Can You Get Thicker And Fuller Hair From Using WEN By Chaz?

Using the right conditioner is something you don’t want to get wrong, and if you’ve seen commercials about WEN by Chaz, they say you can’t go wrong with that. Their shampoo and conditioners are said to be able to fix frizzy and tangled hair, and give users a thicker and fuller feeling when they’re finished using them. Well, it’s easy for WEN by Chaz to say so to sell their product on eBay, but why not hear what this user at had to say about it?
According to Emily, she’s no stranger to bad hair that gets all greasy and doesn’t stay where it’s supposed to. So she decided to give the Sephora advertised product a whiz to see what it would do. She recalls the first time she ever used it in the shower, it felt different than anything she had ever used before, left no strands on the floor, and did in fact make her hair seem thicker and shinier. The downside was that whenever she used it at night, the next morning when she woke up her hair was messy again. She records the results of using this conditioner over the course of a week, and what she found was that whenever she took the time to wash her hair with it before her day started, the results were spectacular, but found you could not go multiple days without using it if you wanted to keep your hair clean.

WEN by Chaz was founded by Chaz Dean, a photographer and pet enthusiast who one day decided he wanted to go into the hair salon and beauty product business. Even today he runs a salon out in Hollywood, and many celebrities and affluent figures have adopted WEN by Chaz as their go-to product. What makes WEN by Chaz special is their Guthy-Renker produced products are all manufactured from natural organic compounds to deliver a nice-smelling and high quality care product.

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