Richard Dwayne Blair an Effective Registered Investment Advisor

Richard Dwayne Blair is an effective Registered Investment Advisor and the founder of Wealth Solutions Incorporated a financial planning company headquarters in Austin Texas. Richard Dwayne Blair has provided his clients with valuable insight and financial evaluation and analysis that have continued to grow their portfolios with leadership and guidance for accomplishing their goals of retiring successfully. Richard Dwayne Blair utilizes a three-pillar approach to accomplish the goals of leveraging his clients’ current financial lifestyle with their plans and goals of a sustainable life after retirement. The first Pillar utilized to accomplish retirement strategies for individuals to evaluate current financial standing and determine their tolerance to risk and various other intellectual and conceptual expectations needed to formulate a successful plan. The second Pillar consists of determining the resources that are available for investment and the goals that can be set up so that the resources can be managed appropriately without interfering with the client’s current lifestyle. The third Pillar consists of formulating a systematic plan and approach and providing the necessary monitoring and tracking tools to assure that the main goal of a successfully planned retirement strategy is accomplished so the ultimate goal of living successfully after retirement can be accomplished. Richard was a graduate of the University of Houston where he received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Finance. After his college career, he progressed through various levels of leadership within the financial industry and gathered valuable insight and understanding of how to accomplish a lifetime of savings for individuals that was transitioning into successful retirement and the accomplishment of all of their financial goals. Richard Dwayne Blair grew up in a household where he was surrounded by respected educators and that gave him a foundational approach for disseminating information and teaching clients with a patient and a care that is not present in a lot of high-level financials advisors. Richard Dwayne Blair developed an approach for doing business with his clients that revolves around educating them of their current and future financial circumstances and functioning financial plan. Richard Dwayne Blair has established himself as a respected effective Registered Investment Advisor that is creating opportunities for clients to successfully accomplish their retirement goals.


Agora Financial is Baltimore’s Premier Investment Publishing Company

When Agora Financial first started doing business, they knew it would take hard work to get to the top. They didn’t realize they would become one of the best companies in the business so quickly, though. In fact, they worried they would struggle because of the issues that came from other companies in the same business. Agora Financial knew they had to work hard or they wouldn’t make it. They wanted to rely on all the options that would make them the best of the best so they looked at different ways to invest. The company didn’t want to be like the rest of the companies in Baltimore or in the world. They wanted to be better than the rest of them.

As long as Agora Financial stays in business, they are confident in the skills they have. They try to rely on helping customers to get more from the business. As long as there are options they can use, Agora Financial knows they will continue working hard. They’ve spent a lot of time coming up with new business opportunities and new options. The company has relied on their own hard work since the beginning of time. If they can keep working and keep giving back to their clients, they’ll feel good about who they are and what they’re doing.For a period of time, Agora Financial knew things would change. They often worried about how they could make things better and what they could do to make their company better. While they never worried about going under or actually struggling with the business, they did worry if they could keep sustaining the way they were going.

Everything went back to the hard work of Agora Financial put into the business and the opportunities they took advantage of in different situations.Agora Financial keeps growing. They know what they need to do and how they can help others with issues they might be facing. They also know there are opportunities they have never even seen before. Since they continue to come up with new options for their clients, they’re growing. They’re going to grow to levels others have never heard of. The company plans to help people while they’re doing the best job possible for their business. Even when Agora Financial gives people what they’re looking for, they know how to help people and give them the right choices so they can invest their money the right way. Learn More.

Social Security Examined By the Specialist David Giertz

David Giertz is the president of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization. He was lately interviewed by Wall Street Journals, and he stated that most financial consultants do not address their customers on social security issues at all. Research undertaken by his organization shows that many financial advisors refrain from speaking about this topic. David Giertz mentioned that from his way of thinking like a financial advisor, it is paramount that the social security is talked over with the customers. The research also shows that most individuals would substitute their advisors if they failed to speak about social security. He indicated that the reason financial advisors avoid the subject matter is that social security rules are very intricate thus it is much to understand. David Giertz offered a recommendation that financial advisors should hold the attention of issues of social security and explained how social security impacts retirement benefits, and individuals could be deprived of a lot of funds if they dismiss social security sooner than expected.

David Giertz is a professional business forerunner from Ohio. He is also a financial consultant, broker, and has held several prominent posts in various agencies on He has over 30 years of experience in the finance industry. Previously, he served as the Chief Vice President of Nationwide Life Insurance Company’s Financial Distribution and Sales department. He has also served as the president, chief vice president, and director of many other Nationwide Agencies.

Giertz is also a certified broker, who is a sales person who carries out tasks for bigger brokerage organizations at These are companies that deal with the business of purchasing and selling securities like bonds, stocks, bilateral cash reserves, and other finance related commodities.

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Igor Cornelsen – Popular Brazilian Investment And Finance Expert To Reckon With

Igor Cornelsen is a name to reckon with in the financial and banking world in Brazil and is a globally acclaimed financial investor and banking expert. He has efficiently run some of the biggest and leading financial institutions in Brazil and has in-depth knowledge about the financial and business world. It is his years of experience that has helped him with financial foresightedness that Igor Cornelsen uses now to give investment tips and make financial strategies for his clients at Bainbridge Group Inc, which he currently heads and also serves as an investment expert and financial advisor.

Igor Cornelsen is active on social media platforms, and while there are some personal posts he updates on Facebook from time to time, he uses social media channels to share his expert insights and gives financial advice to help others. As for investment tips in Brazil, he believes that companies and individuals looking to invest in the highly developing country such as Brazil should understand its culture and take inputs from the local people before signing on the dotted line on Twitter. It would help them avoid making common mistakes that can hurt their finances and at the same time help develop a better business strategy that would be locally focused.

One of his other general advices for the investors is to build a passive income stream to create long-term wealth on Tumblr. He believes that by creating a passive income stream, the net worth automatically gets an uplift, even though not in great amounts, but substantially and consistently. Consistent and steady growth is better than volatile or no growth at Passive income doesn’t need direct involvement in most of the cases but continuous to add to your income steadily, and doesn’t require a lot of resources as well for it to sustain.

Igor Cornelsen also believes that between bonds and equities, one should focus on equities as per the current market situation. However, he adds that while investing in stocks, one should be careful to pick the script that is fundamentally strong and the stock investment should be timed carefully after considering the global market for better returns on investment.