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcy advice, financial advice and balance sheet optimization. The competency showed by the executives is the reason the company is highly successful. For more details visit Crunchbase.




Philanthropic activities




Southridge Capital is not only involved in business activities; it has a reputation for supporting charitable causes. Some of the beneficiaries of their philanthropy are faith-based and non-profit organizations. The company believes that by changing the social and economic status of the people, there can be significant changes in the world. For more details visit Bloomberg.




Southridge Capital is an example of a modern financial company that is interested in managing the financial needs of the people and helping them prosper.


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Robert Deignan offers technical support to technology users

Being a successful career businessman can be a challenging thing. It requires one to be in an industry for a long time in order to learn the most important aspect of that particular industry. One of the people who know this better is none other than Robert Deignan himself. He is an investor in the technology companies and a person who is good at it. He is the co-founder of ATS Digital Services, a technological company which offers support on matters of technology. He has experience of about 20 years working in different technological companies, some being the ones he started.

Robert Deignan was always passionate about success in business. He developed interests in technological businesses while he was in the university. He launched his first company known as Fanlink. Robert who holds a degree in business administration was confident of making it in this industry, and that is why he went in very early. Robert was particularly interested in learning the customer support aspect of the business; he knew that this is an untapped market. With technological innovations coming up now and then and a very fast rate, he is among the people who are preparing themselves to help technology users who will be having challenges adapting to these new methods of doing things.

Robert Deignan is riding even on the technology that will soon be rolling out in a big way. The Internet of Things is the ability of devices to connect to the internet. From now going forward, we will see the number of devices that can connect to the internet increasing. As a result, there will be a lot of changes that will take place with technology taking center stage in most of the things that we do today. It will no longer be business as usual as technology will take over even daily chores such as preparing a toast.

Robert Deignan through ATS Digital Services is helping people solve technological challenges through great customer service. The company will offer support to any kind of technical problem that we might be facing.

The Energetic Synergy Of Talos Energy: Duncan And Teams

Timothy Duncan founded Talos Energy, LLC. in 2012 in Houston, Texas. He recently directed an acquisition that catapulted his aim of operating as a premier oil rig establishment. With the governing approval granted in November 2017 and the completion of the deal, the current Talos Energy, Inc. is available for public trade through the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) using the ticker symbol TALO. Timothy Duncan, still serving as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), was able to advance the public offering by the purchase merger of Stone Energy Corporation (Stone), formerly traded on the NYSE under the ticker symbol SGY, at a sixty three versus thirty seven percent ownership advantage. After that, the Company only needed to update its public trading nomenclature and financial data.

Talos Energy remains a closed, private equity firm backed company with the operational function and access to offer public trading. Duncan’s expectations of success beyond the oil industry devastation a few years ago were revived with their 2017 joint discovery of the off shore oil cache referred to as Zama~1. With it, Talos Energy was able to secure block #2 of the fourteen oil rigging stations located along the Gulf Coast and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Duncan explains the importance of the timeliness of all.. the opportunity to acquire Stone, the eureka of Zama~1 and the recent technological advancements in the exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. As information technology (IT) combines with operational technology (OT), production and access blossom. The confluence, then, of all of these fronts lends favorably toward lucrative investment not only for the company Talos Energy but also for their employees, equity supporters, public investors and the global market of oil and natural gas consumers.

Since these new developments, Duncan has increased his number of employees by over one hundred additional workers. The merger will also assist the entire industry in the progress of IT and OT analysis, implementation and application. Tim Duncan, his management team and his equity holding investors, namely Apollo Global Management and Riverstone Holdings, welcome the spirit of informative adventure clothed in persistence. It is expected that many others will soon appreciate the same as well.

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Tony Petrello The Midas Of 21st Century

In Newark, New Jersey, Tony Petrello had a humble background in a middle-class environment that came up to manage the largest land-based drilling firm. His story fascinates us further by assisting in funding hundreds of millions of dollars in research to children suffering from neurological disorder.

Anthony G. Petrello also known as Tony Petrello is described by his former classmates and roommates as a middle-class youth with that classical New Jersey speech and attitude to rival. He was passionately outspoken about the things he was interested. He was famously known for his extraordinary skills in mathematics while still in high school. This skills made him stand out, and Yale University noticed awarding him with a scholarship and a chance to work with Serge Lang, an author, a professor and an impressive mathematician. It was at Yale where he met and married Cynthia who later became an actress, a dancer and also a producer. However, after attaining his bachelor’s degree and master’s in Yale, Petrello stunned his classmates and lecturers when he enrolled in Harvard School of Law.

Tony Petrello specialized in business law while working with Baker & McKenzie, a top law firm in America. In 1986,Tony Petrello became Managing Partner of the New York Division. During his tenure with the firm, he got acquainted with Nabors Industries, a company founded in 1968. This company is currently on the S&P 500 list and contracts geothermal, drilling apparatus, natural gas and other projects globally. He later resigned his position with Backer & McKenzie and moved to Nabors was the Chief Operating Officer in 1991. A year down the line he was the President of Nabors, and in 1993 he assisted in the purchase of a firm known as Grace Drilling for 32 million dollars. He played an essential role in the company during the years and in 2016 led a merger with Saudi Aramco an oil company worth $10 trillion to make SANAD.

Tony Petrello has had numerous duties, and one is the director of He is currently the Managing Director of Hilcorp Energy Company which is among the biggest privately owned oil and gas companies in the world. He is the director at Stewart & Stevenson also in Houston, Texas.

Mr. and Mrs. Petrello got a baby, and they named her Carena. Carena was born with cerebral palsy and weighed 20 ounces. This experience led Tony to donate $7 million to Texas Children Hospital and became a board of trustees’ member.

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2017 Leaves Positive Outlook For Nabors CEO Tony Petrello

Nabors Industries has had a lot of developments happening over the last year and it’s been upgrading a lot of its legacy rig systems to automated drilling. There’s also been new rollouts of the M-800 and Canrig sites, and the financial reports for the 2017 fiscal year have looked great for profits made for each of these margins. Chief Executive Officer Tony Petrello has also expressed his happiness with the earnings and said they show that Nabors Industries continues to lead in the drilling technology field, and he says things look great going forward. The overall revenue for the company is up from $2.2 billion in 2016 to $2.6 billion in 2017. The biggest accomplishments to look at going forward are the merging of Tesco Corporation and the new SANAD joint venture with Saudi Aramco which will open up many new drilling sites.

Tony Petrello is one of the most brilliant executives who has a strategic growth plan and has seen it come to reality throughout his time at Nabors Industries. Those who know him well have described him as being able to meticulously sort through details to tackle problems. This was first noticed while he was still a young man growing up in New Jersey who was always solving complex math problems. Petrello earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in advanced mathematics from Yale, and from there he applied problem solving to complexities in tax laws. He completed his JD at Harvard’s law school and then became a member of Baker & McKenzie law firm in New York. He practiced there for 13 years litigating many financial cases and helping clients through major M&A deals.

Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as their Chief Operating Officer and for many years he helped direct its asset management and used his legal expertise to do so. When Eugene Isenberg, the CEO who was responsible for taking the company public and building its international portfolio passed away, Petrello took over his position and also assumed the role of chairman. In 2013 he made $68.7 million with bonuses and equity to his name that he topped every other CEO to become the highest-paid of that year. One of Petrello’s lesser known facts is being the father of a daughter who has cerebral palsy, and his love for that daughter led him to start a charity for supporting research into her condition at the Texas Medical Center.

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Southridge Capital the Financial Solution

Has there ever been a time that you needed help with money? Did you seek out a person to give you advice?

Southridge Capital is a finical solution that helps the companies with huge names when they need money. They work hard to make sure that all of the clients come through the door with a plan and leave with that plan worked on and made clear. They work hard to make sure that there is a deep understanding on the market and how they can make sure this is something that the clients get to have taken care of. This company has worked with many other companies and they take pride in the work that they have done with is useful to show to other companies that are going through something that is similar. This is something that is useful because they can then compare and make a plan with the company that needs that finical support. You can check out for more details.

Southridge Capital works hard to make sure that ever company that comes through that door leaves with a plan that is going to be useful. This makes the company that is leaving happy and southridge happy due to the plan that has been set in stone. By coming to a company like this there is the thought about the money but there is also thought about the person who had the courage to come over and ask for the help or understanding that they needed. This makes southridge Capital would have seen that the other company has been responsible and plans to still be that way with the plan that they have done together. With this being said they have worked hard together with many different companies to ensure that the companies are financially stable when they start doing what it was they wanted to do. They have gave financing to over 250 companies since they have started doing what they have been doing. This means that they have helped many companies get the money that they needed to start something huge. SouthRidge is making a huge difference in the community now.

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OSI Industries Enters A Deal With Dutch company Baho Food

OSI Industries, a US-based group, recently announced the acquisition of Baho Food. This is a Dutch company that deals with manufacturing of meat products such as bacon, hot dogs, poultry, and fish among others. Dutch Company Baho Food also operates plants in the Netherlands and Germany. Its five subsidiary companies include Henri van de Bilt, Vital Convenience, Gelderland Frischwaren, Q Smart Life and Bakx Foods. Baho Food Company provided food to about 18 countries within Europe at the time of its acquisition. OSI Industries put consumers first, a move that has seen them make it onto America’s top 100 Food Companies.

Besides ranging at high levels, OSI has also attained various companies and facilities. Their latest achievement is the recent purchase of Flagship Europe. By this purchase, they took over Flagship Europe’s processing of frozen poultry and other condiments. This move will, however, enable Flagship Europe to engage in upcoming opportunities within European continent and its surroundings.

OSI Industries international expansion is splendid, and besides, it has maintained a cross board range of services and domestically as well. OSI went closer to home when they purchased Tyson Foods, a food plant based in Chicago. At the time of purchase, Tyson Foods was close to being shut down due to continued losses. This move would have cost the community numerous jobs in one go. OSI, however, stood in the gap and made Tyson Foods a quality offer. This also resulted in a number of the employees retaining their positions at the plant.

Not so many companies can manage to scale the heights as OSI Industries. Theirs is about learning about the concerns of the local market and then adjusting to those requirements. OSI also focuses on standardization of its production to guarantee safety and quality when it comes to food production. This was an attributing factor when it came to winning the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council. OSI group demonstrated that they are perfect when it comes to environmental management and safety across all boards.

OSI Industries’ bottom line is to engage the local consumer base. It has managed this superbly, and its connection to other global companies is a testament to their prowess. OSI together with its acquired companies will hugely benefit from the acquisition plans. Apart from having more substantial access to resources, these companies are also well placed to access markets globally. They do have greater opportunities to serve their customers in a better way than never before.

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OSI Industries – Feeding Food Lovers Everywhere

OSI industries is a worldwide food provider that offer premier ready made foods to consumers. By providing ready made foods; OSI saves consumers time and gives them the ability to have family time at the table. OSI services a multitude of consumers worldwide with delicious produce and other custom foods.

OSI Industries give their clients efficient and innovative customized food solutions. They help make their clients big food ideas come to fruition. The company works closely with their clients to tailor a unique strategy of flavor and branding for their ideas. OSI Industries is renown for their efficiency, out-of-the-box forward thinking, and supply chain experience.

Consumers gain multiple options to choose from on OSI’s menus. The menus consist of meals on the line of unique and bold, to the old favorites, and lastly comfort foods. The staff at OSI makes sure that all foods are of quality and passes all regulations. The meals range from breakfast thru dinner and can consist of meats, vegetables and other produce.

OSI Industries takes great pride in their food safety regulation and quality control. OSI takes care in creating long-lasting relationships with their customers and clients. They are always looking for innovative ways to improve on the food process, distribution, and above all flavor. In order to continue this level of excellence, OSI uses team work. Team work between their employees, clients, and customers. Lastly, OSI believes in honesty and honor. The company believes in its employees and their products.

Recently OSI Industries acquired Flagship Europe located in Denver CO. Flagship Europe provides a myriad of frozen foods and produce to consumers in UK. In addition, Flagship Europe has increased its consumer base by acquiring Calder Foods; which provides ready to go foods such as sandwiches and dips. By the partnership of OSI Industries and Flagship; the company is sure to increase sales, have greater resources, and acquire new consumers.

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Through Jeunesse, the end is just the beginning.

Just when you’re getting up there in years and the downhill trip is all that seemingly remains, a new answer surfaces to solve your age-related woes: the Youth Enhancement System. It’s neither a miracle pill nor a panacea for all ailments of common descent; rather, it’s a care package of all-natural goodness to arm your immune system and cellular reserves to the teeth with antioxidants and cell growth of every healthy sort to help your system rebuild itself. It’s a system that requires patience and a little persistence, but it can do everything from improving sleep to maximizing your energy on a daily basis.

What does Jeunesse represent?

Jeunesse Global hailed from the hands of two expert enterprisers who were experienced at a host of businesses that they’d fired up and found success with. Randy Ray joined with Wendy Lewis back in 2009 to ink this renown health and wellness company into official status, fusing their funds under the banner of the Youth Enhancement System and aiming for the moon with their passions in pocket. It was a tough climb, but enough research and development eventually drew the Youth Enhancement System into a successful nine-point attack plan to stanch the aging process by choking out the hazards that accelerate it.

Discover age repair the natural, proven way.

Members of the Jeunesse Family have realized the founders did: The body is more powerful than any test-tube drug that you can introduce it to. Where many such names in the alternative health industry make it a point to outwardly cure your complications with a single pill or artificially woven substance of dubious origin, Jeunesse meticulously stitched a proprietary blend of natural products in a natural process that’s safe for nearly anyone to try out.

The nine regimens of the Youth Enhancement System take aim at not only the symptoms of aging but the causes as well. Here’s what you can expect with their offerings:

  • Gainful and restorative sleep at night
  • Alternatives to coffee and energy drinks to get you moving in the mornings
  • Solutions that keep you energized and on a roll the whole day through
  • Multi-step fitness blends to slim down appetite and maximize the conversion of fat to muscle
  • Boosters to your immune system and cellular stability

Fortress Investment Group, The International Investment Firm.

Fortress investment group is a global investment firm located in New York that deals with managing private investors and institutional client’s assets across a variety of real and credit estate, permanent investment capital and private equity strategies. The firm manages assets of an approximate value of 43.6 billion dollars. The firm was founded in 1998 and it was the first company in the US to be publicly known in offering alternative options in the business investment industry. The company was founded by Randal A. Nardone serving currently as the principal and Wesley R. Edens who serves as Co- CEO and principal of the firm both residing in New York. Besides the two co- founders, Peter L. Bridger is also part of the management team who serves as the Co-CEO and principal of the firm and lives in San Francisco. The leadership team, with a combined experience of more than 75 Years, is devoted to sustaining strong business governance practices and policies. The company’s executive team has set procedures, policies and a clear framework to acquire the maximum level in accountability and business integrity.

The Fortress investment group has 5 core competencies which include; expertise in capital markets. Through accessing equity and debt capital markets, the firm has proficiency in securing low risk and low cost investment finances; corporate acquisition and mergers, the firm has long term experience in corporate acquisition and mergers and this enables them to work for several executives teams, management and diverse stakeholders to determine most favorable execution and structure of investments; operation management, the organization has over the years developed strategies to deal with operational, strategic and structural challenges. These strategies help the organization to extort value from investments that seem complex; industry knowledge, the group has profound knowledge on industries that it invests in. The firm has a professional investment team with specific sectors proficiency and relationship with individuals, leading institutions and companies around the globe that executes investments while operating companies’ portfolios. The last core competence of the company is that it is asset based. Across the companies’ private credit and equity funds, the company specializes in diverse range of types of assets. Besides asset investing, the group is also skilled in financing, owning, pricing and supervising financial and physical assets varying from capital assets and real estate to fiscal assets that are secured by various cash flows.

SoftBank Group, a Japan based firm, announced their acquisition of the Fortress investment group. The Japan located firm bought the organization at 3.3 Billion dollars to work in conjunction with the Japanese firm technology venture fund. SoftBank paid 39% premium to the closing price of Fortress investment group and 8.08% as shares. The executives of the New York based firm, peter L. Bridger, Randy Nardone and Wes Edens, will still continue running the business in New York and operate autonomously within SoftBank. According to spoke woman from SoftBank, the acquisition is meant to intensify investments in both firms.

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