Whitney Wolfe Works for Equality

Whitney Wolfe has put a lot of work into her career and a lot of thought into what she wants to do for people. Among the things she has wanted to do is empower women. However, she wanted to do it in a way that does not involve demonizing men. After all, men and women do need each other when it comes down to it. However, in order to empower a group, it is important to enable them to experience certain advantages that are typically experienced by other groups. The way Whitney Wolfe has decided to bring improvements to life for women is through relationship apps.

When she has started up Bumble, she wanted to make sure that women have a great advantage in the dating game. Men were not allowed to initiate contact with women. Instead, women were allowed to be the ones to initiate. This has turned out to be a success. Whitney has then expanded the service to include BFF. This is an extension that allows women to find friends that they are matched with. While it is much easier to make friends than get into a relationship, it is also easy to run into people that are not well matched. BFF helps women find like-minded individuals.

Whitney Wolfe is bringing forth another new app this time focused on careers and business. Bumble Bizz is the latest extension which helps women network with one another so that they can find work or get a business off the ground. These apps are examples of how Whitney Wolfe wants to empower women. However, her intentions are not like the stereotypical feminists. She does not intend to demonize men. She just wants to bring about equality. She believes that men and women can live together as equals and enjoy great relationships.

Whitney Wolfe is a hard working and creative individual as well as a great role model. She is someone who is very thoughtful when it comes to the struggles and challenges of other people. She is willing to bring forth something that is going to give people opportunities for success.

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What is All the Excitement About at Fabletics?

Women have discovered an amazing source for discounted workout apparel from a trusted source that offers members some incredible benefits. Fabletics, co-founded by Kate Hudson, is taking the sports apparel industry by storm by developing unique relationships with their customers that can not be rivaled by other clothing apparel shops.


Want to see what all the excitement is about? Head over to Fabletics and check out their amazing inventory of yoga pants and assorted workout gear. Now if you see something you like, regardless if the price tag is over a hundred dollars, first-time buyers get one item for $25 with free shipping. That really is the deal of the century. But, that is not where the benefits end.


Shoppers who return to the Fabletics website and fill out the Lifestyle Quiz, are granted VIP membership status, and with that a whole new set of shopping benefits. For the as long as you remain a VIP member at the site, all future orders will cost you only $49.95 per workout gear. This is still an incredible savings over the $100+ price tags on the yoga and fitness apparel, and each of your future orders have free shipping as well.


One of the unique features of the Fabletics shopping experience is you are assigned a team of shopping consultants who look over your quiz results and recommend a new item each month. Log in and view the selection at the top of each month, then decide to accept the selection or choose something more to your liking. VIP members can even choose to skip a month and buy nothing.


As beneficial as VIP membership sounds, here are what women around the country are saying on review sites about their own experiences at Fabletics.


On the Trust Pilot review site, Angela says, “I’m so excited each month to see what the staff at Fabletics choose for me. I love the feeling of being pampered when it comes to shopping for workout clothes.”


On the A Foodie Stays Fit review site, Tanya says, “In all the months I have been buying my workout apparel here, I have never had an issue with a delivery or the fit and quality of my new clothes.”


On the Krazy Coupon Lady review site, Sue says, “The prices are unbeatable, the quality is like i am shopping at Macys’, but the process make me feel I am in Target. Amazing shopping experience right from my bedroom at night!”