The Advantages of Apartment Living in New Jersey


The General Benefits of Apartment Living

Apartment living comes with a host of benefits. To start, apartments are significantly less expensive than homes. This makes apartments an appealing choice for those who are on a budget. Whether you decide to rent an apartment or purchase one, you will save a considerable sum of money each month on your rent or mortgage.

The second major benefit of apartment living is that there is no need to worry about lawn and building maintenance. Landscaping, tree trimming, leaf collection, roofing and gutter cleaning will be taken care of by a professional company. You won’t have to spend any time or money on lawn and building upkeep. Another added benefit to apartment living is that if an appliance or water fixture breaks in your apartment, you can have it fixed at no cost. Most apartments have on site maintenance staff who can fix plumbing, electrical and HVAC issues. If you were living in a home you would have to hire an electrician, HVAC technican or plumber to fix the issue.

Why Renting an Apartment in New Jersey is a Smart Choice

Renting in apartment in New Jersey is smart option for many reasons. New Jersey is situated between two major metropolitan areas, the Philadelphia metro area and the New York City metro area.

You can beat the traffic and commute to work in the big cities by choosing apartment living in New Jersey. Apartments are considerably less expensive in New Jersey than in New York City and Philadelphia. You can enjoy the quiet suburbs and small town feel of New Jersey while still being able to work in Philadelphia or New York City by choosing apartment living in New Jersey.

Boraie Development LLC, A Leader in New Jersey Apartment Development

Boraie Development is a leading company in the construction of new rental apartment properties in New Jersey. The company has recently completed a high rise luxury apartment building called the Aspire in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Aspire offers luxury studios, and one and two bedroom apartments in the heart of downtown New Brunswick with easy access to public transportation. The firm is also actively involved in construction projects in Newark, New Jersey. Boraie Development LLC has redeveloped the old theater in Newark into a modern movie theater. The firm is also planning on building the first new housing apartment development in the city of Newark in over 50 years called One Rector Street. Follow them on Facebook.