George Soros Pledges His Fortune To Protect Human Rights

Soros is a name that carries a lot of controversy with it. While many view him as a generous philanthropist and an advocate for human rights and democracy, a number of right-wingers view Soros in a much more negative light, twisting every action he makes, no matter the intent, into some part of a global conspiracy to topple America and establish a new world order run by Muslim refugees and illegal immigrants.

The same could be said of his recently disclosed donations to his Open Society Foundations, which total $18 billion, with another $2 billion likely to be donated in the future. These donations put the Open Society Foundations into the position of the second biggest charity in the United States, behind only the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Although the intended goal of these donations is furthering democracy and protecting human rights, enemies of Soros are quick to turn the massive contribution into a massive controversy.

Open Society Foundations Advocate for Democracy

Soros founded the first Open Society Foundation more than 30 years ago. Their goal is to further the ideals of democracy and promote human rights in more than 120 countries around the world. The recent focus of Open Society Foundation has been in the United States, where they’ve invested significant sums into reducing police abuse and protecting LGBT rights.

Soros and his foundations have been long-time targets of the right-wing due to his political views and his contributions toward the Democratic party. These recent donations have only served to further enrage those who oppose his point of view, and the outrage against his charitable donations is as strong as it is perplexing. There has even been controversy against him in Hungary, his home country, due to the prime minister’s disapproval of a university his foundations funded.

A Perspective on Soros and His Contributions

In order to understand why Soros is so dedicated to philanthropy, you have to take a look at his past. During his childhood, Soros lived in Hungary, which, at the time, was occupied by Nazi Germany. After the war ended, the USSR moved in, placing Budapest under communist rule. It was around this time that Soros fled to London, shortly before leaving for the US. Arriving in New York, Soros saw success on Wall Street, on a scale he’d previously never even dreamed of. It was during his time on Wall Street that he first became a figure of controversy, after he shorted the British Pound, and making his first billion.

Soros dedicated this fortune to creating the first Open Society Foundation, placing it in his home country of Hungary in order to protect human rights and champion democracy. Over time, this grew from a single organization in Hungary to a network of foundations around the globe, and now, the second largest charity in the US.

The Future of Open Society Foundations

Through contributions by Soros, the foundation has protected democracy and challenged people like Donald Trump. After the $18 billion in contributions were disclosed by Soros, Open Society announced that they had no current plans for the donations. They will not be increasing grant funding or expanding programs any more than they already are, however, there’s no doubt that the money will eventually go to good use.

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George Soros — A Legacy of Philanthropy

George Soros is known as one of the largest donors to Democrats in history. Since his fortune began to grow, he has promoted human rights and democracy. That is why he founded the Open Society Foundation in 1984. The first office was built in Hungary. He drew inspiration from the writings of Karl Popper. The main tenets of the Open Society Foundation are free expression, democratic governance, and respect for individual rights. Growing up in Nazi Hungary provided him with the spark of inspiration he needed to build such a society.

During the 2016 election, George Soros donated $27 million to Hillary Clinton and the democratic party. He also donated money to PACs that were opposing Trump. While betting in the financial markets that Trump would lose the election, he lost $1 billion.

For the majority of his life, he has funded his philanthropic enterprise – the Open Society Foundation. He made annual donations of more than $800 million or $900 million every year. However, over the course of the last few years, he has increased his donations to begin planning for his estate. By 2017, Wall Street Journal reported that George Soros had increased the organization’s endowment to $18 billion. It is projected that he will contribute another $2 billion during the next 2 years.

It is well known that no other philanthropic foundation in the world has had the same sort of impact that the Open Society Foundation has had. Even the Ford Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation do not come close to having the massive impact the Open Society Foundation has had. For the past two decades the Open Society Foundation has worked tirelessly to spread the truth and justice of democracy to the far reaches of the globe. Their footprint is a large and wide footprint that will outlast any single man.

The Open Society Foundation hands out grants and donations to those in need around the world every year. Currently, they make donations in excess of $900 million every year – more than the legal requirement.

The entity that manages George Soros’ wealth will also be in charge of managing the foundation’s wealth in the coming decade after George Soros’ death. He will ensure the organization remains financially solvent and effective in its mission.

The Open Society Foundation has been known to fund programs for the arts, open schools and universities, create health care facilities, and enforce human rights for those in need. They have been leaders in civil society. They represent the Roma in Eastern Europe, African Americans in Cleveland, Ohio, South Africans, and the Jewish in Hungary. They make sure that no one is underrepresented or forced to accept second-class justice. George Soros has sparked many debates in his lifetime. No doubt, these debates will continue once he dies. But one thing is certain: George Soros is a great man who has devoted his life to helping others. It is a wise journey that many cannot or will not undertake. George Soros is a great man.

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