What to Look for in an LED Bulb

An Act has been approved for incandescent bulbs to be replaced with LED bulbs. The reasons for this are numerous, some of which are;
– LEDs have an unmatched lifespan. A bulb can last for up to 20 years.
– The bulbs are overall cost effective compared to any other type of bulb.
As much as the lifespan and cost effectiveness are the top factors to be looked at when one is buying a LED bulb, there are many more things that one should put into consideration. These factors include:
1. The bulb’s lumens
The brightness of a Led bulb is not measured in terms of its wattage, but its lumens. Many people tend to think that bulbs with high wattage have a higher brightness. This may slightly apply to incandescents, but doesn’t work for LED bulbs. For instance, a LED bulb with a rating of 12 Watts produces the same brightness as an incandescent rated at 60 Watts.
2. Color
The color spectrum range of Gooee’s Smart Light bulbs is unmatched. This means that LEDs are capable of displaying a wide range of colors. The warmth of the light also does range. For instance, one can choose to go for a soft white, warm light or even a bright white. Going into the technicalities, one can determine the warmth of the LED by looking at its light temperature rating which is in kelvins.
3. Compatibility with dimmers
Those with incandescent dimmers may want to go for LEDs that allow dimming. Some may not while some can. Consult with the retailer for the right type of bulb.