Jim Toner Helps Families

There are a lot of women who would love to be mothers, but for some reason, there have been problems in their fertility. In some cases, the dad is not able to produce children as well. That can be hard on a new marriage. The couple could end up separating because of that issue. That’s why doctors like Dr. Jim Toner are available for all fertility situations. The world has discovered a doctor that is educated to help potential parents have their child. When looking into the history of Jim Toner, he is well-known in Atlanta, Georgia, In fact, Toner has the knowledge that puts his office in high ranking. Toner received his education at Saint Joseph College in Philadelphia where he earned a bachelor’s in psychology. As his knowledge progressed, he knew that he needed a medical background as well. He enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania and earned his Masters and PhD in Medical Science Training. He eventually became a Reproductive Endocrinologist.

According to fertilityiq.com, when speaking to his clients, they are very pleased with their results. In many cases, parents were waiting years to have a child, but because of their medical situation, it was impossible to have a child. Dr. Toner loves to hear the great news from his clients. Often times, Toner will see parents in tears because of being thankful of the news about their new baby. Dr. Toner walks them through the process every step of the way and gives the mom instructions of how to take care of herself at home.

Dr. Toner has clients who could not produce any eggs for fertilization. At that point, Toner screens women who would be willing to donate. It’s not an overnight process, but the parents are truly happy to find their right donor. It is the same for the process for finding a man to donate his fertility to his clinic. Overall, Dr. Jim Toner has one of the biggest success rates in the United States. Toner has dedicated his time and education to help those who want families. When that chance arrives, parents are filled with joy because of knowing that Dr. Jim Toner is the right doctor.


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Achievements of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor practicing in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from college, he was certified by Florida Board Medical Examiners licensed him as a surgeon. He was born and raised in New Orleans, LA, and is married to Gianine McKenna. He is an alumnus of Tulane University from where he pursued medicine and surgery. McKenna likes spending hand his free time traveling and practicing JiuJitsu. Apart from that, he is the kind of individual that fancies being a voracious leader, having some quality time with his family and his dog, Ryder. Despite being a medical doctor, Mark is a smart entrepreneur which he gains from surrounding himself with more intelligent people.

After his graduation, Mark joined his father where he practiced medicine; this practice made him a brilliant doctor; many patients he has dealt with attest that. Indeed, he is a dedicated community servant. When working with his father, he launched McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate development company. Over the years, he acquired a universal mortgage lending and uptown title, Inc. this portfolio of firms then grew to over 50 employees and offered turnkey design-build, finance, and real estate closing services. On 29th August 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the city of New Orleans hence most of the McKenna’s businesses were crushed. After the storm, he joined hands with the rest of the community in rebuilding the New Orleans through the development of low-moderate income housing.

Dr. Mark McKenna became the CEO of OVME, a medical aesthetic firm that reinvented elective healthcare. After serving as a national medical director of lifetime fitness Inc., he is currently a member of Entrepreneurs Organization and has previously served as a board member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival as well as the New Orleans Industrial Development Board.

In November 2007, he relocated to Atlanta, GA where he launched ShapeMed, a medical weight loss, and non surgical aesthetic clinic. He is devoted to providing comprehensive medical weight loss solutions along with a variety of cutting-edge procedures and also dietary counseling. Definitely, Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the most prominent leaders in history; he has got it all. He is well seasoned in many areas ranging from medicine to real estate.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden: One Of The World’s Best Plastic Surgeons

Harper’s Bazaar recently released their list of the surgeons they consider the best beauty surgeons. Their hot list is made up of 24 doctors practicing their craft all over the United States. The two dozen doctors they chose are known for using advanced skills and cutting edge technology to transforms their patients and make them look their best. Although the doctors they have identified use noninvasive procedures like wrinkle erasers, peels, Botox and lasers, it is their surgical work that makes these doctors truly outstanding. They have shown an uncanny ability to rejuvenate the bodies and faces of their patients.

One of the surgeons featured in Harper’s Bazaar’s list of the best surgeons is Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden is a graduate of the University of Texas. She earned her undergraduate degree there and was salutatorian at medical school at University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Walden then did an aesthetic surgery fellowship at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York. While there the internationally renowned surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston was her mentor. Once she completed her training, Dr. Walden practiced her craft in New York for over 7 years.

While in New York Dr. Walden developed a reputation not only for excellent work, but also as a media commentator, author and academic. She co-authored Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a valuable textbook and was elected to the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a rare woman to be so honored. Dr. Walden has also used and helped to develop a variety of advanced technologies. They include breast surgery instruments, Vectra 3-D imaging technology and ThermiVa, a vaginal tightening and rejuvenation technology that uses a radio-frequency system and is temperature-controlled.

After all the success Dr. Walden has enjoyed in New York, in 2011 she returned to Texas. She created a thriving plastic surgery practice and the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Westlake Hills. The mother of twin sons also operates a satellite office in Marble Falls, Texas. She’s also a consultant for several major aesthetic companies.

Plastic Surgeons that are Great Examples

Eve in this world of growing botox, lasers, and peels industries, there are still people that are opting for plastic surgery. For one thing, plastic surgery sand facelifts are ways for people to correct what they believe are flaws in their physical appearance. Also, they are also methods that people use in order to take care of any scars or disfigurements that they may have experienced in their lifetime. However, it is very possible to face complications from plastic surgery. For this reason, it is important that they find a plastic surgeon that is trustworthy and well respected in this practice.

One such plastic surgeon is Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is in fact considered one of the bets plastic surgeons in the industry. She resides in Dallas Texas where she stays with her family. She got her start in plastic surgery under the mentoring of Dr. Sherrell Aston. She was working in Manhattan. The office that she worked at was the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital. She has worked there under a fellowship and has stayed after the fellowship. Afterwards, she went to the Upper East Side of New York City and worked there for almost eight years. While in New York, she was involved in bringing back silicone breast implants through clinical trials.

Right now, Jennifer Walden owns Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center which is located in Austin Texas. She has returned to Austin Texas so that she could live in her home state and provide cosmetic surgery to residents in that area. This also allows her more time to spend with her family.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Among the Best Beauty Surgeons

Dr. Jennifer Walden, is certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery as a cosmetic plastic surgeon. Walden stands out for being part of the few women who are board-certified plastic surgeons. Walden is well known and provides services at her private plastic surgery practice in Austin, Texas. It is called Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC and is located at Westlake Medical Center. Aside from her own private practice, Walden has hospital privileges at various hospitals. In addition, to being a plastic surgeon, she is a board of director for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic Surgery Practice’s Editorial Board of Directors. Walden has also co-authored a book called Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Walden comes from educated parents, her mother was a surgical nurse, while her father was a dentist.  After graduating as salatatorian, she completed her residency at the Integrated Plastic Surgery, at the University of Texas Medical Branch. From there, she obtained a fellowship in Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, moving to New York City. There she learned more about aesthetic surgery for eight years. Upon the birth of her twin sons, Walden, a single mother, returned to her hometown, leaving New York City.

Walden specializes in breast augmentations, eyelid and face lifts, rhinoplasties, and liposuctions. However, she offers more than 70+ treatment options. While in undergrad, Walden took feminist studies and psychology classes. She developed an interest from her classes in helping women and pursued a career in medicine. Through surgery, women are able to improve their quality of life and have a boost in self-confidence. The majority of her clients are women, who respect Walden for being a non-judgemental plastic surgeon. Women feel at ease opening up to Walden, to discuss their needs.

The media is no stranger to Walden, as she is the spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Walden is an intelligent woman, who is often sought for her expertise in cosmetic surgery issues. Topics have ranged from teenage plastic surgery to celebrity plastic surgery. Furthermore, Walden has been featured in national news outlets and magazines. In 2014, Harper’s Bazaar magazine named her one of the 24 best beauty surgeons.

Texas Super Doctor Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is quite an amazing individual. She is a young and beautiful woman who cares about people in a way that most don’t. In 2014 she was affectionately named Texas Super Doctor and it is not hard to see why. Dr. Jennifer Walden has an incredible reputation for performing plastic surgery incredibly well! There is not a patient that sees her that is not satisfied when they leave her office. In order to be considered a Texas Super Doctor Jennifer Walden had to receive peer recognition or professional achievement for the work that she has done in the medical field. In a country and state where appearances truly matter, this is an extremely high honor!

Dr. Jennifer Walden was not always located in Austin, Texas. She originally started out in New York City, New York and worked her way to Austin, Texas so that her twin boys could be closer to their family. It is very apparent that Dr. Walden values family and people in general. She is the type of individual that most patients talk fondly of both after a consultation and after a procedure. They feel as though Dr. Walden always has their best interest at heart. Many patients rave about her caring touch and loving personality. She is truly a plastic surgeon worth trusting. When questioned most individuals who have gone to her for one procedure would visit her again for any further procedures. That is quite an honor!

Dr. Walden’s office specializes in all types of plastic surgery from tummy tucks and eyebrow lifts to complete mommy makeovers. Her office also offers soft tissue injectibles, teenage and celebrity plastic surgery, breast implants, and other laser treatments. If she feels as though the procedure will significantly harm the individual she will talk them through an alternative procedure so that they may still get the effects they are looking for. She values more than money, she values people!

It is important to note that Dr. Jennifer Walden specializes in much more than plastic surgery. She doesn’t aim to change a person through her surgery, she aims to help a person see who they really are and who they want to be. She is incredibly concerned about body image and women’s health as well. She is truly the plastic surgeon to call!