Lifeline Screening Services Help Consumers Take A Proactive Approach To Their Health

Lifeline Screening offers preventative health screenings to individuals who want assurance that they do not have any potential health issues that could become serious. While the majority of patients feel at ease with normal results, a small percentage of asymptomatic individuals have found a serious problem before any symptoms appeared.

Proactive individuals can have a risk assessment done for six major diseases, including stroke, diabetes, heart disease, congestive heart failure, COPD and lung cancer. Using the patients answers to health questions and the results of their finger-stick blood test, a computer program predicts the person’s five year risk of contracting one of the six diseases, allowing them time to make lifestyle changes to lower their risk factor.

By visiting various communities around the nation, Lifeline Screening is able to offer convenient, local testing services at senior centers, churches and health fairs. They do heart disease screenings, high cholesterol screenings, carotid artery disease screenings and more, including assisting patients with selecting the best screening package based on their age and risk factors.

Since consumers are free to have the affordable screenings without a prescription, the results go directly to them, after a board-certified physician’s review of the results. Lifeline Screening encourages customers to share their results with their regular physician.

Testimonials from Lifeline Screening customers praise the service, several mention discovering carotid artery blockages that they were unaware of before getting the screening. After receiving an alert from Lifeline Screening to take the results to their physician, they were able to get the care that they needed.

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InnovaCare Move to Enhance Quality Services

InnovaCare is a modernized healthcare plans provider offering its services in Puerto Rico. Currently, InnovaCare has an attachment of more than 200,000 individuals connected to 7,500 providers providing a harmonized, cost –effective and pioneered technologically advanced care model within the NCQA-accredited health plans. InnovaCare manages two Medicaid programs contained in the Government Health Plan (GHP) of Puerto Rico. InnovaCare Health ensures that every patient is their priority and that he gets the best innovative and modern healthcare even with the diverse healthcare settings across North America.

As a practical move to ensure standard and quality is observed, three executives have been added to the leadership positions of the organization on Pinterest. Jonathan Meyer is serving as the Chief Actuary Officer a position he competitively acquired as the best candidate fit for the job. Jonathan provided Employee Benefits Consulting to large Employers and Unions and gave advice to Senior Executives on planning for Healthcare Benefits for retirees. With his vast knowledge, Jonathan is believed to come up with robust strategies and models that will see InnovaCare move to higher heights.

Penelope Kokkinides has been appointed as the current Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Inc. Having served as the vice president, and chief operating officer approves her credibility in holding this position which is very demanding for every company on Bloomberg. At her previous posts, she was in charge of overall supervision and predetermined direction of the managed care dissection, where she was very active in developing and implementing the organization health model. She has a broad understanding in the field of clinical programs and running of healthcare and its operations.

The company has also hired Mike Sortino as the chief accounting officer to hold the InnovaCare accounting department. Mike has worked as a financial controller as well as chief financial officer in different organization and bringing his expertise in financial field to InnovaCare is expected to yield positive results.`

Dr. Richard Shinto is presently the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare, Inc. with a record of 20 years experience in health services. Previously he served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Aveta Inc. He has a medical degree from the State University of New York and an M.B.A. which makes him the most suited individual for the president position in InnovaCare.

With current changes in the executive on, President Richard Shinto believes that each of them will bring along to innovative expertise, skills, and commitment leading to the continued growth and the success of the InnovaCare inc.

How InnovaCare Health Is Revolutionizing Managed Healthcare

InnovaCare Health president and CEO Rick Shinto and CAO Penelope Kokkinides helped inspire the renewed drive at the company to take care of the patient by rendering the best service in the industry as a matter of course. Although they have a shared background in managed care Shinto and Kokkinides came to the industry from different directions. Dr. Shinto is an internist and pulmonologist with an MBA. He brings a biological science and business perspective. Penelope Kokkinides has a masters in Social Work and one in Public Health. She brings a social science approach. Together they’ve made a significant impact.

InnovaCare Health provides healthcare services to Medicare patients nationwide through network of doctors and medical facilities. They are a leading provider of physician practice services and Medicare Advantage Plans. Their goal is to deliver the best healthcare service possible to every patient. The leadership at InnovaCare Health used cost-effective service models with advanced technologies to make that commitment financially viable. The combination of quality service and their experience processing Medicare clients with ease has enabled the company to thrive. InnovaCare Health’s services are both incredible and affordable.

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The staff at InnovaCare Health is committed to nurturing the patient-provider relationship. These men and women are experts in a wide range of fields. Plus they are courteous and professional and always willing to help. They use their knowledge, expertise, resources and network to develop and implement needed clinical programs. InnovaCare Health staff looks for ways to eliminate inefficiencies in the delivery of service and improve the organization’s infrastructure. This enables the company to better manage the health care processes and make sure excellent patient service remains the goal.

Medicare Advantage is a relatively new program for the elderly. Anyone with original Medicare can qualify for it. A growing number of people switch to Medicare Advantage because it provides access to a large network of quality physicians and facilities nationwide. Medicare Advantage is managed healthcare provided through insurance programs like health maintenance organizations (HMO)and preferred provider organizations (PPO). These companies provide the service and are paid by the federal government directly. With original Medicare payments are handled through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

At InnovaCare Health the patient always comes first. And the company’s mission is to provide them with highest quality healthcare possible. InnovaCare Health is revolutionizing healthcare management by offering the best, most innovative care at affordable rates.

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Sleep Apnea And Help From Your Dentist

What is Sleep Apnea?

No, it’s not a new illness, but a sleep disorder millions of people suffer from every night, not to mention their sleep partners who must listen to the snoring caused by the sleep disorder.

Sleep Apnea occurs when breathing pauses, breathing becomes very shallow while sleep and airflow are interrupted when the throat muscles relax which causes breathing to stop, obstructing airflow. In most cases the sleeper is unaware of the chain of events during an episode of sleep apnea. In most instances, the sleeper will gasp or inhale suddenly which is just enough awareness to tighten the throat muscles and continue through their nights sleep. Unfortunately, the sleeper is not receiving restorative sleep needed to be mentally sharp, energetic and productive the following day. Depending on the seriousness of the disorder, the oxygen level in the red blood cells drops too low affecting the cognitive thinking needed when driving an automobile, working on machinery and making decisive decisions.

Risk Factors

  • Overweight
  • Age – risk increases with age
  • Male gender more likely than women
  • Alcohol uses and sleep enhancer drugs
  • Smoking
  • Existing breathing obstructive issues
  • Neck size 17”+ for men and 16”+ for women
  • Hereditary factory

What can be done to assist a person in getting a good nights sleep?
There are sleep specialists and one of the masters in disruptive sleep breathing is Dr. Avi Weisfogel, an authority on sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel earned his BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University and his DDS from the New York University of Dentistry. His in-depth interest in sleep disorders led him to continue his studies in disruptive sleep and as a result, he founded the firm Dental Sleep Masters. Here Dr. Weisfogel trains other dentists to recognize patients who may have Sleep Apnea, and assist those patients in locating a treatment for their disorder.

Dr. Weisfogel has studied the results of Sleep Apnea and the intelligent mental state people struggle with when disruptive sleep affects their livelihood and working with little restorative sleep each night. Ability to function can become impaired due to lack of oxygen supplied to the red blood cells during sleep. Dr. Weisfogel has assisted many dentists in identifying this disorder in their patients and in turn thousands of patients have been helped to improve their sleep habits and overcome sleep disorders, and have possibly saved many marriages. Follow Avi on Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo to get a glimpse into his personal life. We’ve even posted his favorite video below!

Minimally Invasive Spine Care by North American Spine

North American Spine, the leader in minimally invasive spine care uses the alternative holistic and a rather conservative approach in treatment of pains of the spine. North American Spine reviews prove that they have been known to offer an exciting range of innovative operative and non-operative options of treatment to patients ailing from chronic spine conditions, back and neck conditions, herniated discs, spinal stenosis and other spine related ailments.
The doctors at the North American spine take the initiative to arm their patients with knowledge so that they are able to make decisions based on certainty on the modes of treatment available for each particular condition one may have to be treated from.
The doctors also help patients understand and consider the alternative therapies available of the non-invasive spinal rehabilitation, before resorting to other surgical procedures. Some of the more conservative techniques include, chiropractic care, epidural steroid injections, physical therapy and pain medications.
Should back surgery be deemed necessary, the North American Spine laser offers a minimally invasive spinal surgery using the AccuraScope. This procedure has been used previously to effectively treat spine issues. The less invasive surgical procedures have a shorter recovery time period. Even though extensive back surgery is required in other instances, it just isn’t the only treatment option available anymore.
North American Spine does not treat their patients in isolation but they work in collaboration with other leading physicians in order to provide as many people with neck and back pains an interventional pain management, orthopedic spine surgery and neurosurgery.
Owing to the complex nature of the spinal structure, working with the AccuraScope enables surgeons to pinpoint the exact source of pain. This effectively enables them to repair damage and relieve pain in the majority of the cases presented to them. In other words, the success rate with AccuraScope as a mode of treatment is very high.
For instance, bone spurs are more often than not, one of the most common causes of intense back pain. Thus, with the ability to enter the spinal column with the AccuraScope; seeing with the instrument enables the doctors to pinpoint the exact cause of the pain and remove or repair the anomaly that causes the discomfort. This is one of the major benefits of NAS laser surgery and treatment.
North American Spine has now unveiled the CuraSpine and SecuraSpine alongside the AccuraScope procedure. AccuraScope and CuraSpine are minimally invasive decompression procedures which aim to relive the pressure on spinal nerves. TheSecuraSpine provides stabilization through small incision for patients with spinal instability. These modes of spinal treatment have been medically proved to be many times more effective, have faster healing rate that the traditional open spine surgery. It also has very few risks associated with it.

Beneful and Beauty Pageants

There are certain methods of feeding your pet that are standard for the professional, ethical dog training and breeding world. They are tailored toward specific needs of certain dogs and allows much flexibility in deciding the correct method for your dog. The three major methods are the timed, portion control and free choice feeding methods.

The timed method is used to sometimes determine the amount of food that a dog will take, it may also determine the appropriate time of day to feed and allows the owner to set a schedule. Additionally, it means that owners do not have to leave dog food out for long amounts of time for various reasons. It involves making the food available for an allotted amount of time. When this time has elapsed, the remaining food is removed from availability. This is also helpful in feeding multiple dogs that do not eat well together.

Portion controlled feeding is simply what the name suggests. This method requires owners to measure the dog food that is given to their pet and then to utilize the controlled amount as a single meal. It prevents dogs from overeating that may consume too much food if given the chance. However, to prevent potential hunger in the dog, the portion controlled meal can be divided into two or more meals. The feed must be of the most beneficial nutritional quality. This will also alleviate any hunger issues during the weight loss regimen.

The next method is most often utilized in pregnant or nursing dogs as well as infirmed animals. The free feeding method allows these impaired animals to nourish themselves as much as they feel necessary because the food is made available to them around the clock. The food should be a dry brand to avoid spoilage, and it too must be very nutritious food to aid in the recovery of the ailing animals.

The only type of dog food that I entrust these feeding regimens to is Beneful on wiki. Because sometimes I am not available to answer every day questions like information about certain ingredients in the dog food that I recommend, it is helpful that Beneful’s’ labeling has all the requisite information to target the specific needs of certain dogs and their specific feeding methods. Additionally, because I sometimes utilize multiple feeding regimens for each dog over the course of a lifetime, it is helpful to use a brand that I know is providing all of the necessary nutrients for their development at any stage.

I also utilize it because Beneful is a Purina product and anyone that grows up in a rural farming and ranching community understands that the Purina brand is synonymous with exceedingly good nutrition for all types of animals including dogs. Many of these animals and dogs are working animals, and only the best nutrition allows them to live healthy productive lives. I owe a substantial amount of my business to the looks and performance of my dogs, Beneful is a major resource in keeping up this type of quality.

Maintaining Your Dog’s Health

We love our dogs and they are so much a part of our lives. To enjoy the company of your dog much longer, you need to know the way to keep it happy and healthy. Beneful on purinastore will surely appreciate your life with a dog if you give your dog the right health care and teach it proper behavior.

A healthy dog learns quickly and its body language can tell that it is feeling good. You can tell if your dog is sick when you see some changes in its usual conduct or develop strange behavior. You should be aware of the signs to watch for which will tell you if your dog is not in its prime of health.

Since our dogs cannot tell us what they feel, it is very difficult to tell when it is sick or injured. We depend on their actions and attitudes to find out if ever there is something wrong with them. It is you, the owner, who knows your dog best and may be the first to notice if something is amiss. If you see a change in your dog that doesn’t seem normal, be sure to call your veterinarian right away. If you observe the following signs, bring your dog to a veterinarian immediately:

• It has bluish or very pale gums
• It is breathing hard
• It collapsed or fainted
• It seems dizzy or out of balance
• It is unable to walk
• Its abdomen is bloated
• It has seizures
• It shows signs of being in so much pain and keeps on crying out
• It has a body temperature less than 99 or over 104

If you have observed the following signs in the past two days, bring your dog to the veterinarian:

• It cannot or will not eat
• It seems lethargic
• It is vomiting
• It has diarrhea
• It shows weakness
• It is salivating excessively
• It seems very thirsty
• It urinates frequently
• It is constipated
• It has a dull or dry hair coat
• It is wheezing
• It has nasal discharge
• Shows signs of being in pain

It is highly recommended to contact your vet as soon as you observe anything unusual about your dog. It is better to be cautious and alert.

Meanwhile, to keep it healthy and strong, feed it with Beneful brand dog food. Beneful can maintain the health and happiness of your dog by giving it good nutrition with the taste that it will love.

It is Beneful’s job to let your dog enjoy playing and being your best friend by giving it a lot of energy through dry or wet dog food and various dog snacks.

Your dog will surely love the taste of the wholesome ingredients that make up the Beneful wet dog food. It contains various proteins such as beef, chicken, pork, or lamb. It also contains barley, carrots, green beans, and rice to make it more appealing. It comes in several convenient sizes to choose from, and in many different varieties that will keep your dog healthy and happy.

North American Spine Doctors Are Using A Tiny Laser To Treat Back Pain Issues

Back pain is one of the main reasons people miss work. Most back issues are not serious, but they can be debilitating if they are not treated quickly and effectively. Low back pain is usually associated with a bulging disc, a spinal cord injury, or lower back muscles. Upper back pain can be a sign of aorta problems, a tumor, or inflammation of the spine. All of these back problems can change a person’s way of life. Surgery to correct some of these issues can be painful, expensive, and at times the surgery doesn’t cure the issue. 

Doctors at the North American Spine have developed a new procedure that is effective, minimally invasive, and saves patients thousands of dollars. The procedure is called AccuraScope. The AccuraScope is actually a tiny laser. The laser is smaller than the tip of a pen, and it only impacts the tissue that is causing the pain. This tiny laser treatment works best on patients that have back pain due to tissue problems, not bone issues. 

The reviews of North American Spine show that doctors start the procedure by making a tiny incision, and then use a small camera to identify, and then treat the bulging tissue. Most patients walk out of the North American Spine Clinic the same day.The good news is, the back pain is gone immediately after the procedure is done. Patients usually return to work within seven days. The AccuraScope treatment is an effective surgical solution for chronic back pain sufferers. 

The North American Spine Clinic has treated over 8,000 patients, and 82% of those patients are back pain-free. North American Spine™ is the only medical clinic that offers the AccuraScope® procedure. Some patients say choosing the laser treatment surgery over the standard medical surgery was the best decision they ever made. The doctors at the North American Spine Clinic specialize in neurosurgery, orthopedic spine surgery and interventional pain management.