Sweeter Holidays Through Securus

Securus has been a wonderful company for many individuals who would like better communication with their loved ones in prison. If you have ever had a loved one in prison before, you know how difficult it is to keep in contact with them as regularly as you would like. There are a variety of security measures put into place in almost all prisons across America that prevent it from being easy for you to keep in touch with loved ones. This is why a lot of individuals are beginning to realize that Securus is a great option for them.


Now that the Christmas season is upon us, it is time to look into Securus for yourself. Securus can be one of the best options that you choose when it concerns communication with an individual behind bars. One of the most important things you can find when using this amazing service is that it provides very good quality video visitation services that you can simply rely on whenever you need to make use of them. What you will need to do is download a software program onto your computer or laptop at home and utilize the service itself. Once you begin to use Securus, you will find this to be one of the easiest and quickest ways to keep in touch with your prison loved ones without the hassle of making the trip just to see them.


Now that you know the benefits of using Securus, you will find that this is a wonderful option for you and your relatives who want a better and brighter holiday season with great communication concerning your loved one. Securus is also available at a low monthly fee that you can easily fit into your budget no matter what time of year it happens to be. When you are able to fit this easily into your budget, you will notice that you are able to use it more readily without the problems that often come with visiting your local prison and it becoming too costly for your budget.


Securus has been a great asset in my own life because of it being there for me when I needed to keep in contact with my relative the most. The holiday season is just one of the best times for you to utilize this great service for all that it is able to provide to you and your family.





Relief as Securus Technologies Gives Free Call to Inmates in Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections

It was a relief to many inmates and their families when Securus Technologies in collaboration with Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections reported that every inmate in LA DOC would get a free call. The free services would be available for seven days. Securus Technologies is a leader in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety, corrections, and monitoring. The reason for free calls was to help inmates stay connected with their families and friends that have been affected by flood in Louisiana.

Securus Technologies CEO stated the importance of such free services in times of tragedy such as the one experienced in Louisiana. He further added that the services were in line with what the company does, and they were simply facilitating communication to reduce anxiety and stress among inmates and their families as well.

Securus estimates the free calls to cost $300,000. The company will further give $50,000 as a donation to the Louisiana Department of Correction inmate welfare fund to offer more assistance to inmates. The number of calls that will be connected by Securus is estimated to be about 250,000 free calls in just seven days.

Securus Technologies serves over 3,450 correction agencies, public safety, and law enforcement, with over 1,200,000 inmates in the US. The firm’s chief office is in Dallas, Texas. Their services ensure that the world is a safe and happy place for all. Securus Technologies was founded in the year 1986 and has regional offices in Carrollton, Allen, Atlanta, and Georgia. Securus Technologies services include:


  • Public Safety Solutions; incident management, public information solutions, and emergency response.
  • Investigation Solutions; location based services, biometric analysis solutions, and data analytics.
  • Correction Solutions; information management, Communication, inmate self-service and ancillary solutions.
  • Monitoring Solutions; court appointed community reporting program solutions and GPS/electronic monitoring.


The Innovative Solutions of Securus Technologies Explained

Securus is a company based out of Dallas, Texas. The company provides professional services to public correction agencies, law enforcement agencies, and over 1 million inmates across the North American continent.

Securus Technologies is┬ácommitted to serving these groups with emergency response technology, public information, biometric analysis, inmate communication monitoring, and more. Its new product – THREADS 3.1 – is a groundbreaking technology which is a tool for “Big Data.”

This solution provides a patented upgrade to the newest in web technology interfaces and still maintains the powerful analytical capabilities which their customers have enjoyed in the past. The end result is a product that is easier to use and that performs better than ever.

This new version converts the platform to the highest level of web front-end technology: HTML5. Previous version of the software were on Silverlight. Silverlight does the job, but HTML5 is the wave of the future and Securus knows this. This new technology change allows Securus’ products to integrate seamlessly between other products, including their inmate phone calls system (Secure Call Platform).

Another key feature is the option to listen in on SCP calls right in the THREADS app itself. You can analyze the data in real time and view reports that are custom-designed for that specific context. This includes mapping and printing. It also can give you data on any of the video visitation software. Current customers will be excited to hear that they will be upgraded for free. If you have any trouble upgrading the software yourself, feel free to reach out to Securus’ customer service team.

This new technology is important for corrections facilities and law enforcement. It allows them to enjoy control and speed at the same time. Securus is all about secure solutions. And secure solutions are what public facing institutions need to maintain the upper hand and the status quo in the future.