Talkspace, Creative Way Of Therapy

Talkspace is a private therapy company that was founded in 2012. The company’s headquarters is located in New York City, New York. Since Talkspace opened, they have been doing a wonderful job at serving their clients. Since mobile therapy is pretty new to the therapy scene, Talkspace has been seeking new fun ways to interact when their clients. When it comes to therapy it is important to treat the client but it is also important to keep things new and fresh in order to be able to keep the relationship stimulated. Talkspace is one of the first companies to come out with their own app and actually start to provide therapy from the app.

Talkspace recently just told their patients about a new way to communicate with each other. In addition to calling, texting, and video chatting a therapist, clients can also send their therapist short videos and photos of themselves in order to capture a short glimpse of how life is going. This idea was created because everyone knows how big of an effect emoji s has had on society. Taking a quick picture of something or yourself to represent your mood throughout the day is a great way to communicate while you’re on the go.

So far the clients of Talkspace have been enjoying all of the ways that their therapist decided to communicate with them. Many people find Talkspace simple and easy to use, especially when they’re on the go or have busy schedules all of the time. Talkspace is also very affordable. Prices to speak to a therapist come as low as $30 each week. Plus if you don’t like the sessions you can switch therapist or stop sessions at anytime. Overall, Talkspace is a great place to build a close warm relationship with a therapist!