Jacob Gottlieb is back in healthcare investments

Until 2016, very few people knew Jacob Gottlieb. The former CIO of the defunct Visium Asset Management. He was brought to the limelight by the accusation which affected the firm. Although he was not personally involved in the case, other partners and executives in the way are under investigation. He is the only person who remained in the firm and was tasked with the role of making sure that all investors got their money back. Although he had over a period of one decade created a prominent firm in the investment sector, it came tumbling down in 2016. At the time of its collapse, Visium was worth over $8 billion. It was started in 2005 by Gottlieb and others after he left Merlin which was also closed down. With just $300 million, they had managed to build something that would last for a long time.

Jacob Gottlieb was born in New York to immigrant parents. Both his parents were successful professionals in different industries. His father was a professor of economics while his mother was a physician. When growing up, he developed interests in both careers. He wanted to take the economic lessons while at the same time do medicine. He ended up with a degree in both. He has a degree in economics from Brown University and M.D from NYU Medical School. He tried practicing medicine, but he found out that he was not cut out for the job. He ended up in the Wall Street where he would apply the knowledge of both industries. Since then he has worked with different investment firms.

After the issue of Visium Asset Management settled, he was ready to make a comeback I the industry. This time, it looks like he has even a better plan. He is ready to team up with one of the best minds in the healthcare investment Stuart Weisbrod. Weisbrod is the founder of Iguana Partners as well as the co-founder of Merlin in 1998.

Both of them are titans in the industry, and their combination could shake up the healthcare sector. When they were in the industry, they won the hearts of very many investors.