The Winning Ticket

It’s a cute little story which just kind of goes to show that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes people are lucky and that reason is because they are destined to win thirty thousand dollars.

This man actually sort of stumbled upon his winnings in a bizarre sort of way. He was purchasing a lottery ticket out of a vending machine and he didn’t have his glasses on so he couldn’t see well. He had every intention of purchasing two twenty dollar tickets, but because he couldn’t see he wound up with one thirty dollar ticket. That was such a lucky thing too! That 30 dollar ticket was the one that won him thirty thousand dollars.

He discovered the ticket was a winner when he returned home to his house said Claudio Loureiro.  According to Reddit News, the store will get 300 dollars from this ticket as well. Meanwhile, the rest of us can only hope that someday we will be as lucky as to accidentally purchase a ticket that is worth that much money!

Boy Surprised At Graduation After Death Of His Parents

A young man who recently lost his parents in a motorcycle accident had a pleasant surprise at his high school graduation ceremony. Nearly a week before Kazzie Portie was expected to graduate high school he received devastating news that his parents have died. His parents, Riley and Emily Portie were out riding their motorcycle when they were struck and killed by a drunk driver. Arriving at the scene of the incident was Officer Eric Ellison. He was tasked with giving the devastating news to the Portie family.

When Officer Ellison arrived to the Portie home, Purina wrote he found that only the couple’s 18-year-old son Kazzie was home. He had to break the tragic news to Kazzie and stayed to comfort him since he was the only one home at the time. Kazzie was clearly distraught by the news and mentioned that he was supposed to graduate high school in a week. Officer Ellison was very supportive of Kazzie, letting him know he still needed to go through with the graduation ceremony, noting that his parents would have wanted him to do so.

A week later, Office Ellison kept his promise to Kazzie. He came to the ceremony and stood on stage waiting for Kazzie to walk.