Changing the World With Jason Hope

Jason Hope Background & History

For all of the people that have been positively affected by Jaso Hope, perhaps no other human in history has been as supportive and as responsible for building a better future than he has. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jason Hope has managed to reach people far from Arizona and into the rest of the world. Known worldwide as a man of many talents, Jason Hope has contributed to many areas of this world that very few can compare to. Considering the amount of work he has put in across numerous different platforms, Jason Hope is as well-rounded of a businessman as there is. His contributions across different fields such as health, business, and philanthropy to name a few of many, has allowed for the advancement in those areas in large part because of his supportive efforts. As valued as Jason Hope is seen by his peers and those who he has managed to help, Jason will be the first one to say that his work is far from over. Over the course of his career, Jason Hope has already managed to build such an illustrious career that again, very few can compare. Despite this fact, Jason mainly takes pride in being able to see others build a better future for themselves and each other. this just goes to show you the type of man Jason Hope really is. With that said, there are many examples to choose from that illustrate how great of a man Jason Hope is. So, to further get a sense of how Jason Hop and his contributions have helped no only himself, here is an example of just one of his many ventures in his fight against aging.

jason Hope Contributing TO Anti-Aging

As mentioned before, Jason has invested tons of his precious time and money in various fields. In fact, Jason Hope is proud to have the titles of entrepreneur, futurist, investor, and philanthropist attached to his name. Having said that, one of his most successful ventures has come in his contributions to the anti-aging battle. In what has become one of the leading battles in the medical community, Jason Hope was well aware that supporting this cause could potentially help save lives. Not only have his efforts done that, they have also helped to advance this battle successfully in ways not thought of before his support. Needless to say, Jason Hope is a blessing to all of those he has been able to help.

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Jason Hope’s Faith for the Future

Jason Hope has given to SENS Foundation from 2010 onwards. At that time he gave a $500,000 donation that will go to the construction of a new laboratory in Cambridge. Hope says that SENS’s contribution in the anti-aging matter is not because of the desire to live forever, but it’s about the creation of a better life that is longer with more quality in all aspects.

The Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence or SENS in short means the non-existence of signs and indicators of growing old or aging that could be seen in hydras and tortoises. The said species likelihood to die because of getting old does not intensify compared to other plants, animals, humans, etc.

Regrettably, people are more or less comparable to vehicles that tend to wear down the longer they are used. So after some time the natural chemical processes within the body that is needed to continue to exist weaken our system making us very susceptible to diseases. This is the reason why Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and numerous types of cancers are termed as “age-related illnesses.” While studies show that younger people may also be affected by the said ailments, aging or getting old is the primary factor for a majority of health-related issues.

According to a previous statement made by Dr. Aubrey de Grey – the Head of SENS Foundation, the donation made by Jason Hope will purportedly go to the improvement of the AGE breakers, which are remedies that focus on AGE (advanced glycation end products)- the me tabolic waste substances that are deposited in our muscles, tissues and skin as we grow old. It is the root source of the symptoms of aging such as losing the blood vessel’s elasticity, wrinkling of the skin, etc.

Experts and professionals have done researches and studies on AGE using laboratory animals for years. However, the different species used during laboratory tests had different AGE type outcomes. In the course of the research, it has been discovered that glucosepane is the substance that is present in most human AGEs. In light of this, the researchers at SENS are concentrating on means and ways to eliminate glucosepane from the human tissue.

Jason Hope earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance at eh Arizona State University and took his Master’s in Business Administration at the W.P. At present he supports startups in businesses, concentrates on philanthropic activities including investing in biotechnology.

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Jason Hope’s Commitment to Addressing Aging

Jason Hope is a wealthy businessman who is recognized for his commitment to improving the lives of people across the globe. As a philanthropist, he has made significant donations to facilitate projects that deal with the development of anti-aging products. Hope sponsored the establishment of SENS Research Foundation, which is an organization that focuses on developing various drugs that can eliminate the effects of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). He offered money to facilitate the construction of the SENS laboratory, which is located in Cambridge. The facility is used in researching AGE breakers. AGEs accumulate in a person’s body over the years, and they eventually lead to the loss of elasticity of the skin and blood vessels.

Hope has invested in projects that aim at bettering the people’s lives. The primary field that he has currently focused on is the development of products that cure aging and other related conditions. Doctors and other professionals in the medical sector have been addressing aging symptoms, but they have not been very successful due to the insufficient research that they have conducted. The donations and support that Jason has provided to SENS will enable the organization to tackle the aging problem efficiently. He has used his influence to ensure that the sector gets sufficient attention.

In 2010, the SENS Foundation received $500,000 from Jason Hope. The money was used by the organization in funding its research on aging. It has been striving to develop various drugs that can rejuvenate the human body and also heal age reacted conditions. SENS has now focused on finding ways to get rid of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease. Hope has been informing the public of the outstanding technology advancements that have been made by the company. He also needs people to understand that the company’s studies will not make them live forever, but they will allow them to enjoy being young. SENS’s approach to addressing aging involves getting rid of various diseases that destroy the body systems.

The SENS Foundation acknowledges Jason Hope for his contributions. Most startups that deal with the development of the new products have not been able to receive funding from either private or public sources. They are mainly supported by individuals who are interested in their innovative products. The SENS Foundation could not have been able to establish itself without receiving financial aid from Jason Hope. The millionaire has also been generous to many other projects that improve people’s lives.

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