Milan Kordestani’s Amazing Young Life

Industrial farming is repulsive. It is especially repulsive when it comes to the treatment of poultry. Multiple journalistic expose pieces have revealed absolutely abysmal treatment of chickens by big agriculture companies. Milan Kordestani believes that you will shy away from this inhumanely raised poultry in lieu of his organically raised chickens.

Milan Kordestani founded Milan Farms in order to deliver the highest quality poultry to the public. He believes that the eggs produced by his humanely raised chickens taste much better than those produced by big agriculture. And he is betting on this belief with Milan Farms. His company knows that the consumer will always take the healthier option when educated.

The young entrepreneur also grows saffron hydroponically on microfiber sponges. This delicate spice is in high demand and that’s why Milan Farms has innovated new ways to grow this traditional ingredient. His team is currently playing with the salinity levels of the growing process in order to discover even more about this delicate spice. The farm also makes herbs available. Packages of mint can be purchased on the farm’s website.

Founding an organic farm is an impressive feat for such a young man. It gets even more impressive as you learn about his life story and his equestrian accomplishments. It should be noted that Milan Kordestani is currently living in Northern California and attends college. He also regularly writes for the Huffington Post.

Milan Kordestani has a very scary story from his youth. He was thrown from a massive horse while receiving a riding lesson only to hit the ground injured. Instructors quickly rushed to his aid but were surprised to find him standing right back up. Milan Kordestani took control of his wild horse, put his foot in the stirrup and got right back onto the saddle.

This grit would later be on display at world championship equestrian events. He has placed at the world championships as well as The American Royal. He rides his own horse in his age split to compete in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure Division. Second place is his highest achievement but he’s determined to place first.

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