Jeunesse Global a Company that specializes in Anti- aging Products

Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009 by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. The company specializes in a variety of anti-aging products formulated to rejuvenate and replenish the skin and body. These products offer healthy options for beauty products, nutritional supplements, weight loss programs, cosmetic products, and sprays. The company believes that beauty starts from within and these products help achieve this. The following are some of the products they currently offer:


Finiti is a nutritional supplement containing 60 capsules. To date, this is Jeunesse Global’s most advanced dietary supplement, which provides unique ingredients including vegetable and fruit extracts. The product is all natural with no added preservatives or artificial colors. It also contains no fish, eggs, peanuts, shellfish, wheat, or dairy.

NV-Be the envy

NV is a makeup product consisting of a primer, bronzer, and foundation. These ingredients are formulated with the youth enhancing APT-200, which rejuvenates the skin. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking an airbrushed, professional, and desirable look.

Zen Project 8

The Zen Project 8 is an 8-week weight management program that teaches individuals weight management tips and how to live a healthier lifestyle. During the 8-week program, users follow a 3-step phase with Zen products, which are continued after completion of the program. The program coaches are experts who provide excellent guidance, and there is also group support from other participants. The purpose of the program is to teach clean eating and to reprogram the body.

MonaVie Active

MonaVie Active inhibits oxidation of the body cells. Made of up to 19 blends of fruits, including Brazilian acai berry, this fruit is rich in vitamin C, which aids collagen production. Wherever life takes you, delicious Active helps you feel fantastic!


Jeunesse Global products are simple, effective, and produce guaranteed results. For a healthier and more youthful lifestyle, Jeunesse products are the perfect choice.

Fortress Investment Group Strength Is In Sector Specific Knowledge

Fortress Investment Group has been an extremely successful alternative asset investment firm with the track record of profitable returns and excellent leadership by capitalizing on their strengths in sector-specific knowledge in investing. By utilizing the expertise and knowledge of its founders including Wes Edens who is currently the Co-Chief Executive Officer at Fortress has been with the organization from its very beginning by providing extremely high level intellectual and strategic analysis of various alternative asset categories that have been the bedrock for the organization’s tremendous success over the years.

Also, the acquisition of credit guru Peter Briger, who currently serves as the other Co-Chief Executive Officer has also given insight into credit vehicles that, has streamlined the exceptional portfolio growth at Fortress within the Fortress Credit Business where he serves as president. Also, an exceptional Co-Founder Randall Nardone, who currently serves as president at Fortress and principal continues to provide intellectual prowess and corporate governance that is continuing to elevate the company and increase portfolio size and the generate large returns on investment. Fortress Investment Group has continued to hire the most renown and smartest individuals in various asset classes that the company continues to invest in that generate profitable results and tremendous returns on their investments for their over 1750 institutional and individual clients.

Fortress currently has more than $43 billion in assets under management that continues to expand and grow by leaps and bounds with the aggressive and smart leadership of their executive team and strategic investment managers. Fortress Investment Group was started in 1998 with a $400 million investment and has turned that investment into one of the most powerful and well-structured alternative asset company portfolios in the business. As a result of the tremendous success at Fortress, various other organizations within the industry have attempted to pattern their business after the Fortress Investment Group successful blueprint.

By continuing to consistently stick to a proven formula of success Fortress continues to double down on their sector-specific knowledge by hiring the best and brightest within the alternative asset classes that they invest in so that the information and analysis generated at the firm are above reproach. The leadership of Wes Edens the current Co-Chief Executive Officer and Peter Bridger the other Co-Chief Executive Officer at Fortress the future is very bright and the company continues to leverage the high-level leadership and expertise these two individuals continue to bring to the table that generates successful results on their sector-specific knowledge base from over 30 years of strategic Investments.

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Through Jeunesse, the end is just the beginning.

Just when you’re getting up there in years and the downhill trip is all that seemingly remains, a new answer surfaces to solve your age-related woes: the Youth Enhancement System. It’s neither a miracle pill nor a panacea for all ailments of common descent; rather, it’s a care package of all-natural goodness to arm your immune system and cellular reserves to the teeth with antioxidants and cell growth of every healthy sort to help your system rebuild itself. It’s a system that requires patience and a little persistence, but it can do everything from improving sleep to maximizing your energy on a daily basis.

What does Jeunesse represent?

Jeunesse Global hailed from the hands of two expert enterprisers who were experienced at a host of businesses that they’d fired up and found success with. Randy Ray joined with Wendy Lewis back in 2009 to ink this renown health and wellness company into official status, fusing their funds under the banner of the Youth Enhancement System and aiming for the moon with their passions in pocket. It was a tough climb, but enough research and development eventually drew the Youth Enhancement System into a successful nine-point attack plan to stanch the aging process by choking out the hazards that accelerate it.

Discover age repair the natural, proven way.

Members of the Jeunesse Family have realized the founders did: The body is more powerful than any test-tube drug that you can introduce it to. Where many such names in the alternative health industry make it a point to outwardly cure your complications with a single pill or artificially woven substance of dubious origin, Jeunesse meticulously stitched a proprietary blend of natural products in a natural process that’s safe for nearly anyone to try out.

The nine regimens of the Youth Enhancement System take aim at not only the symptoms of aging but the causes as well. Here’s what you can expect with their offerings:

  • Gainful and restorative sleep at night
  • Alternatives to coffee and energy drinks to get you moving in the mornings
  • Solutions that keep you energized and on a roll the whole day through
  • Multi-step fitness blends to slim down appetite and maximize the conversion of fat to muscle
  • Boosters to your immune system and cellular stability

Fortress Investment Group, The International Investment Firm.

Fortress investment group is a global investment firm located in New York that deals with managing private investors and institutional client’s assets across a variety of real and credit estate, permanent investment capital and private equity strategies. The firm manages assets of an approximate value of 43.6 billion dollars. The firm was founded in 1998 and it was the first company in the US to be publicly known in offering alternative options in the business investment industry. The company was founded by Randal A. Nardone serving currently as the principal and Wesley R. Edens who serves as Co- CEO and principal of the firm both residing in New York. Besides the two co- founders, Peter L. Bridger is also part of the management team who serves as the Co-CEO and principal of the firm and lives in San Francisco. The leadership team, with a combined experience of more than 75 Years, is devoted to sustaining strong business governance practices and policies. The company’s executive team has set procedures, policies and a clear framework to acquire the maximum level in accountability and business integrity.

The Fortress investment group has 5 core competencies which include; expertise in capital markets. Through accessing equity and debt capital markets, the firm has proficiency in securing low risk and low cost investment finances; corporate acquisition and mergers, the firm has long term experience in corporate acquisition and mergers and this enables them to work for several executives teams, management and diverse stakeholders to determine most favorable execution and structure of investments; operation management, the organization has over the years developed strategies to deal with operational, strategic and structural challenges. These strategies help the organization to extort value from investments that seem complex; industry knowledge, the group has profound knowledge on industries that it invests in. The firm has a professional investment team with specific sectors proficiency and relationship with individuals, leading institutions and companies around the globe that executes investments while operating companies’ portfolios. The last core competence of the company is that it is asset based. Across the companies’ private credit and equity funds, the company specializes in diverse range of types of assets. Besides asset investing, the group is also skilled in financing, owning, pricing and supervising financial and physical assets varying from capital assets and real estate to fiscal assets that are secured by various cash flows.

SoftBank Group, a Japan based firm, announced their acquisition of the Fortress investment group. The Japan located firm bought the organization at 3.3 Billion dollars to work in conjunction with the Japanese firm technology venture fund. SoftBank paid 39% premium to the closing price of Fortress investment group and 8.08% as shares. The executives of the New York based firm, peter L. Bridger, Randy Nardone and Wes Edens, will still continue running the business in New York and operate autonomously within SoftBank. According to spoke woman from SoftBank, the acquisition is meant to intensify investments in both firms.

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