Meet Daniel Taub, the great Diplomat-cum-Arbitrator & Lawyer of Israel

Are you willing to change your citizenship because you have landed a lucrative job in a “better” country? Most people usually leave their homelands to look for greener pastures from foreign countries.

Once they locate these perceived “good grounds,” they stick to them and forget their native countries. There are a few individuals who are bold enough to defy that perception. Ambassador Daniel Taub is one of the few.

The year 1962 saw him being born in the UK, a country of “milk and honey” compared to his native country, Israel, which was torn by war by that time.

He got the best education in the Oxford and London University colleges before proceeding to Harvard University. He studied law.

The Patriot

Once he was through with his education, he felt equipped enough to face the world. His patriotism burnt within him. He moved to Israel in 1989 and became the president’s speechwriter.

He later held different positions in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), mostly advisory. He then moved to the foreign ministry in 1991. Taub’s love for his country is so much that he mobilized his six children to sing in praise of Israel when she hit 64 years of independence.

The peacekeeper

Daniel Taub had studied international law at the university. His expertise in legal matters marred with his wisdom always landed him in several mediatory situations. Being that Mr. Daniel cherishes peace, he has negotiated on behalf of Israel on many occasions.

Have you ever heard of; the Gaza flotilla committee, the peace agreement between Syria and Israel, Israeli-Palestinian peace process, and the culture of peace track?

Those are just a few of the peace meetings where he has successfully represented Israel. All this while, he was the Deputy Chief advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Daniel Taub at the Consulate

In the year 2011, Daniel Taub was appointed the Israeli-UK ambassador. He went and met the Queen of England to present his credentials.

You could have seen him in his religious cap and a long-tailed coat, a blend of Jewish traditions and his birth-place. They conversed with the queen, and he expressed his gratitude to have got a chance to serve in the country of his childhood.

During his four-year tenure at the consulate, trade between Israel and UK doubled. There was also better understanding between the two nations.

Daniel Taub worked to unite the Israeli students in the UK and helped to advocate for better living conditions at the universities.

Mr. Taub once went to Bradford and addressed the people, despite the declaration of that place an “Israeli-free-zone” by the then MP Galloway. He became the ambassador of Israel to the International Maritime Organisation in London (2003-2005.)

Daniel Taub has attended many interviews by different radio and television stations. He has elements of humor, and that makes him a great public speaker. Taub lectures in various places, including the annual Limmud conference.

As a writer, Daniel has written for several magazines like The Times and the Daily Telegraph. He has also written books like the Parasha Diplomatic and Hechatzer.

Ambassador Daniel Taub’s good deeds have attracted acknowledgments globally. When he started the Bizcamp start-up competition, he received a nomination for the Grassroots Diplomat Initiative Award. It recognized his fight to develop business and trade.

Daniel Taub currently works for Yad Hanadiv, Jerusalem. He is the planner and strategist in the firm.

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