QNET Continues Humanitarian Efforts In India And Beyond.

It is no secret that QNET is a leader and pioneer in the area of both e-commerce and direct selling. They have been taking global markets by a storm in Asia and beyond. This company is giving people the ability to own their own business and do good for their family and friends. These business owners are allowed to become part of a world wide global direct selling industry. You might already know a lot about the company. You might know that the products that QNET offers for sale are top of the line. You might know that the products that QNET and their independent business owners offer to the community are top of the line and well received. What you might not know is the humanitarian efforts that they have been continuing since their very beginnings.

QNET has been teaching everyday people from all walks of life how to be better leaders and to help their fellow people in a multitude of ways. First they teach every business leader to become a better person and reach out to help others. Secondly, they provide water storage under their community service umbrella. This program is often called We Care. The We Care program helps get water to more than eight hundred students by partnering with the Lions Club of Hyderabad.

The top focus of the community project with the school is to make sure that there is sanitation and hygiene facilities as well as drinking water that is well maintained. This is not just a once and done project either, it will be an ongoing community project. As a company, QNET understands that selfless service is part of being a true leader and that clean drinking water is important to the growth and well being of society.

Partnering with the Lions Club is a great way for QNET to keep up their international and local humanitarian causes. The We Care charity arm is able to get a better reach and help more and more people by teaming up with the Lions Club. QNET has done this in the past when they donated to a Kidney Dialysis Unit at the Shirdi Sai Hospital, Devasandra, Bangalore. This worked very well too. QNET is a company that concentrates on care of their fellow humans and as such, they will keep their charity arm moving and doing good for people of planet earth. Who wouldn’t be proud to be a part of that?

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Co-Founder of Madison Street Capital Among Honorees Recognized by NACVA


The National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts has released a list of 40 Under Forty individuals who have played significant role in financial forensics, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting, M&A as well as business valuation. Madison Street Capital’s co-founder Anthony Marsala was among the honorees that were recognized for their extraordinary achievements in different sectors in the financial industry. The judges were amazed with the quality and talents the young individuals had, and it was a challenge for them to make the right decision since all candidates has potential and ability.
NACVA and Consultants’ Training Institute were established on a platform of superior quality and excellent services across different sectors of financial and consulting professions. The recognition program was designed in order to develop the next generation tycoons and also recognize their contribution to the industry and the communities. According to Brien K. Jones, the COO for NACVA, they want to get the best candidates that will be industry’s leaders and experts. The co- founder of Madison Street Capital Anthony Marsala is also the firm’s Chief Operating Officer. The senior staff of NACVA and CTI selected the honorees from a list of about 125 candidates that have made extraordinary moves in certain fields like business valuation.
According to the recap released by Chicago Tribune and found on the recognized entrepreneurs will feature in several press releases like NACVA Association News and also through other distributors throughout 2015.
Anthony Marsala as the COO of Madison Street Capital is very instrumental in leading and supervising the firm’s operations in the global market. In addition, he is in charge of due diligence and expert teams that are responsible for valuation work as well as mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Marsala is an expert in M&A, corporate finance and business valuation. For over 13 years, Anthony Marsala has performed and analyzed numerous valuations as well as transactional engagements covering different sectors and businesses. He has been focusing on early stage entities and middle market firms. Marsala has worked on engagements in the technology, wholesale, medical devices, staffing sectors and many others.
Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm operating in the global platform which is committed to excellence service delivery to its clients. The firm offers financial advisory services, valuation services and financial opinions just to name a few. Madison Street Capital focuses more on emerging markets since they are vital in driving the global growth of their clients.

Investment Advice from the Experts

While anyone can participate in the investment industry, only a few people have experienced a lifetime of continual investment success. Continue reading to find out four pieces of advice from some of the most famous investment gurus in America.

The Oracle of Omaha
Warren Buffet is considered to be one of the most successful investors of all time. Not only is he one of the richest men in the world, he also is a dedicated philanthropist. According to a recent Time magazine article, one of the best pieces of advice that Mr. Buffet has ever given isn’t even about money. That is, Mr. Buffet famously said that every person is their own biggest asset and should invest in themselves. Mr. Buffet goes on to recommend that people should cultivate good habits, never stop learning and take care of their mind and body. A healthy and highly functioning life goes hand-in-hand with strategically smart investing.

Saint Jack
Jack Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, was originally derided when he created the very first retail stock index fund back in the 1970’s. However, the former CEO of Vanguard guided his company to become the world’s largest mutual fund company and manage trillions of dollars every year. According to Mr. Bogle, diversification must be balanced with simplicity in conjunction with lower costs. In addition to this, an investment firm must be committed to transparency through sharing financial statements, even if they aren’t ideal.

The Legend
Peter Lynch is a stock investor and a former manager at Fidelity Investments who oversaw double returns during his tenure. Mr. Lynch wrote a number of influential investing books that can be summed up in a few principles. First, only buy what you understand. This means to use common sense and first-hand experience to make careful investment decisions. Second, do your research. For example, be sure there is a low debt-to-equity ratio and high PEG ratios and percentage of sales.

Specialized Advice
While not all investment gurus are world famous, their advice is still valid and useful. For example, Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital Management and specializes in forex and commodity investing. These volatile markets are not for the inexperienced, who can easily and quickly lose a fortune overnight. However, Mr. Reifler advises forex investors to maximize profits through limiting orders, maintaining discipline and utilizing stop-loss orders.

Every investor can profit personally and financially from follow the advice of well-known investment experts. For example, every investor should invest in themselves through proper habits, self-care and education. Diversification reduces risk, but must be balanced with focused simplicity. Only buy what you understand after careful research. Finally, be sure to seek specific advice for exclusive investing markets.